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  1. They are only open 2 Saturdays in September anyways so you need to check the UofL schedule and KK. But Go Cats
  2. Really enjoyed reading through this! Thanks for all the posts. I would love to take a trip like that some day. Wildfire looks insane, I really need to get to Europa, and I have to experience the goodness that is Expedition GeForce!
  3. I really am not a fan of drop towers, but Falcon's Fury was incredible, so I approve this message!
  4. Went to the park today. Bummed of course LR is not up but I forgot how awesome this park is without it anyways. I haven't been since 2013 so it was nice to see the park again. As always, it was in great shape, very friendly staff, good food, and good rides! Before I talk about my day just wanted to pass along what I saw with LR - After spending some time on the upper side of the park I went to check out LR to see if there was any activity and there was. They were moving the train in and out of the station. After a little they dispatched a train and as it soon as it hit the first little launch it stopped. All the mechanics came out of the station just shaking their heads. Seems like they are pretty frustrated with whatever is going on. Hopefully LR starts to cooperate with them and it is up later in the year when I make a return trip. It was a beautiful day at the park, very hot, but a really nice day. I hit up Firechaser first before the line got too long, and I had never ridden it either. What a fun little family coaster! Really enjoyed it. The backwards launch was much stronger than I would have thought it would be, nice little surprise! Only rode it once. Wild Eagle is still a ton of fun and it really hauls all the way through the course unlike Gatekeeper. Today was the first time I've ever had a problem with the vest restraints really tightening down on me by the end of the ride. Hadn't had that problem on Gatekeeper, Banshee, or Valravn. Maybe it was the heat getting to me but it was uncomfortable. Didn't take anything away during the ride though! Rode this 5 times. Mystery Mine might be my favorite coaster in the park (I'm sure until LR opens). Very fun ride, and the last drop and inversions are great! Love the hangtime! It wasn't super busy at the park today but around 1 they stopped double loading trains and just loaded one at a time. Any reason for this? It didn't take any more staff to run the double load. It was only annoying because a lot of the time, all 7 trains were lined up waiting to unload. Once again, maybe it's just because I hate the heat and sitting on a break run in the sun for a long time. Sorry, rant done. Rode this 4 times. Tennessee Tornado still is the smoothest Arrow out there. The signs in the station says this does 70mph. That can't be right, is it? Oh well. They only ran one train today but wait was still only 15-20 minutes tops. Rode this once. Thunderhead was down for the morning but I was happy they got it fixed. Love this GCI and how it throws you all over the place. Back was a little rough but I thought it was in good shape! One of may favorite wooden coasters out there. Rode this 3 times. Barnstormer, I really enjoy these Swing rides. Love the themeing on this ride, Dollywood really does go above and beyond in that department. Daredevil Falls was a nice way to cool off on this hot day. Not the greatest log flume out there but it was still enjoyable with a nice drop at the end. Other than those, I enjoyed just walking around the park. Food was decent, and the cinnamon bread of course is fantastic. Enjoy some pictures, then back to your previously scheduled PR and Lightning Rod debates. Fire!! I liked the backwards launch the most on this ride! Hmmm what Mystery is in there? Wild Eagle towering over everything. Splash Battle! Seems like people off the ride have more fun than those on the ride. Twisty! Above and beyond with details of themeing Daredevil Falls looking nice. Watch out for that windmill! The mini aqueducts always intrigue me. I see you Lightning Rod. #ItllNeverOpen Dollywood is pretty As close to LR as I'll get today. Love all the hot rods around this area. More Mine of Mystery. Thunderhead! More GCI goodness! Heading to put out those fires. Can't you just smell the Cinnamon Bread through your screen? Rampage would have been nice to cool off on, I wasn't interested in getting that wet though... LR just sitting there teasing me. Tennessee Tornado! EEEEEEAAGGGLLLLLEEEEEEE! Hope you enjoyed the report.
  5. I was planning on heading down tomorrow, but if it doesn't open today I'll postpone that trip for later in the year. Let us know if it does end up opening! Thanks
  6. I'd agree with you in the front row, but the back row on Gemini was one of the worst experiences I've had on a coaster. It felt like my guts were being put through a trash compactor. 2nd to last row was fine for me, it's one I really enjoy (Magnum as well) but I don't know if I've ever done the very last row so I'm not sure if it's worse.
  7. I'm going to away from the traditional answers and say Gemini at CP. I've never experienced any rough spot on that ride, even when marathoning it a Coasting for Kids. It has definitely aged very well.
  8. I have a hard time making lists so here's my best shot, it would change every day if I kept debating with myself haha 1) Maverick 2) Fury 325 3) I305 4) Millennium Force 5) Sheikra 6) Kumba 7) Montu 8) Storm Chaser 9) Phoenix 10) Valravn Honorable Mentions: Raptor, Xcelerator, Storm Runner, TTD, White Lightning
  9. Highly doubt this, maybe the entire park brings in a million dollars per day, with average spending at ~40$ per guest in park and ticket price 40$ leading to 80$ per day, roughly, and to reach a million in a day you would need 12,500 guests per day, which is I think less than average. Yea, it said 1 million in ticket sales, no way it brings in a mil for parking. I wouldn't even think a Disney park would be able to do that. Still a cool video though.
