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  1. It's personal, the Hopi Hari does not stop. They are holding budgets for a likely Roller Coaster for 2018/2019. In a fan group a high-ranking employee inside the park began posting tips on what they are seeing and noting the fan suggestions. In a poll conducted by fans to manufacturers B&M wins shot as the favorite, because in Latin America has no model
  2. Hi guys! Now it is happening the reopening of the Hopi Hari Theme Park! Throughout the day I post pictures of how everything is very beautiful after the great renovation. Some news! - La Tour Eiffel (Giant Drop), returns to the catalog of attractions of the park in the second half of 2018, all renovated (rumors have appeared that the park will put gondolas StandUp). - Between 2018/2019 the park will inaugurate 3 new attractions, being 2 for the children / family audience and 1 for the adult public. Sorry for bad English, I do not know much. photo: Rogério Barbatti photo: Guia da diversão
  3. Hopi Hari Theme Park was practically all renovated for reopening that will happen on August 5th. before/after before/after
  4. This is one of the attractions of Aribabiba, area where the Justice League is located. That's the attraction TOKAIA, where is enters a battle with the Catwoman Wonder Woman, this briquedo you have the feeling of being in a container port. [youtube2] [/youtube2] Also check out the video that the visitor Danilo Pereira made the region ARIBABIBA. It was incredible video. [youtube2] [/youtube2] Admin Edit: Fixed YouTube Link - Joey
  5. About to be inaugurated with the superman theme, images of the new train was announced by park staff in social networks. The new train is extremely beautiful. photo: Milton Mariano
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