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  1. Hey guys, Does anyone have files for Imagineer John's Coaster Kit they might be able to send me? It's an old set probably from 2007 or so which had Ride Events such as retractable brakes and retractable floors (for inverts). http://www.freewebs.com/coaster-inc/imagineerjohnscoasterkit.htm This is the set I'm referring to but the none of the links work for download. Thanks!
  2. The park has made it very clear (especially on their facebook page) that Batman: The Escape will never be constructed. It was heavily damaged when it was torn down from Six Flags Astroworld and it isn't worth salvaging.
  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I do realize that there is still a lot of detailing to do (including coaster supports) but I will keep you updated on my progress. Let me know if you have any other suggestions.
  4. Thanks Kinderly Are you referring to coaster layouts themselves or scenery?
  5. I started working on this park over the summer and haven't gotten around to finishing it. Please keep in mind that much of the theming, structures, etc are either incomplete or not 100% finished but the basic layout of the park is set. Hucklebuckle Heights is a large park that opened as a campground in 1973 in the hills of Tennessee. The park's original coaster is Maelstrom, an Arrow Looping Coaster which opened in 1979. This monstrous looping coaster led the way for a legacy of family fun that has seen many ups and downs over the years. Stay tuned for more details! Any feedback, ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated Inspired by the Magic Kingdom, the park's railroad goes directly above the main entrance. Neptune's Knot is a gigantic B&M Inverted Coaster which was added to the park in 1999. The ride roars overhead as guests make their way through the turnstiles. Neptune's Knot greets its oncoming riders with a beautiful entrance and elevated station. Opening day is just weeks away and this queue will be filled! The coaster's three trains sit ready for opening day. I spy it making some test runs!! Even though it isn't one of the old-school inverts, this final corkscrew has that classic "snap" that gives Wingriders a run for their money. One of the more recent additions to the park is Fright Gully - An Intamin LSM launch coaster. 0 to 72 in 2.6 seconds! Fright Gully ends with a real bang! A zero-g roll right into the magnetic brakes. Onto the classic - Maestrom! Maelstrom is one of the few remaining Arrow coasters with interlocking loops It also boasts a Batwing too! It's a steel jungle With all these coasters it's easy to forget about flat rides - One of the park's finest is its S&S Tower Complex - All running combo mode! For those who have a need for speed, the park's hyper coaster "Gauntlet" will have you sprinting back for more. The parks most recent addition was Flight of the Phoenix, a B&M Flyer. Passengers soar over the beautiful Tennessee landscape on one of B&M's most intense creations to date! Although it begins with a traditional pretzel loop, the finale of this ride is anything from ordinary. It's never to early to start test runs! An overview of this unique coaster And a quick turnaround back to the station And we will close with Timber Tiger - the park's only wooden coaster.
  6. That option was thrown on the table. It doesn't fit in the building and Zamplera requires a 48" height restriction, no exceptions. I wouldn't be shocked if UFO is gone this season. While no park is "entitled" to a new coaster, from a business aspect Darien Lake DOES need a new coaster. I can't think of any other similar-sized park that has gone 14 years without a major coaster. That being said, I do think that Herschend is moving in the right direction but a coaster should be in the works within the next few season. I don't think many people realize how much the addition of Leviathan hurt the park. The majority of campground/hotel visitors are Canadians. As Canada's Wonderland continues to grow and become more and more appealing, Herschend should be very concerned. I think Blast-off is a wonderful addition. Minus the name and low capacity (then again, PARC/SF scared away a majority of its guests so that shouldn't be an issue) I think that it will be a perfect fit and will compliment Rowdy's Ridge very well. Now that Herschend is settled in, I think things are looking up. I'm interested to see what happens but it is going to take time. HFE is very detailed-oriented and I hope that it eventually translates into a better guest experience. It certainly hasn't happened yet but it will get better. And for what is worth, having two trains operating on Ride of Steel by Memorial Day Weekend this past season was a huge success on HFE's part.
  7. Hey guys, I'm a long-time lurker, first-time poster on TPR. I've been playing the RCT Series since day one but I've never shared any of my parks so I thought I'd give it ago. Unfortunately I lost some of my best projects through the years due to bad computers but this is one of my most recent parks. Even though my computer doesn't lag with large parks, it does have a tendency to crash which I think is a result of me using too much CS. As a result, this particular park isn't as detailed as I'd like it to be. Everytime I make some progress on it, it crashes and I start over. It's 2 steps forward 1 step back. But anyways, I thought I'd share and I was hoping for some constructive criticism! More pictures to come. The park crashed while I was taking screenshots but here's some to get started. The Park: Located in northern Maine, Paradise Pier opened in 1978 as a small family-owned boardwalk amusement park. Among its first coasters were an Arrow Corkscrew and a Schwarzkopf Wildcat coaster. Both rides are defunct but the charm of this small park still remains; including its classic Carousel. 1997 saw the addition of "Tsunami" which was a huge hit among enthusiasts but because of improper planning forced the park into bankruptcy. The park sat dormant from 2000-2004 until 2005 when Six Flags purchased the park. Rather than completely rebrand the classic seaside amusement park, the chain decided to revive it to its former glory. With additions such as Updraft, a small, but intense B&M Floorless coaster, Power Surge, an S&S Combo Tower, and Firefly a Gerstlauer Spinning Mouse, business is better than ever. Pulling off the interstate into the beautiful new toll plaza - It looks like Updraft is making its morning test runs! It isn't too busy yet, but I'm sure it will pick up later in the day. After finding a decent parking spot, we head toward the entrance. Power Surge looms over the entire park. I bet it will be a great view of the ocean! Luckily we already have our tickets so we can head straight to the gate. Of course I have to stop for some coffee at Dunkin Donuts I'm glad that Six Flags has kept this little park beautiful. The gardens are immaculate! We'll have to stop at the Wizard's Castle Gift Boutique on the way out for some souvenirs. It's time to ride some coasters! First ride of the day! Luckily the Tsunami crew is pumping the trains out so it was only a 10 minute wait More pictures to come!
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