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  1. They are taking it on an airplane to be sent to Holiday Park in Germany.
  2. Lol, I'm at my grandparents house and I forgot to check the game. We have one win! New record! But Jacksonville needs something other then Adventure landing which has terrible slides. And the only coaster we have is a wacky worm!
  3. When i went to SFOG it was raining so I had to skip Dare Devil Dive, Georgia Scorcher, Batman ,MindBender and the Cyclone. I rode everything else. Also when I went to SFGAdventure for the first time when I was younger I didn't go on any big coasters because I was to afraid. Thankfully I went back two years ago and I went on all there rides except Superman but I rode that at SFOG.
  4. 2 summers ago when I went to Dorney Park there were to Lesbians going at it in front of me, my uncle and dad. It was on the big chute the shoots ride and it was during the tunnel part. It was an amazing ride!
  5. Looks like a fun ride. I would love to try this while riding a food tray. For example when you ride a tray down the slide at McDonalds. It's an intense ride!
  6. Fixed. How about Florida? LOL Our Sunshine State needs El Toro! We do need one in Florida. I have to drive 16+ hours if I want to go ride El Toro. I can't see any parks in FL getting an Intamin woodie though. I would only have hope for BG to get one but after all the trouble with Gwazi I don't think we will be seeing another woodie...
  7. B&M or Intamin? Intamin invert with holding break or without? Launch or chainlift? Drops or loops? Vekoma or Arrow? New B&M or old B&M?
  8. Are these coasters anything like megalites? Does this compare to one of them or SkyRush?
  9. I love the name octopus say. I wish more carnival rides in America would have that name. Also how come they don't put railings for these rides. They don't have little children that will just walk up there an get killed? In America this would just not go.
  10. I've ridden Kumba like a 100x and I absolutely love it. It is easily in my top B&M coaster list. I have been on. The Hulk about 10x and it is also an amazing ride. I rode the Hulk a while back and I thought it was quite rough. But when I rode it yesterday it was very smooth. I like Kumba to because it's an original and it goes through the jungle and I love it. It's very hard to pick a better run.
  11. This is very exciting! Two intamin thrill rides in a row! What's next? Maybe an intamin giga coaster?
  12. I was hoping that this would go to the U.S. Because I haven't been on any good Squartzkopf coasters. I have only been on Scorpion and Sooper Dooper Looper. they were both good family coasters but look know here as intense as this ride.
  13. If you got any posters or post cards I will check them out. Keep posting, I will keep a close watch
  14. What a weird story. I'm hoping that we will get to see the theming of the trains on this soon. It looks like a good ride but seems weaker then most of the other wing coasters. I have only been on GateKeeper which I thought was weak. Imagine how this will be.... But I have to give this one credit because it has a good airtime hill.
  15. I have been on a few B&M floorless coasters. 1. Kraken at SeaWorld Orlando 2. Dominator at Kings Dominion 3. Hydra The Revenge at Dorney Park 4. Bizzaro at Six Flags Great Adventure They are some of the best B&M coasters.
  16. I, so excited for this ride even though I will probably never ride it. I'm hoping that some park in the US will by one of these. And that little midget coaster at SeaWorld San Antonio does not count. I want something like BlueFire in Orlando or at a park like Carowinds or Bush Gardens.
  17. So this is going to be a custom layout if I am correct? Or will it be the standard. Also apparently Crazy bird another S&S El Loco recently opened up in Happy Valley China.
  18. OutLaw Run looks like it has more airtime. Iron Rattler is more turns and stuff. I like Outlaw Run better judging from the povs.
  19. I'm guessing that this will go up very quickly. It looks like I might have to stop at GA along the way on my next trip to New York. And by chance, does anyone know if this will have a tight grip on you like SkyRush? SkyRush is my number 1 coaster but I'm not to crazy about the harnesses.
  20. Okay ignore my first comment I made in this thread. I have been on 26 of these coaster.
  21. I have been on 113. I just made it to one hundred when I went to Hereshy Park and Kings Dominion over the summer.
  22. I'm guessing that there will be some major trim brakes on the first drop!
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