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  1. I love it when Robb calls you 'woman' on all the povs!
  2. I live in a state that is underground. (Am a talker) The juicy details of my newbie coaster self....started riding in 1996 in Okla City's Frontier City park...again small rides...when I was 27 or so. Had a sever fear of both falling and heights. These days if I can make it past the first drop the rest is cheese cake. Ok so I went on the 2 that were there. In 1997 I went to SFOT and rode the 'first big coaster' Shockwave. Got kinda sick by looking sideways during the second loop. After that, I moved back to AZ and since we don't have anything here, had to go to Vegas. Rode all 4 of them (at the time did ride High Roller). So currently my total parks are: Frontier City (OK); SFOT, Vegas - if you can call it a park; and the goofy golf in Phoenix. Some resume huh? Going to attempt to see if I can get the Indians (native americans) to put a park on their land. They already have a very large casino, resort hotel and golf course. Why not a park? See what I can do....then you will be coming to see me! Well anyway......I am who I am, nothing more nothing less. Ask me questions you will get answers (if I have them). Edit: After being associated with older people for the past 4-6 years, I am looking forward to getting back into the "younger" crowd. It would be nice to know someone that was either my age or in their late 30s. Anyone???
  3. Being a real 'newbie' my first ever coaster was wildcat at Frontier City in Oklahoma City (small park) in 1996 (age 27). First big - real park - coaster was 1997 the SFOT Shockwave. Actually got sick on it...looked sideways coming out of the loop.
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