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  1. no, i've been to england (not on a TPR trip), and im only 14, and they didn't hassle me at customs.
  2. Those"other crap bands"?. Those are my 4 favorite bands (including pantera). To each his own, but you have no need to call them crap bands just because it's your opinion.
  3. started running around the stage like a madman, dave havok and hunter burgan (AFI) attempted to constrain him, but ville....
  4. No Good (attack the radical)- Pantera Walk- Pantera A New Level-Pantera Pretty much anything by Pantera Almost any B4MV, a7x, or Ill Nino
  5. yes, body slides hurt my a$$ do you enjoy foamy the squirrel?
  6. I have 4, Dimebag Darrel, Synyster Gates, Zakk Wylde, and Prince
  7. Yes, I have. Ever gone to a concert and taken so much free stuff that you needed someone to help you carry it all?
  8. Rockstar Taste of Chaos in Milwaukee. (3-2-08) I met Bullet for my Valentine.
  9. ^i used clippers < Plays guitar.... a lot v didn't shower today
  10. lets see Avenged Sevenfold T-Shirt Black Tripp Pants Socks that I don't know the brand of Boxers And a necklace i got at a surf shop
  11. idk, that's my home park, maybe it's gotten better lubrication over the last couple of years
  12. Superman Ultimate Flight is pure hell in the back row but great in front, so i don't know what the cause of that is.
  13. ILL SAVE YOUTS NOW (meant to be Acer Joe's "retard speak") he said, but I had already fallen, Joey cousioned my fall, but he landed in.....
  14. thank you for noticing that avenged sevenfold is great and linkin park is still good
  15. avenged sevenfold atreyu bullet for my valentine lamb of god pantera the list goes on..........
  16. November (but i'm going to taste of chaos on sunday) When was the last time you listened to screamo?
  17. magical bag of tricks... "Ill save youts" he said as he..
  18. what, i don't believe nostradamus, why else would i say "lol, that silly nostradamus"
  19. ...because of pointless quotes that I came up with that could make anyone say WTF like...
  20. vekoma is the cloverfield monster yuhwel;o;lo0 qw32iotr5loped
  21. i think a laser guided sniper and a mile-long shooting range could do the trick.
  22. your mom is a roflcopter u87jhyjjnyhuo0;lop7u87y cxo0jnrft5434433234edeswwe3wes3iohjjknjhgjhs good luck (each line is 1 word)
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