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  1. First i wanted Pegasus to be a GCII, but when it was finished it looked more like a GG, but i forgot to change the trains.
  2. Update I decided to split the last update in two smaller updates, the first will contain new screens and the second one a map and a download. So here are the screens: The last new themearea is Ancient-Greece, but that is not the final name. It has two rides, a small candyshop and some toilets. The first ride is Mt. Olympus, a Ferris Wheel with a nice view over the lake. Candyshop Agora (Greek for Market). The small (ugly) building on the left are the toilets. Maybe you saw it on the background, Pegasus is the fifth and last coaster of Eftel Towers. It's built by the Gravity Group, but instead of steel, there has been used wood for the supports. The station and remise: Entrance-area of Pegasus: Back to the Monster Zone (with the gyrodrop and the stand-up). I have hacked Amphibious, the Shoot-the-chutes ride. The track is invisible now, but it still splashes. When the park was almost finished, I discovered I forgot to built some toilets. So i placed one next to Agora, and a second one in the Bergrijk. I think it's one of the best buildings in Eftel Towers. Overview of the finished park: In the next update an parkmap and a download. See ya!
  3. No it's not lost! The new update is already online on the dutch forums, but i haven't translated it yet!
  4. A chain lifts the boat backwards, en then releases it, so the boat will speed down and splash in the lake.
  5. This is the most unrealistic park i've ver seen, there are 0.0 details, very small paths, unrealistic coasters and supports, queuelines are too long, no flatrides, no restaurants or other facilities. Six Flags².
  6. The Monster Zone is finished now, it contains three rides and one new restaurant. The new ride is a kind of Shoot the Shutes. Back in the park lies the new restaurant, themed as a giant rock where you enter through the mouth of a huge monster. Soon will be the last update, the blue area in the screen above will be revelealed too. Thanks for the BGE pictures btw
  7. How's BGE like? Does anyone has a Photo TR or any links? A lot of people think the Efteling and Busch Gardens are the most beautifull parks in the world (based on the Golden Tickets), so maybe that's why Americasn recognise it as Busch and Europeans as The Efteling.
  8. Update! Today I have a totally new theme-area to present, Het Bergrijk (The Mountainland)! We start with the Square where you enter the area, with two rides surrounding it, Het Ballon Kanon (The Balloon Cannon) and Runaway Mine Train. ‘T Seylend Fregat (a Candy Shop) was already online. First: Runaway Mine Train Ballon Kanon is a place where you can buy water balloons and throw them with catapults towards eachother. If you follow the path you’ll pass the entrance of the Bob, and a flatride, Schneefest. (Snow Party in German) Across the Square stands the Bob’s station, themed in Skihut style. This is The Steenbok, I showed a preview before. What’s a park without a the First Aid (dutch=EHBO)? If somebody get hurt, here they’ll fix it. And here’s is the MAP with some extra information. In Purple are two additions to the Monster Zone, the blue area is the last theme-area in Eftel Towers.
  9. Update! I made a rip-off of the Anton Pieck Square in The Efteling, but you Americans won't recognise it, so first i have some pictures of the real square: And here are the screens of the RCT-version: This is just after you've entered the park, the building in the middle is an Information stand. Behind the stand lies the square. This is the Eftel Towers museum (Efteling Museum in real). Here you see two old and nostalgic fairground rides, Den Olycke Tweelingh (The Happy Twins) is a place where you can sit and eat (you can buy the food in the bullding next to it). The Smulpaap is a fastfood-shop, 'T Gemack is a toilet building.
  10. Update: At this small shop, called 'T Seylend Fregat (The sailing frigate in old-dutch), you can buy candy and ice cream. Next to it is the entrance to the Bob. The Bob isn't complete without De Steenbok (The Capricorn, a fastfood restaurant in the Efteling), only with some different looks: Replies and especially criticism are móre than welcome!
  11. My coasterlist sucks with only 37 coasters... 1. Air (AT) 2. Nemesis (AT) 3. Goliath (WW) 4. Oblivion (AT) 5. Alpina Bahn (DE, Travelling) 6. Bob (EFT) 7. Rita: QOS (AT) 8. Vogel Rok (EFT) 9. Robin Hood (WW) 10. Spinball Whizzer (AT) Maybe I'll visit Phantasialand this year, and next year Drievliet, Toverland, Efteling an Duinrell so my list is expanding quickly.
  12. Update: I build more than I update, so the updates are going fast now. We start with the customer service, just after the entrance: The Anderrijk is an area in the Efteling, and now also in Eftel Towers. Just like in the real Anderrijk there will be an Intamin Bob. Preview: Next to Nessy a Intamin Gyro Drop towers the sky, named Dragon Dance. Together with Nessy it creates a monster-area. Overview: A download will be available when the map is full.
