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  1. I am a huge coaster, Disney, Six Flags, Cedar Fair, Universal Orlando enthusiast. That describes me right on! Enthusiast means to me your a huge fan of something & love everything it has to offer within the chain.
  2. Testing is a good sign. I would just stay by it. Means it should open any time now! Get the front seat! I know they don't like seat requests but I asked for the front 2 times & the guy didn't mind putting me in front.
  3. Huh didn't open by 11? That's too bad. Wonder what the problem is. Hope they get it open! When I was there right at 10 I had to wait in front of it for around 45 min for them to open the line.
  4. Flight Deck row 3 blue train at CGA on Tuesday 6/4 around 5:20.
  5. CGA a few more times during the summer (already been twice plus the promo shoot) & in August 2 days at the Universal Orlando resort(2 day hopper ticket with unlimited Universal Express) & 1 day Disney World hopper ticket -will split my day between the Disney Studios & Magic Kingdom
  6. Splash Mountain Disneyland Splash Mountain Disney World Dudley Do Right Ripsaw Falls Popeye & Bluto Rat Burges Jurassic Park River Adventure Grizzly River Run Logger's Run CGA Whitewater Falls CGA
  7. Yes there will be schools there. I saw quite a few school buses when I was there last Wed & not as many when I went Tuesday of this week. It may seem busy but the lines are pretty short. Even for Gold Striker. Between 10:20-10:30 they open Gold Striker's line. Gold Striker's line was an hour at the longest then seemed to get shorter every time I came back to ride it during the day. You'll be able to get in 5 + rides on Gold Striker.
  8. Gold Striker at my home park CGA & Colossus at SFMM. & El Toro & The Beast both sound amazing. They would be favorites too. I really hope one day I'll be able to ride them!
  9. I went yesterday Tuesday & rode Gold Striker another 5 times. Now my ride count is up to 10 on Goldy. Ah that thing is AWESOME. I just want to point my middle finger & stick out my tongue at those f****** Prudential office buildings while going up the lift hill. In your face Prudential. HA! What a shame, shame, shame. Gold Striker should have been here in 2009. & I got the front row 3 times. I love that seat. Yes I did try row 12 & didn't like it. Too choppy. & Just when I thought oh Grizzly is ok it is not. It completely SUCKS. Had a bad ride on it. Grizzly needs to go. & Put in a nice launcher that goes all the way up in front & over those Prudential buildings to show who's in charge. & I think I saw Sunfire! Isn't his name Patrick? & is he a supervisor? If so I saw him when waiting in line for Physco Mouse. He was walking through the Fast Lane entrance gate. Didn't bother with Happy Feet. Finally got on Down Hill Thunder. At first when I got there it was closed because of a dead bird. It opened shortly after that & I got 2 rides in. I love going backwards over the hump at the end. Log ride is great fun when you sit right in front you sure get splashed!
  10. I composed a list of June coaster openings around the USA & a lot of them we all love & are great ones too! Cedar Fair Iron Dragon 6/11/87 Flight Of Fear 6/18/96 Jaguar 6/17/95 Busch Gardens Gwazi 6/18/99 Sea World Kraken 6/1/00 Six Flags Apocalypse 6/7/12 Batwing 6/16/01 Superman Ultimate Flight 6/30/12 V2 6/8/01 Mind Eraser 6/2/97 EL Toro 6/12/06 Colossus 6/29/78 Cyclone 6/24/83 American Thunder 6/20/08 River King Mime Train 6/71 Hoping this list will make us all feel a bit better about Gold Striker's late opening.
  11. Those walls look kind of dumb & ugly. Let's make the nice new ride look so ugly thanks to those complainers. All their fault. Now we can say "Take The Wall!" How are things running in Boomerang Bay -Jackaroo Landing are all those slides open finally or is only that 1 green one open?
  12. I had a dream last night I was on Gold Striker & got to ride in the front seat. Got no gold dust particles in my eyes. Smooth & fast as ever. Maybe that's a good sign it will finally open Friday. But when parks make an announcement for a coaster opening day do they do it the week of or a couple weeks ahead?
  13. This is not a good sign we still are sitting around scratching our heads wondering when this thing will ever open. There's Friday the 31st. Has a new coaster ever opened on a Friday? I know most new coasters open on a Saturday & if that will be the case with Gold Striker then we are looking at Saturday June 1st but hopefully. Could be much later than that. I had wanted to make my first visit of the season this Wed the 29th but not anymore since no Gold Striker. The problem with Gold Striker is sure a mystery. Maybe someone can find out the real answer why it isn't ready yet like Angry Gumball when he is at the park tomorrow.
