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  1. The funny thing about weather is that in a week I'll remember the fun I had at the park and not the weather.
  2. How long has this been down? I haven't been there in about a year and it was down then. I like this ride on a crowed day as it's something to do with a short line. It's actually pretty cool at night.
  3. Rode Iron reef a few times today. The load time are down to 25 to 30 seconds. So they seem to have got the capability issues fixed. The line now moves at a nice pace. It's a good ride.
  4. If they could stay in the 30 to 40 seconds that would be nice. But I have a feeling they are getting those times when the park isn't packed.
  5. My RO friend said that the goal is 25 seconds, but between slow guests and the ride computer being spazzy with opening/closing the car, they're not making it. It great to have that goal...But 25 seconds does not seem possible. That's kind of what I thought too. If it was a line full of people like us, 30 seconds would be easy, but with GP and Blue Passes... ya, no. It takes them longer then 25 seconds to explain what the guesses need to do and that is after the train is loaded.
  6. My RO friend said that the goal is 25 seconds, but between slow guests and the ride computer being spazzy with opening/closing the car, they're not making it. It great to have that goal...But 25 seconds does not seem possible.
  7. Each train can hold a max of 8 people. At a 1 minute load time that will be 480 people per hour. The load times will need to drop to 35 to 45 seconds for the waits to be under 2 hrs. It's a good ride and worth riding over and over. It just has a very poor capacity.
  8. I actually enjoyed the ride.The downside is the capacity. Right now they are looking at 600 people per hour tops. That's all trains loaded and perfect dispatch. They only have 6 trains at 8 people per trains and a three and a half minute ride. Maybe there are two more trains coming, But even running perfect the waits times are very very long. Again It is a nice ride and it fits their direction of marketing to families perfectly.
  9. If I'm not mistaken. They also have room near Ghostrider to place a gig coaster. The question is....given the direction they are heading, do they want one.
  10. When I was on Scream this Saturday I saw new Scream train parts laying on the ground. They are blue and yellow. So I'm guessing the new paint job of the track will still be blue and yellow.
  11. According to a good source the skytower has two problems right now. The first is the money. It may be a couple of million or more. The second and more important problem is the state of California. They are calling it an elevator not a ride. So they want it up to elevator codes. This is an oddly shaded elevator with a counter weight pulley system. They haven't founded anyone who can do the job. I know we all like to blame Magic Mountain for everything. But this time they are not at fault.
  12. Nice of them to do, though I wonder how many people bought gold passes during the flash sale? I imagine a lot. It seems like every time we fly out from vegas this year (about once every month or 2, the gold early entry line grows each time. I was having to get there earlier each time to still get in with the crowd. It looked like there were probably 60 or so people this time. (Versus the 10 or so earlier this year). When the scanners were new, I was around number 20 in line, and ended up getting in after half the GP did... I know other parks have done similar things. Knotts does it all the time, but to really enjoy that perk, this is a change that was needed. I'm hoping this will be permanent... By their nature finger print scanners are very slow to read correctly. What really adds to that time is when someone brings in a new season pass to be processed. Then that has to be processed at the scanner. All the information goes into the scanner. Finger prints need to be scanned. A card needs to be issued and signed. Times this by how many people have new printed out passes and you can see why the gold pass doesn't work with more then 35 people.
  13. Rumors are just that "rumors". Not to be taken too seriously when they are so far in the future. I would like to see them spend some serious money on up keep of the park. They need to start thinking of the big family dollars. I have nothing against teens filling up the park...but the real money is in the family dollars.
  14. I was there for the season pass holder event at Knott's. I was lucky enough to run into some friends from Knott's network. We were there when they did the snow and glow on Ghost town for the very first time and the crowd was very pleased. It was a very nice touch. We then saw the first showing of the new Merry Christmas Snoopy Ice show. I liked it. If you get a chance to go up in the sky cab at night you will see a wonderful view of Ghost town with all it's lights. I really enjoyed the woman who played JT for Lucky's Wish list at champ snoopy Theater, as she has an angelic voice. The Calico Carolers were in fine voice. I missed the tree lighting as we could not be everywhere for the season pass holder event. They have other things going on this holiday season so stop by if you get a chance.
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