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  1. Fun-intense:

    1. Maverick — nearly winded me!

    2. X2 — especially toward the back

    3. Green Lantern — packs a wallop for a little coaster


    Honorable Mention: Apocalypse at night, Blue Streak after a rain




    1. Judge Roy Scream — rode in the very back and it felt like my innards were being ground up. One long ouch.

    2. Ghost Rider — too rough these days

    3. Alpengeist — I love the B&M inverted coasters, but this one made me feel a little sick.


    HM: Titan — greyed out on both helixes.

  2. Dumb luck on a Tuesday (July 30):


    YOLO, one train: 40 min wait shortly after opening, another 40 min wait shortly after 4

    X2, two trains: 55 min wait shortly after 3, and I get to ride a car with working sound for the first time ever.


    and then...


    Goliath, operating train count unknown, 90 min wait (according to ride-wait app that had been fairly accurate all day)

    Superman, one train, 90 min wait


    Also: I don't know why Roaring Rapids is closed for maintenance during the summer, but that sucked. As did waiting five minutes from the back of the Discover Card line, finally getting in just as they opened the gates for everyone else. That'll learn me to get there 30 minutes before opening even with the early-entrance access.

  3. Couple of questions for you MM frequenters:


    Is Superman now running two cars? Going on Tuesday and my last three visits — all weekdays — only saw one operational car.


    And what about Colossus? Could not believe there was a 45 minute wait and one running car during my last summer weekday visit.


    Also: Planning on getting there first thing and using Discover entrance to get in five minutes early — at least that's what happened on my last visit — so I can get on FT without much of a wait, and maybe re-ride right after. Anyone else who managed to get on one of the first cars on any particular morning run back into line after riding and hop on again in pretty quick time? Or does the queue fill up so quickly that a consecutive ride comes with a long wait?



  4. A report on two visits:


    Sunday, May 5


    --Only went because of the X2 ERT promo and, as you've read, no bones. I didn't even get one of those X2 exit passes other TPR posters said they received.

    --Barely anyone was in the park during ERT time. I had an entire Batman car to myself. Maybe it was the clouds/dampness that scared everyone away, or they (rightfully) assumed SFMM wouldn't get X2 working on schedule.

    --Only went on a small handful of rides, but walked on Apocalypse even with only one car running.

    --Viper: Waited nearly a half-hour even with two cars running. Even the Tatsu line was quicker.

    --SFMM staff was uncharacteristically super-nice the entire day.

    --More adults than kids were riding that new Road Runner coaster thing. And re-riding, too.


    Tuesday, May 7


    --SFMM staff went back to being indifferent, aloof and/or miserable.

    --Rides only operating one car: Apocalypse, Scream, X2, Superman, Batman (though both were running, they only loaded one), Colossus, Ninja. But maybe that's common for a pre-summer weekday.

    --Walked on everything except X2 (15 minutes around 2:45 p.m.; line had grown considerably by the time I got off), including Tatsu. "Wow, we have no line," the operator at the mic said, with five of us waiting (all for the front).



    --Saved $15 each day by parking at the Santa Clarita Transit Center on McBean and Valencia and taking the $1 bus over to the park, where it dropped us off right at X2. I can't be the only non-Valencia resident who does this. Yes, I'm cheap. No, I won't spring for a parking pass.

    --Anyone else notice — and subsequently disappointed in — what looks like brakes midway down the Full Throttle top-hat drop? I know its stops short at the end, and maybe I've never noticed brakes on other coasters' drops, but this has me slightly less excited for FT. Just looks like we're going to be shortchanged on this ride. F'n spend the money and design it right, or don't do it at all. While I'm ranting: If they're also renovating/re-theming the surrounding area, how the eff will that all be ready by the end of the summer? Looks like they've still got a long way to go. I would not be surprised if FT's opening gets pushed back to fall.

  5. Hi there, newbie here, longtime SFMM patron.


    I went to SFMM on Saturday, Jan. 12. Chilly, but a good day to go nonetheless. Some observations:


    1. The ticket booths don't seem to be bothering with a daily updating of the ride-closure boards. On the day I went, it said that Lex Luthor, Superman, and Gold Rusher were all to be closed (along with Roaring Rapids and Tidal Wave). I expected that might be the case with the FT construction. But inside, all three rides are operational. However, X2 was never open. Not sure if this is a lingering problem, but in my previous visits, those boards have been accurate.


    2. You mean to tell me the only ride with a single-rider option is Viper?


    3. The ride-station staffs all seem to be meeting their timed deadlines for unloading/loading passengers ... except Riddler's Revenge, which had an interminable wait with one operational vehicle. (On top of that, the ride gave me a headache for the first time, which added to my frustration. Since Scream was the last ride to make my head hurt, I skipped that one this time.)


    4. I downloaded two ride-wait apps: Coasterilla and Ride Hopper. Neither were reliable (I gave up on them), but I wasn't sure if maybe that was because they relied on user input and I was attending during a slow day/month.


    5. I have never waited less for Tatsu (15 minutes for the front seat). I could have ridden three times in the amount of time it took me to ride RR.


    6. I read a million complaints on FourSquare about Green Lantern and how it was going to mutilate my crotch and bruise my legs and bring back my headache and pretty much maim me. However, I found it really comfortable. And the ride, I think, is generally underrated.


    7. My Colossus train barely made it up the hill after the flattened camelback and before the last three bunnyhop drops. That's never happened before in my experience, and made me kinds sad. As much as I love that traditional ride, I really do hope they get a Texas Giant-like refurb.


    8. Only waited 20 minutes to register the season pass ... but no discount books? Anyone know if they're mailing them out this year? (I forgot to ask when registering, and when I did remember, I wasn't able to visit Guest Relations.) I'm in NV and can't get to the park a whole lot.


    9. I have always found Apocalypse boring, but I've also always ridden it first thing in my previous visits. I purposely rode it this time right before closing, thinking a) the darkness and b) the hot/maybe oily rails from all-day operation might make for a better ride. My intuition served me correct. A much faster, more intense, more unpredictable ride -- wow. My favorite ride experience of the day.

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