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  1. I've heard good things about Knobels but in all honesty it doesn't look that exciting to me. I love big B&M and Intamin machines and I'm not a huge fan of wooden coasters. Unless there like El Toro or a huge twisty GCI. And don't you have to buy tickets for each individual attraction at that park? Is it like a carnival kinda? No offense but don't know much about it...
  2. ^ I meant that were stoping at the Indians game on the way to Cedar Point from Hershey. We're not going to Cedar Point then to the Indians game and back to Cedar Point.
  3. My dad is all up for it. We normally drive to and from New York once a year. Last year we did 4 Six Flags parks so we're used to all these trips.
  4. Summer planning trip on east coast for July 3-12 Hi, I am trying to plan a summer trip with my mother, sister and father. We are trying to save as much money as possible on the trip. We are doing this all from Florida and we only have 8 days. I was also wandering if any of you guys are aware of any discounts for the parks. I also have a Six Flags season pass. Friday July 3rd- leave from Florida to Kings Dominion, 12 hours. Find hotel. Saturday July 4th- Spend the day at Kings Dominion. Find Hotel Sunday July 5th- Drive 2 hours to SFA and stay till around 6:30. We're going to try and catch a Nationals game at 8:09pm that afternoon and stay at a friends house. Monday July 6th- get up early and drive two and a half hours to Hershey Park. Spend all day ridding Intamins. Stay at hotel that night. Tuesday July 7th- Get up early and drive 6 and a half hours to Cedar Point. We will probably stop in Cleveland and catch an Indians game at 7:10. Then drive to Sandusky after and find a cheap hotel. Wednesday July 8th- Spend the day at Cedar Point. We probably will wanna go back the next day so are there any ways to get a second day cheap? Also a hotel in the area hopefully cheap. Thursday July 9th- Go to Cedar Point again if the price is right and drive maybe an hour out after the park closes towards Cincinnati. We also need to find a cheap hotel that night. Friday July 10th- Finish the drive to Kings Island and stay there all day. We will need to find a hotel that night. Saturday July 11th- Go to the All Star Fan Fest in Cincinnati and leave by 4 to. Drive to Atlanta. Spending the night at a friends. Sunday July 12th- Drive from Atlanta back home. It's about a Six Hour Drive. Please tell me if fastpass is needed at any parks to ride all the coasters. Also let me know about any cheap hotel discounts and park discounts. All help is welcome. Other Info- - I have been to all these parks except for Kings Island. - When I went to Kings Dominion in 2013 I305 was stuck on the lift hill and I couldn't ride it. I have watched the pov for it everyday and I need to ride it!!! - At Hershey I need to ride Skyrush as much as possible and get a few re-rides on Storm Runner and Fahrenheit. Also a few runs on Lightning Racer. When I went the Wild Mouse was closed. The last time I went to Hershey was 2013. - Six Flags America is an okay park. I need to go back to get the Ragin Cajun credit and ride the Jokers Jinx which was closed the last time. I went here last year for the first time. - I've been to Cedar Point before back when Gatekeeper opened and it was extremely crowded. I wanna go back and ride the Intamins. Also will it be crowded when I go? - I've never been to Kings Island and don't know much about it. What order should I hit the park and will it be crowded when I go? -Im at 149 coaster credits. I want I305 to be my 150th credit. Please give me advice on how to hit each park and also tell me if you think it will be crowded or if I should switch some dates around, thanks. If there are any parks I should try and add in or switch around feel free to let me know. I go to New York a lot and I have done a lot of parks in the area. I've also already been to... -SFNE -Dorney -SFGAdventure -Luna park -SFOG - Wild Adventures - Carowinds
  5. I was wondering if anyone happens to know if there is a dog kennel at Kings Island? I know Cedar Point and Kings Dominion have one but from the website it seems this park doesn't have one. If there is not one at the park is there a cheap one in the area?
  6. Is anyone a wear of any other Togo paratrooper ride? Like possibly in the U.S. ? It looks amazing!
  7. Wow, That's the first time that I have seen a reverse high 5 on a coaster. Looks pretty sweet.
  8. I don't hate it but I find the Mindbender at SFOG incredibly boring. It' slams you to the sides of the train and the loops are boring and forceless. In General all the Anton coasters I have been on are mediocre. My favorite being Scorpion at Bush Gardens Tampa but it's still so boring and mediocre.
  9. https://www.kingsdominion.com/contact-us Your best bet is to just do the general 'contact us' and address it to her. Surprisingly, Kings Dominion does a nice job at passing along the emails to whoever you're trying to contact. It could take up to 2 weeks for a response though. I wish Pat Jones had a Twitter, she'd be a good park GM to have one - great personality and strong love for the park. Thank your so much for the info. I just shot them an email.
  10. Is there any way to contact Pat Jones of Kings Dominion directly? I met her at the park a while back and she is a very sweet women. I would like to message her about something directly. Thanks
  11. Hey everyone that is talking about the Kidsmania place. There was a thing just like it in South Florida called Wanna-Do-City at the SawGrass Mall. When I used to live in Boca Raton I used to go a few times a year and it was awesome. The place sadly closed down a few years ago. I had a lot of good memories there growing up...
  12. ^ that sounds good. Gatekeeper didn't excite me that much but I hope this one will. And is the Voyage better then El Toro? From people's Opinions.
  13. Is the drive from Cincinnati to Holiday World bad? I'm thinking about adding it to my summer kings island and cedar point trip. And also what order should I hit these parks? I'm coming from Florida.
  14. How much is the roller coaster touR at Bush Gardens Tampa? And where do I go to book my reservation?
  15. That may be the Coolest water slide That I have ever seen. This and an Intamin woodie are one hell of a combo.
  16. how are the lines normally on a Monday and Tuesday in July??? Will I still need Fastlane for multiple rides on Maverick?
  17. I wanna go to this park over summer but the operations look awful. Everything I read about Goliath says that it has a 2 hour wait and everything in the park has a long line... If it's this bad then I have no interest in going here... But I have a Six Flags season pass so why the hell not... Also, has anyone done a trip to this park, Cedar Point and Kings Island from Florida? I'm thinking about adding it to the trip since I have the Six Flags pass.
  18. ThIs looks great! I will finally have a floater airtime machine within 2 hours from me! Seaworld will definitely take my money in 2016 with this coaster and the one at Bush Gardens!
  19. This looks like a great edition for the park. This will definitely get me back to the park next year! And from what I have been reading it will have two elevator lifts right? Not just one?
  20. I will be at SFOG tomorrow. I'll be the 16 year old wearing a Fury 325 that is black. If you see me say hi Mark!
  21. Did anyone see how the ending on the Crypt is a little different now? It like locks inverted before ending.
  22. How retarted can people be? I also love how the ride kept swinging even after the man got hit.
  23. It's amazing. I'm an Intamin freak. El Toro is my number 1 woodie and Skyrush is my number one steel. I went to ride fury with standard coaster expectations and I came off shocked. It twists your body like Maverick and drops like Millennium Force. It's a great ride! Definitely top 5 material!
  24. I may be going next Saturday but I'm not 100% sure yet. I have a platinum pass or gold pass whatever you call it so I can get into White Water also. And is the new slide at White Water Open yet?
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