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  1. It is almost nothing like Roller Coaster Rampage. It just has 'some' recycled art assets. The product is more like Hyper Rails, but much better.
  2. Hello Everyone, We have been busy the past few weeks integrating modules from our graphics' engine. I have uploaded a video highlighting our progress and posted it on our facebook page. This video demonstrates the following: A new interface. The new dialogs can be moved, sized, pinned, or hidden. Stations can be attached to control points. Multiple stations, or other mesh objects, can be added anywhere along the coaster path. When you move the control point, the attached object moves with it. Tunnels can be added to any section, then freely deformed. There is a new 'E
  3. Hello, This is Steve with Pantera Entertainment. First, thank you Robb for starting this thread, uploading our video, and posting some screenshots. We greatly appreciate the support. I wanted to jump in here and start responding to your feedback. Here are some answers to your posts. In game object design and creation is something we want to include. Our engine supports procedural mesh generation. We are looking into how to incorporate our tech to accomplish this type of functionality. We have had a few requests for operating rides. I am not sure if that will be a basic f
  4. It will have more features than just coaster editing. Theme Park Studio is a suite of tools that will allow you to build an entire park, with flat rides and mini games.
  5. We are working on that feature. Our engine includes character animation and pathfinding AI.
  6. Thank you for your support. I greatly appreciate you sharing the Facebook page on your Facebook page. The success of this title depends on two things, making a quality product and public awareness. We are working hard to make the title great and are listening to what features players want included. Not having deep pockets makes public awareness our biggest challenge. Thanks again for helping with that effort.
  7. Thank you. I look forward to keeping you updated as we progress. Thank you everyone for all your replies. Additional screenshots, videos, and tutorials will be posted on our facebook page soon. They will provide greater detail of all the features our engine can support. Steve
  8. Hello, This is Steve with Pantera Entertainment. Our company develops for PS3, Xbox, and PC. We have a new title coming out called for PC called 'Theme Park Studio'. We basically have merged Hyper Rails, an older title of ours, with our new proprietary graphics' engine. Here is a link with a screenshot, video, and some descriptive text. http://www.facebook.com/ThemeParkStudio It only contains one video and screenshot. I will be updating it with more screenshots and tutorials over the next months. If you would like to keep up to date, we hope you will 'Like' our facebook page
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