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  1. Most definitely, and the fact the guy lives in Kansas city right next to worlds of fun
  2. Correctamundo I see what you were saying when you wants to old back seeing as worlds of fun is your home park but it's cool better to have as many turns as possible, speaking off...
  3. I am totally in the dark on how to post it I got the tab open with the file then...?
  4. Huzzah finally got that one, so how do i post the mp3 file i have it downloaded then what?
  5. Not the prettiest in the bats case but very nicely done train design on the (original) Bat and Eagle Fortress.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIVZxrVGdCk Furious Baco Port aventura
  7. any idea what type of refurbishment is Goudirix under going right now?
  8. The final 3 mega loopers from Arrow ShockWave RIP (SFGAM) Great American Scream Machine RIP (SFGADV) Viper (SFMM) the one built and last man standing.
  9. Both Demons at the former Marriott parks have there second loop shaped differently than any other arrow loop (that I know of), the loop is more circular and less clothoid. Normal first loop standard for arrow on all there looping coasters until Tennessee tornado The slightly more circular loop threaded through rock facade also the loop is shorter than the first A comparison with a traditional double looper that being dragon fire at Canada's wonderland
  10. Whole heap of Original Texas Giant footage 1995 and 2003 from PsycloneSteve.
  11. Apparently a lot of the English are interested in Santa Cruz. And people pulling the always stupid your rides a copy.
  12. Ok so I had this trip report almost done when the page refreshed blank as a slate. anyways I'm only going to post a few pictures and my reviews of the ride for the Columbus Day visit. First ride of the day DEMON (walk on most of the day line built up by the end) ok so first ride in months for me and it seemed smoother on the loops, of course the horrible transition into the corkscrew isn't any better but it's nullified by sticking your head forward. Plain fun entry level with a theme that holds up better than any other in the park (batmans close). I'm going to try 2 separate out of ten ratings one for my personal feelings on the ride experience and it's ranking as a quality attraction. Personal enjoyment 7/10 Value to the park 7/10 Moving on to X-Flight Personal enjoyment 9/10 Value to park 10/10 (15min) Very fun visceral ride, as well as forceful in the hang-time and positive Gs. Consistent stacking for at least 20 seconds most of The day. Taking the long walk across the maintenance road and railroad tracks to American Eagle Red side Personal enjoyment 10/10 Value to park 9/10 (20minute wait). Now this is either standard procedure or Laziness, the red side of AE wasn't operating an hour after opening. However while in line the red side opened and the dumb GP didn't notice so we walked to the top of the stairs before meeting people. Fantastic ride through and though, in my opinion the best racing woodie in the US besides Lightning Racer. Great layout that's nice and varied non standard Unlike the Cedar fair racers. After AE we walked to southwest territory's resident Woodie Viper Personal enjoyment 7/10 Value to park 8/10(40 minute BS) The real problem that caused the wait to be this long was some biotch walked up the exit path with 6 of her kids kept calling one of only 2 operators over, holding up dispatches by minutes at a time.as for the ride Well it's certainly degraded a bit in the comfort level. The ride wasn't rough it just jerked around more than I can remember before which was fairly uncomfortable. Still fun all drops gave good pops into the air. Next was the Raging Bull Personal enjoyment 10/10 Value to park 10/10 (40 minute deservedly so one Que house open) SFGAMS signature ride since 1999, a crowd pleaser that while braked on the big airtime hill still gave a fantastic ride with surprising positive Gs in the figure eight. That's part one for now... Demons lift turn and drop through the trees! Dang it lady you ruined the shot Roll over spin move element Train executing roll over spin move maneuver Immelmann loop Lift hill through a tree! Nice quaint station. Love the buzzing lap bar release noise Something visible through something not entirely opaque Monster of the midway Now here's a new fadd DEMON through the scenery! Viperidae de la shakus Bull cutting loose from vipers queue. Weird HDR after effect randomly making a good photo? Marquee Photogenic opportunity taken Hella figure eight helix on that bull Photogenic opportunity taken Funky banking Pine tree attack!
  13. Just left SFGAM on my way home, a great day with the family trip report with photos later. Columbia Carousel through the trees!
  14. Shock wave SFGAM even though i love its appearance the ride experience looks worse than drachen fire from the videos i have seen. Listen close in this video to the ride slamming into turns and the pain of the riders "Shivers"
  15. American Eagle SFGAM Ride comfort id give a 9. While i didn't personally find it uncomfortable there is some pretty good laterals sending you into the side walls and seat divider which could be uncomfortable. Otherwise its got the classic feel which i love so yeah. Viper SFGAM Ride Comfort id give a 10. Pretty much flawless no uncomfortable shaking only raw forces pure fun.
  16. Actual six flags website says... Rolling Thunder Rolling Thunder has been shocking riders full of thrills for nearly 30 years. This classic, dual-track wooden roller coaster features an 85-foot drop and 10 great hills to cruise. Rolling Thunder is temporarily closed.
  17. What did CF do for Carolina cobra those trains and sidewinders at Heshery have given those boomerangs much better reputations. Maybe invest in those cannablize the trains already on anaconda to keep the smaller less important arrows running and maybe roll those trains out to them eventually.
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