  14. Just think the next new coaster we get will be a nice quiet steel one & won't have noise issues & will open on time. Now inching into June. No sign of Gold Striker opening. Has a coaster ever opened in June? Or will they make us wait even longer to have it open July 4th weekend?
  15. Tidal Wave/Greased Lightnin that was at PGA in 97(CGA now) went on it 8 times in a row. Then Gold Striker at CGA during the Promo Shoot on 4/30/13 -5 times in a row. Then Invertigo that was at CGA 3 times in a row in 2011.
  16. Oh I hate that raft ride! The last time I went on it they sent me down by myself & it was SO SCARY my raft ALMOST flipped over during the ride. I do not ride that one anymore. Do you guys pay the rip off price of $15 for a locker? I'd like to do Boomerang Bay but not when it costs $15 to store your stuff. At least you can do 2 slides without a locker Down Hill Thunder & the enclosed one. That sucks about no Gold Striker opening. Hope it's open in time for my birthday. So it's all going to be covered in tunnel?
  17. ^ I don't like this either. What if your somewhere far across the park from your next Fast Pass ride & your on a ride how are you going to make it back in time before your Fast Pass time & they won't let you use it??? Really, really annoying. I used to save all my Fast Passes for later in the day or at night & get them all early on. & Then I'd have several at once. Hate this new rule.
  18. All the bitchy neighbors fault for Gold Striker's delayed opening. Those big fat complainers. If they don't like the sound CGA should tell THEM to do something about it like make their whole building sound proof so Gold Striker doesn't have ugly walls around it. Gold Striker should be renamed to Walls the ride. Why should Gold Striker's views should be ruined. Those idiot neighbors need to sound proof their building or if they don't like it MOVE OUT! SIMPLE!
  19. Well I don't go no where near as much as you even though I have a season pass so that's why I'm a little picky crowd wise. Hey I saw Gold Striker's commercial on TV again tonight said launching soon. Hm. Well can't be this weekend haven't heard anything MUST be next weekend then.
  20. Word of warning those 2 days May 21st & 22nd will be crazy at the park. Sunfire said that those days have a lot of school crowds & the lines are very long since he has worked at the park around those days. I wanted to go one of those days but I'm going with Sunfire taking his advice about not going. However Memorial week should be nice. Somebody went last year on Thursday of Memorial week & everything was a walk on. I was going Wed the 29th & avoiding next week.
  21. Gold Striker hurry up & open! We all want to ride you again so bad! I have a feeling since Gold Striker experienced riders they are working out the kinks so that when it opens it will be smooth operations & no down time. I do have a sinking feeling it might not open until next month -next month is still spring until the 21st which is the first day of summer. But on the bright side I would have enough for a Fast Lane & I'd be able to go on it's opening day if it will be June. If it were opening this month we already would have heard an announcement. Angry Gumball I can bet that you will reach 100 rides by the end of the season. Now that would be an even bigger record breaker!
  22. So I keep wondering when will Goldy officially open? They said May & they have 2 weekends left & there's been no announcement. Are they delaying it until June? All I could say is thank goodness I've already been on it to get a preview. Just wish it were officially open. Am I in luck or what? Gold Striker celebrates my 20 years of coaster riding. All began at Great America on the Demon in 1993 -I was so scared of going upside down! After that it got me hooked on coasters. My next big coaster was the Vortex which I got to ride twice without getting off! I didn't get to go on Top Gun until about 96. I refuse to call Top Gun Flight Deck. What a crappy name! Now I have total faith in Cedar Fair. They are really turning things around for the park when we all thought for awhile it would close down. For starters they gave us a nice kick A$$ woodie, new action theater movie, fresh paint around the park, & I am hoping/praying after Goldy they will keep the kick A$$ coasters coming LIKE a Maverick clone, Flight Of Fear, Back Lot Stunt coaster. All of those can fit anywhere in the park! At least I have 5 rides on Goldy but am trying to wait patiently for it to finally open!!! My 5 rides will hold me over until it opens.
  23. Well yeah your right I've been going to Great America for so long every summer since 1991 except 2007 & 2009 that I can't let it bother me now especially with the nice new Gold Striker I have to enjoy. I'd rather focus on Gold Striker anyway than worry about the stupid line cutters.
  24. Line cutters are out of control!!! Great America NEEDS to do something other than just postings everywhere around the park. It makes me not want to visit with a whole bunch of line cutters. They should have like 3 staff members patrolling the lines & if they see such behavior then one of them can grab hold of the cutters & throw them out. Somebody needs to tell management this problem is getting way out of control. Yes I noticed them Tuesday first day of the shoot - some just walked right by me in line to catch up with their group. This is not fair to the rest of us who wait patiently in line. & Many congrats to those who made it past 50 rides on Goldy. WOW. Management should have honored you guys on the loud speaker yesterday.
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