  10. Wow, incredible!! Hmm, when can I book a trip to Europe...
  11. Looks like Phantom could use a repaint to along with a new motor, which might still be from Steel Phantom. It's been awhile since I've been to my former home park, need to hit it up again sometime soon.
  12. My rides this week on Magnum were awesome! Seriously, just tighten the seatbelt as much as possible, I had no thigh pain at all and I was hands up the whole ride. I also make sure I'm in the middle of a car, no wheel seat.
  13. Wait... Are you saying The Beast is better than anything at Cedar Point? Or just better than their woodies? (I'd still disagree that it's better than Blue Streak, but to each their own.) I just want to make sure before I quote your post, in proving my point in the "Most Overrated Coasters" thread about The Beast... No, just their woodies. Badly worded, sorry. I'm not even a huge fan of The Beast, but it's the only one at KI that I think could fit in at CP. Last time I rode Blue Streak it was rough for me, although I was dumb and rode on a wheel seat. My last few rides on The Beast were very smooth and enjoyable.
  14. page 3141 www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=28853&start=31400
  15. Went to the park the past few days. As always, had an incredible time. Always look forward to my yearly trip up to the point! Tuesday saw a lot of downtime with Valravn, Maverick, and TTD, the intamins no surprise there but Valravn seemed to be in a bad mood. Only got on one ride that day but it was a blast! The next days were better weather wise and maintenance wise. Total for the trip got rides on: Valravn - 7 times (5 front - best row!, 1 middle, 1 back) I did wish it had the old restraints for more air on the drops. I didn't bring the restraints down all the way to help get that feeling like on Sheikra. MF - 3 times TTD - 5 times GK - 3 times Raptor - 3 times Magnum - 4 times Gemini - 3 times Iron Dragon - 1 time Maverick - 6 times Rougarou - 2 times Wicked Twister - 1 time CCMR - 1 time Also did the Brew & BBQ fest on Wednesday. What a great event! I'm not a huge beer drinker but I did enjoy a few brews. The food was really good! Didn't get through all of my tickets, my girlfriend and I would have been better off just buying one set of tickets instead of two. There was more than enough to go around. Overall had a wonderful time at the park. It looks great, clean as always. Really thought the new Marina entrance plaza looked really nice. I love how Valravn interacts with the midway, it is a great looking ride! The glassblowing demonstrations were also really cool, I could have watched them make glass creations for hours. I'm not going to post my pictures since we have a lot of updates from CP, but here is a link to my flickr page if you'd like to check them out. Enjoy! https://flic.kr/s/aHsky3irDk Last thing, I hadn't seen any pictures of the wall by Valravn posted so here is what it looks like as of this week. The little area here looks really nice, the flowers really give the wall some nice life to it. Valravn viewing wall.
  16. IMO, unless CF starts working with intamin again, or brings in RMC, it'll be really hard for any CF park to be better than CP. I already think Kings Island is better than CP. Kings Island is nice and all, but CP is just on a different level. The Beast and the waterpark are the only things better at KI in my opinion. I always make sure I hit up KI before going to CP so it doesn't seem so blah. But I must be spoiled though... Anyways, I do like the possible addition of another woodie. Would be nice to have a GCI in the area. Beast Jr. will be fun.
  17. Looks like it's a lot of fun! Great addition for them.
  18. Heading up there Tuesday through Thursday, hope they do open up! Looking forward to park as usual!
  19. I don't think Banshee is all that different at night. The Beast is just a completely different experience at night. It's hard to describe, but just being back in the woods in pitch black is something else. You just need to try it. Beast during the day is just a meh coaster for me, but night Beast is really an incredible experience.
  20. Cedar Fair: Maverick Six Flags: Full Throttle SeaWorld Entertainment: Sheikra/Kumba Herschend: Mystery Mine Universal: Dragon Challenge Disney Parks: Space mountain Independent: Storm Chaser
  21. Because it's pretty f***in' awesome. I mean I do like me some floaty air, but the feeling of being thrown out of your seat is pretty amazing. In my opinion, it's more thrilling too.
  22. PA - Phoenix OH - Maverick IN - Voyage VA - I305 NC - Fury 325 SC - Afterburn GA - Goliath TN - Thunderhead FL - Kumba CA - Yolocoaster CO - Twister II
  23. They are similar to RMCs, although I thought Storm Chaser's were more comfortable. I agree, they need to focus on adding more flats, especially on the waterpark side. Back by storm chaser and the old drag racers would be good spots for some flats.
  24. A full parking lot for an NRA convention in Kentucky, never thought I'd see the day..... I know, right?... Although it is strange walking to the entrance with your students while people walk around with guns strapped to their hip. You never know which parent is going to get offended and pitch a fit.
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