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  1. After what felt like forever since I went to a concert (even though it was only a month and a half), I made my way to Toronto on Thursday night to see Enslaved. In support were Yob, Ecstatic Vision and Kosmograd.


    Kosmograd is a local band from Toronto who put on a surprising set. Their entire 30 minute set was played in one unbroken song. It was unique and allowed their flow to stay intact without being broken up with songs ending. They seamlessly went from one song to another.


    Up next was Ecstatic Vision, a relatively new band (I guess? They don't have any albums that I could find) out of Philadelphia. Their sound was equal parts old school and psychedelic. And holy crap, they played a melodica! I've seen all sorts of wacky instruments being played before, but this was the first time I've seen a melodica. Hurray for being different!


    Yob followed with one of the best sets I've ever seen. I'm not normally a fan of doom/sludge metal, but holy crap. Their music was simply beautiful to listen to. There are few times in life where you experience a moment of pure contentment. That set was one of them. Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed them.


    Enslaved finished off the night with an hour and a half of great melodic black metal. The entire band was really into the performance, interacting with the crowd which served to whip things up into a frenzy. I didn't know too much about them before tonight (I figured I'd give them a chance), but they definitely made me a fan.


    Here are some pictures!






    Ecstatic Vision!







  2. Last night, I ventured forth to the briny deeps of Toronto to see Alestorm and Piratefest 2015! Alestorm is one of those bands that I will never miss, so of course I was there. As luck would have it, they brought two other pirate metal bands along for the ride, The Dread Crew of Oddwood and Swashbuckle.


    The Dread Crew of Oddwood did a great and very fun set. They weren't so much "metal", but as they put it "heavy mahogany". All of their instruments were acoustic and included an upright bass and harpsichord. The atmosphere was more of a party than a concert.


    Swashbuckle on the other hand is the complete opposite. While Dread Crew was softer, Swashbuckle was balls to the wall fast and loud. They have a great sense of humour which really shows through in their act. I mean...their lead singer is named Admiral No-Beard when in fact, he has a monster beard.


    Alestorm was as always, fantastic. They played a good number of songs off their new album, but mixed it up with some older stuff, dating all the way back to their demos. The crowd was also ready and pumped for a good time and really came alive. During "Nancy the Tavern Wench" (seriously), the entire crowd sits down and rows. Don't ask me why, I don't know. I just go along for the ride. Also, at the end of the show, the lead singer started crowdsurfing, yelling "carry me to the bar!". And so...he was carried to the bar. I love this band so much and can't wait to inevitably see them again.


    Here are some photos!



    The Dread Crew of Oddwood!



    Swashbuckle! For the seafood lover in you!




  3. I love fast passes. When I travel, it's to a place that I'm not likely to get back to any time soon. So, a fast pass is a godsend. It allows me to get in all the rides without really having to worry or be too stressed about planning my day. They are absolutely worth the money.


    Now that being said, I won't buy a fast pass at my home park or somewhere I go often. That just doesn't make sense.

  4. Apart from being a huge metalhead, I also really enjoy classical music. Not sure how that works, but whatever. Anyway, on Saturday, a friend and I saw the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra perform Tchaikovsky's Sixth Symphony. I was pleasantly surprised with how good the orchestra actually was. They definitely exceeded my expectations. And since it was a relatively cheap night, I'd probably go back and see them again.


    Here's a picture!



    Orchestra warming up!

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