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  1. Maybe someone can find out tonight why they extended the shoot to one final day Friday -ask if it's from guest email suggestions or if they needed more footage or just to satisfy happy riders.
  2. ^ Only 4 laps? Wow that's low! More crowded huh? I guess forget tom. & I'll definitely forget Friday. But with the added Friday you'll make it to 50 now no question!
  3. OMG you guys! I made a suggestion to them to extend the promo shoot another week -replied to their socialmedia email. I said in part of my email: "You have a nice fan group of riders & we would all appreciate it very much!!! You hear the clapping & cheering of satisfied riders including me." OMG they honored my request!!! The shoot is on for another day Friday too from 5:30-8:30. How do you like that all thanks to me! I will try to be there tomorrow. But I won't be there Friday. Friday would be the busiest of all days. I'd take caution going Friday.
  4. Well since it's not going to be opening this weekend think they would extend the shoot to a 3rd week? They know they have a nice fan group of riders. I have a strong feeling that could most likely happen!
  5. Wow still nobody there at the shoot even though they advertised it. Isn't that bad? But then again it's during a weekday & most are busy with work & school. What time did they let you board to ride? I guess I can go Thursday after reading the reports from today. Seems quiet like last week. Angry Gumball don't you feel the rush in your face after so many times it just wants to make you collapse & doesn't Goldy leave you with a slight head ache? It did for me. After the 5 times last Tuesday I felt wow what a rush & about ready to collapse from how fast it was!
  6. Looks like they could be adding more tunnel. Take the wall that's so funny lol! What time did they let you in to ride? & How's the crowd?
  7. Does anybody have an extra nugget they can mail to me? I'd love one! Well you should still tell management if you make it to 50 rides. They should do something special for you!
  8. Well I can't go again & Plus I don't want to wait in the longer lines since they advertised it. I'm assuming this week they will get too many riders. Just a heads up it might be a zoo this time around. The longest I waited last Tuesday on the first day was 30 min when they first opened the ride & the line kept getting shorter but that will all change this time around. But I am giving all the luck I can to those who have hope in reaching their rides to 50. You should tell the management if you make it to 50 rides then they might even give you a golden nugget award!
  9. Oh yeah any word of a TPR media day on Friday if this is opening on Saturday??? TPR usually does media days & I'd really like to go to that. They had one for Superman last year I'm hoping they will have one for Gold Striker this year.
  10. ^Yeah they just advertised on Facebook. Last week they didn't advertise anywhere about it that's why hardly anyone knew about it & the line was so nice & short.
  11. I'm go, go, go, going Tuesday for a 2nd week in a row. WHOO HOO!!! Just when I was missing it & the short lines it's like they read my mind I wanted another ERT which is what I I call it! So hm I'm trying to calculate how many rides I'll get in on top of my 5. So they open the ride at 5:30 & I'll be done about 7:30. The wait is about 20 min. So that's about another 5?
  12. I tried asking for the front last Tuesday one of the times but they didn't put me there. How come there were still riders in the front it was just random & luck of the draw?
  13. ^ Just say you have a rare one of a kind event that never happens & you need to attend. That should do it.
  14. When I go again Tuesday I am sitting in the front row & last row for a new ride experience.
  15. I have a feeling park management has been reading our CGA thread & has been blown away by our comments that they thought since Gold Striker is such a hit on TPR let's extend the shoot. So it's really all thanks to our raving comments about Gold Striker.
  16. Just wondering who's in charge of putting the shoot together Cedar Fair or the park management? I'm assuming Cedar Fair.
  17. WHOO HOO!!! I'm going Tuesday again! Is this so incredibly awesome or what??? I'll up my ride count to 15.
  18. ^We sure did. I am going again Wednesday the 29th. Can't get here soon enough! Goldy here I come again! Gold Striker is high on everyone's list of favorites including me. You guys should send comments about how awesome Gold Striker is to Cedar Fair. I sent them 2 emails of wonderful raving comments about Gold Striker & how well done the promo shoot was. Anyway here's Cedar Fair's email for customer comments: marketing@cedarfair.com My 2nd email to them I put in the subject Gold Striker Rules!!! But hopefully I'll be going much earlier than the 29th if TPR puts together a media day for TPR members for Gold Striker I'll be there in a flash! Nothing but Gold Striker is on my mind these days!
  19. You guys should have gone for 30 rides you were so close! You would have broken the record for most times on Goldy when it hasn't been open yet! I can't wait, wait, wait to ride Goldy again!!! So wish I could ride it every day! I am going Wednesday May 29th. Would that be a good day since it's 2 days after Memorial Day? I was reading the posts from last year & someone went on Thursday of Memorial week & the waits were 5 min. I know the 21st & 22nd are bad days. Sunfire gave me a warning about going those days. & If I were to get there a half hour before opening will I have a short wait for Goldy? I will go for the front first then the very back.
  20. Don't need no sound wall. How frigen ugly! That stupid Prudential building has sound proof walls I just know it they can't hear a thing. I hope Gold Striker ends up shaking the walls of their building so much that if falls down. They deserve it!
  21. ^^^Ah man that post is making everybody who couldn't go today so jealous!!! So wish I were there again. Darn!!! Well I'm getting the Fast Lane when I go on my birthday so I can ride Goldy to my hearts content to make up for not being able to go to all 3 promo shoots. At least I got to go to 1 & experienced a few rides on it. Now I have something to look forward to when going to Great America again.
  22. I saw Roger too when we were standing outside Gold Striker waiting to ride. He was talking to a family in front of me. After I heard the cheers being let in to ride I was cheering waving my golden ticket in the air I was just bursting with excitement. He thought I was waving at him so he said how you doing? Something like that. Good thing I said excited! Then he passed me in the que line & smiled when I was near the stairs. Does anybody know what first train # I got on Tuesday? I looked at my watch as I was going up the lift for the first time ever & it said 5:40. Remember they opened the ride at 5:10.
  23. & thank you Cedar Fair for one wonderful ride!!! It is AWESOME!!! High up on my list of favorites. I have never been on a woodie that fast!!! I'm almost crying & pinching myself all over because I can't believe this ride is finally here. Great America feels like a whole new park! Add a Maverick clone next & then Great America will become a Six Flags park! I'm itching myself all over because I want to ride Gold Striker over & over! Because it's so incredibly FAST the whole ride & I love the feeling I feel after I get off & am like WOW WHAT A RUSH!!! Great America has now a big & bright future. Many more awesomeness to come. I could never stop thanking Cedar Fair. WHOO HOO!!! Big huge thumbs up.
  24. Its making me so mad my mom won't let me go again to the promo. Yes I could ride it every day it's that good. I already miss it even though I just rode it yesterday. The next time I get on it will take forever to come! Hope somebody will eventually post links to their filming so I can see if I got filmed. I can't wait to watch their recordings.
  25. Where can you see the footage they filmed so you can see if your on camera or not?
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