  13. IT'S ALIVE! UPDATE: Some of you maybe saw it, a new red coaster arrived at Eftel Towers, labelled as Nessy. It's a B&M Standup featuring four inversions: Zero-G-Roll, Looping, Indoor Corkscre, Corkscrew. There is also a small darkride and a long tunnel. Screens: Lifthill, after the intorducing darkride. There are two Zero-G's on a Standup in the world, this is one of them. The loop with the Castle of Uruquart. Horseshoe+First Drop Helix after the Indoor Corkscrew The fourth inversion Brakes + Queue line The station Overview of the park: My favourite square lies beneath the black spot, I will show it later to you. I don't like this coaster, Uruquart doens't have the castle-look I wanted, and there are too many big buildings. I'll try better next time!
  14. Which Coaster? De Vliegende Hollander (/The Flying Dutchman) is still closed if you mean that.
  15. Two days ago I went to one of the best parks in Europe, The Efteling! I made 420 pictures, here are 30: Poor Gijs... Finally a sharp picture, and THAT child spoiled it! Vandalism...! (My wallpaper) Nice cloud! (a wonder it's so ''sharp'' ) On my way home I discovered he slow shutter function! -------------- Lol
  16. I found an Alton Towers remaken with some AT-objects, but i don't remember where...
  17. I changed Duel a bit on some places. It looks better now. Right from the Entrance I forgot a window.
  18. This is my first park online since Hardermeer, which savegame was wrong. I don't want to make a whole story about it again, so just screens and description. Every comment is welcome, and if you don't like something, say it so I can improve my building style! Screens: The Entrance. It's a bit small but I like it. The first area is the Mystery Valley. I tried to create a quiet atmosphere, and what is that without an Air-rerecreation (a re-recreation, a rip-off ) The layout of Air is completely different but you'll easily recognise it. Back: Inspiration on the Air-Shop, here named as Nitro. Facing Nitro there is a Topspin called Butterfly. Behind Butterfly there is a square with a restaurant and an Enterprise. The next area is the Gloomy Wood(Alton Towers again ) Main Ride is Duel, an interactive darkride. I don't like the front, it's too busy. Next to Duel we find Spook 'R Us, an souvernirshop, just like in AT. To fill the area a bit there is a kiddy ride named Horror Express. Behind all rides a road circles the park, for all staff and too deliver food for the restaurants etc. Overview: Tell me everything you don't like, so I can improve it!
  19. With these stats, this coaster will be the biggest GCI in the world! And if I look to the other GCI's, I know Toverland's woodie will be bigger, it makes me feel incredible happy! The only problem is that I live far away from Toverland...
  20. The Intro was nice, but the park is the biggest sh*t i've ever seen.
  21. 1993 We were very bissy re-theming our mainstreet last year. The theme hasn't changed much, namely the Minig Village. The old Enterprise site now is a big square with the renewed restaurant and a new Souvernir shop, the Enterprise is relocated a few meters further, with new colors and theming. Further on the path is enlarged and 4 houses are build. Behind that lies the older square, this time with a crane in the middle. At the end of the mainstreet there is a new toiletbuilding and a repainted Ferris Wheel. This is the Enterprise and some of the new buildings: The new souvernirbuilding: The renewed Restaurant:: The second square with the crane: The end of the mainstreet: New ride 1994! Next year the park will build a big ride again! The past few years we saved some money, but with the money from the Ensurance we decided to begin some years earlier. On the previously Jet Star terrain people are bussy with digging holes and chopping down trees. The park does mysterious about the project, but rumors are going that the ride is build in Switzerland. That's why the ride possibly is a coaster build by Intamin AG or B&M. New ride 1995! Nobody liked it, but Blue Whale had to dissapear. The coaster is sold to a park in the USA. The number of guests this year were reduced with 15% to 1.900.000 visitors, we hope to repair that the next two years. The station still stands where it was, and as said it will be used for the replacing coaster in 1995. A lot of trees have been chopped to make space already. Fans now have the possibility to photograph the station from another corner. Soon more trees will be chopped and groundworks will start. Coming soon... -Last big ride in the Castle-area -Replacer Blue Whale -A monument See you next update!
  22. Year 14 The previous expansion wasn't a big one, but our park was flooding of guests! We needed a ride with a very high capacity. That wasn't a problem, because our budget was huge and there was a lot of space. Finally we decided to build a medium wooden rollercoaster, with a big capcity and a long queue line. It is a succes again, the queue line is full and in the park there are less guests. The path in front of the entrance there are some new buildings with a cash-machine and a toilet inside it. Some further in the queue line there is a building which contains also the last turn of the coaster. The station is not very special, but it looks nice with all those trees surrounding it. The layout is very spectacular! A map of our park with the future plans on it: Yellow: The site for our next expansions. Blue: Possibly a place to expand the office(also new this year!) or parking? Red: Partycenter. Nothing is sure about this but there are plans. See you next update!
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