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  1. Are you sure you weren't spamming? And even then I didn't see the person above spamming. Oh wait, you're just going to report them to Coasterguy14. Lame.
  2. Pinewood Park is a fantastic looking park and I cannot wait to see more of it!
  3. June 29, 1972 Leilani Cain, park visitor I was reading the paper this morning and I saw this. I don't know if I should be worried or not
  4. June 5, 2004 Hello! My name is Ben Gilligan and I have been dying to come to Six Flags Wild Northwest! With the announcement of Samurai, I had to take a visit. So, now that I am here, I will post my opening day trip report! The first ride I rode was Samurai. Holy crap, this ride is amazing! I'd have to be honest and say it's one of the best B&M coasters out there. Constant forces, airtime, and great views make this ride a 9.5/10 in my book! It's also a beautiful ride! After I got, like, 5 rides on Samurai, I decided it was time to ride something else. I headed over to Steel Hawk. This was a very good coaster. A little slow in spots, but otherwise pretty good. 7.5/10 Next up was Batman: The Ride. I hate Vekoma coasters, I'll just say it now. This one wasn't too terribly rough, but the headbanging was still there. 5/10 Then I got some food, and WOW! This has to be the best food in the entire Six Flags chain! My hamburger, while still tasting amusement park like, was delicious and had loads of toppings! Definitely a high mark in my book. Then it was time for more rides, although I went for a much lower intensity ride. Wave Swingers are always fun, and this was no exception. I then went over to Big Barn Fields and this area was nice. I didn't ride the spinning coaster, but the other two rides were nice and relaxing. It was kind of dirty here, but I guess that's part of the theming, right? Overall, I really enjoyed Six Flags Wild Northwest! It is easily the best park in the chain and I cannot wait for more visits. My only criticism was the dirty areas in Big Barn Fields. They need janitors there and stat. But the food was great, Samurai is an amazing coaster, I can't say enough good things about it! Till next time, Ben Gilligan, out
  5. August 25, 1971 Ben Gilligan, CEO It is time. The speculation can come to an end. Because today is the day Bennyland announces Western Expedition, a brand new coaster coming in 1972! This fun family adventure will take you through a mine town and then up the first lift. That's right, Western Expedition has TWO lifts! The coaster then tilts you to the side, to the point where you can almost touch the structure. Then you are dipped UNDERGROUND and into a helix for round two! The station in all of it's themed glory The mine town you encounter on the ride Up the second lift! We're sure that this addition will thrill families for years to come! As always, leave comments/suggestions! Till next time...
  6. I have been authorized by Atter to visit Samurai opening day and post a guest TR! I will have that out as soon as possible. I'm so excited!
  7. June 30, 1971 Ben Gilligan, CEO 1971 has been quite a season for Bennyland! Attendance is up (figures not released yet) and cash flow has increased - A LOT! Rotor sure is a crowd draw! But I'm here today to talk to you about 1972 - or, phase 3 of Bennyland's opening plan. I can tell you it will be major, but that's all I can say. But what would a teaser thread be without teaser pictures? On to them! I wonder what this is? Interesting... Does this have anything to do with it? Stay tuned. The announcement is soon....and it's going to be a wild one. As always, comment with suggestions/what you think of it!
  8. June 13, 1971 Haley Shepp, park visitor Hey everyone! My name is Haley and this is my first visit to Bennyland! I've heard really neat things about and wanted to try it out. I had fun, although the food was sub par. I really hope that they improve on this aspect, as the rides are really great. Thunder Run is a cool coaster as well. I didn't think to take pictures till later in the evening, before it started raining. Grand Carousel, as it was turning dark. I decided to take a night ride on Thunder Run. Here's an image of the lift hill from the queue. Deeper into the queue. It looks menacing here! It was about to rain, so everyone rushed into the Guest Services building to get an umbrella. It wasn't that bad. Just a few sprinkles. My final picture. I love Rotor's night time look! We were also handed surveys to send to the park when we exited. It was your typical "what can we do better" survey. However, I was intrigued by the last question, "What do you think it was like living in the wild west?" It was a weird question. Hmmm..... I will definitely be back some time. I'll just have to make sure to pack my own lunch. Seriously, Bennyland needs to improve the dining. Oh well, I will still tell my friends how awesome the rides are. Until next time - Haley out.
  9. Offseason, 1971 Ben Gilligan, CEO Bennyland has been teasing what 1971 will bring. I can officially unveil the curtains today for our new attraction. Are you ready to rotate? You better be, because Bennyland introduces.... Rotor New for 1971 This brand new thrill ride will pin you against the wall and drop the floor beneath you. An experience like no other! We are proud of this attraction and cannot wait for you to ride it this season! The inside of the ride Rotor is part 2 of our three part opening strategy. I can promise you that part 3 will be even more amazing. That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed!
  10. August 19, 1970 My name is Leilani Cain, and I have been waiting a long time to see the new park. Bennyland looked awesome, and I finally had money, so I booked a trip! Here are my thoughts on the park. Roll-O-Plane is a fun flat. If the line isn't long, I recommend riding it again in a different seat. Bumper Cars is your typical Dodgem attraction. Bennyland has a cool Ferris Wheel. It's in a nice location. The food was easily the worst part of the day. This is the only location and it serves typical amusement park burgers. I wish they had a bigger variety. I wasn't able to get any photos of Thunder Run because my camera died, but I really liked it. It's a fun little wooden coaster with a really scary headchopper effect. With that being said, I was able to get this interesting picture... I wonder why they are clearing this land? Overall, Bennyland is a nice little park. However, it could use some improvement in the food section. I would check it out, if only to see what that massive land clearing is for.
  11. Hi everyone! I have seen some of the marvelous parks that are posted here and I thought I would start my own. I am pretty much terrible at building and CS. It's EXTREMELY small at the moment, but I have plans on how to expand it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Opening Day, 1970 Today is the day. After months of construction and anticipation, Bennyland is finally ready to open to the public! It is a small park with family friendly rides and a great coaster called Thunder Run. I am not good with words, so let's move on to pictures. Bennyland's entrance, and opening day crowds Looking down the midway. I see plenty of room for expansion The beautiful Chairswing attraction Bumper Cars Starfish Spin Thunder Run's lift hill from the queue I got to walk the track for some interesting views The layout from the top of the lift. It's a small but fun coaster! On the ride. It seriously does not look like your head will make it through this part. Paratroopers, with Thunder Run looking menacing in the background. I hope you enjoyed this park update! Comment with suggestions or thoughts.
  12. A launch wouldn't be bad, a sideways launch would be gimmicky. It'd be like Th13teen all over again.
  13. Is it okay to guess what Olympic Panel means? I'm guessing it's the name of the new 700 foot B&M launched 4D wingrider that Holiday World is getting. Or maybe it's just the name of the company that makes whatever is in that box.
  14. If you go to the construction cams, you can see what appear to be orange pieces of track in the back. Or maybe I'm just going insane. http://www.holidayworld.com/holiday-world-construction-cam/
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