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  1. I don't know if anyone else has seen these but there's a great series of videos on Steel Phantoms construction back in 1990 with very few views thought I'd point it out for long time fans of K wood. Link to the first video.
  2. The only understandable complaint about the commentary during the video is on a very rare pov like one of kind of a ride that may no longer exist even then it's a non issue for me.
  3. Nothing better than the classic Enterprises Orleans Orbit at SFGAm, i love it
  4. I doubt it given the troubles they've had with the trains all these years not running correct 100% of the time they wouldn't want to risk the limits or balance or what have you.
  5. Some great old pictures of 3 Flying turns located at Euclid Beach Rocky Point and River view parks. These were all in old RCT 2 recreations of these rides. Gives a good comparison of then and now especially the trains and ride layouts being very wild looking back then.
  6. How far back do those footers go? i know the pictures show a lot but are there any all the way to the former rose bowl or just around the SOB station. If not might want to scale back the size expectations for whatever this attraction is going to be.
  7. My worst coaster experience is every B&M and Intamin so rough shitty and blegh.
  8. I think the "young man" may have returned to sabotage amusement parks again 37 years after his first spree... For those who have no Idea what I'm blathering about watch the movie rollercoaster (1976) on YouTube it's free.
  9. What about the possibility of re profiling predator to this new lake monster far fetched maybe but with all the new retracing maybe its to prep the ride for a refurb hmm?
  10. The earth shattering rose bowl helix on Son of A Bitch. And shockwaves super sharp turn into the midcourse.
  11. The whole collection of comments i found cringeworthy or just made me say WTF.
  12. I can't even comprehend this persons though process it's just so stupid of a comment.
  13. Get rid of the dark knight it sucks big time nobody likes it over ragin Cajun half the time people forget its there.
  14. Bullshit the ride was corroded through the supports looked fine track spine was normal looking the rails were seriously muffed up with rust the launch mechanism i cant comment on but i don't support this decision one bit not that it matters....Now its up to cliffs amusement park to finally do something with Astroworlds shuttle loop. Rest in Peace Greased Tidal Viper Lightning Wave.
  15. Comment on son of beast video "it killed ten people bitches ride top thrill dragster at ceader point
  16. Sounds like an enthusiast until the whole Japan coasters wreck face just no.
  17. Shock wave actually did have the bracing on all 3 loops evidence in video, also in the lead up to the first loop and immediately after there brackets to mount brakes which were never added strangely..
  18. Pretty questionable design if it needs to be slown down out of the box for every Bam hyper.
  19. Fun picture i found of greezed lightnin while surfing the web the picture is off a model of the ride and the actual ride going thought the loop at the same time from 2002.
  20. ok so first time on Namtab (Batman) and to be honest it sucked the line was out to the fist switchbacks out of the sewer entrance. After a 25 minute wait i got on the fourth row far left seat and up the lift hill it felt strange to be facing backwards. The drop and twist was fine and the pullout was pretty forceful as always, the fist loop felt oddly forceless but wasnt rough. Now is where the ride started sucking the lead into the Zero G roll gave a viscious snap to the left and was really unexpexted given the usual ride experience. Second vertical loop same as the first, however the turn out into the turnaroud gave another good wap to the skull. The dive into the corkscrew was decently smooth then the corkscrew itself was another headbanger the rapid bank up and around into the other corkscrew was just plain bad left to right head bang. Second corkscrew was just like the first uncomfortable the final turn into the brakes was smooth but at this point all i was saying and thinking was how dissapointing it was im not sure what i was expecting maybe a more dizzing experience but it wasnt and the forces felt weaker so if this is how the rest of the batmans around the country in the next few years some people are gonna be split over the ride experience, i hope i just got a shitty ride but i dont know.
  21. Full front pov posted of the BAT opening year with no music not by or from me in any way.
  22. Hello all, i have a question a few pages back or somewhere else i heard that american eagle is running backwards already is this true? o and a funny pov ive posted in different threads enjoy! [vimeo] [/vimeo]
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