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  1. Why are you afraid they'll neuter it? Pretty sure they haven't neutered any rides they've worked on before. Plus, they've already announced it will not be using the mid-course brake run any longer. That's an indication right there that GR will not be neutered. It's going to haul ass through the whole ride.
  2. After riding Tatsu in the back row I have to disagree with you. The whip off the lift into the curving first drop and the force of being pulled down into the pretzel loop is much more intense in the back row.
  3. Batman: the ride @ SFMM in 1995. I was 10 years old and it was also my first major coaster. Up until that point I had only been on Thunder Mountain Railroad and Matterhorn so I credit Batman to really kickstarting my coaster obsession.
  4. A lot of good ones mentioned. I'll add Xcelerator's top hat to this list.
  5. I'd be curious to see how it works on Tatsu @ SFMM considering the steep hillside that drops off below the lift hill. That elevation change gets pretty drastic rather quickly.
  6. A new documentary about the origins of sliding and Knotts Scary Farm is currently in the works. For whatever reason I have not been able to successfully embed the video in this post so heres the link for the trailer: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  7. No midcourse break means "the drop" that follows will once again be a HOLY CRAP moment in the back!
  8. We've actually been able to manage the flow of guests into Paranormal Inc. pretty well by the end of this first weekend. The pre-show runs about 2 mins, it takes us under 2 mins to reset and we take in approx 50 guests at a time. Last night we had our last guests of the night come through at about 2:20am. The line looks worse than it actually is.
  9. Had scare school the other night, I'm in Paranormal Inc. this year and let me just say, it is going to blow people away. We ended up with the Trapped budget and the attention to detail they're putting into it is top notch. This is going to be more of a production than any of the other mazes. We have monsters, actors, puppeteers and people doing stunts. The masks, the makeup, the effects are all fantastic. I can't wait.
  10. I feel like the New Revolution should give us a similar fun and re-rideable experience like we get on California Screamin' at DCA (without the launch of course) Big drops that are not too extreme and a fairly forceful loop. I'm excited to not ride defensively on Revolution any more!
  11. How busy is HHN on opening night/weekend? I work at Knotts Scary Farm so opening weekend is the only time I can catch HHN since it starts a week before Knotts. Who has actually been opening night or opening weekend?
  12. Went to Knotts yesterday and it was totally dead, as expected. everything was a walk on. Also, rode the silver train on Ghostrider in row 1 and it wasn't very rough at all, with the exception of the bottom of the first hill. Gold train is riding rougher. Try and catch the silver train if at all possible.
  13. I don't care who does the refurb, just as long as it runs like new again, and stays that way! This is great news.
  14. I figured people would voice their expectations for this year or speculations on what's already been happening at the park. A handful of mazes have already begun to go up. There will for sure be more buzz after the panel at Scare LA.
  15. Surprised to hear very little chatter from you guys about this year's Knott's Scary Farm. Scare LA is this weekend and the Knott's Scary Farm panel is tomorrow afternoon. I attended the re-hire event last week and I will be a monster in one of the brand new mazes this year. I know of a couple things happening this year in regards to old mazes vs. new mazes and what won't be returning. We should all know a lot more by this time tomorrow!
  16. Has anyone ridden both trains on Apocalypse lately? It only recently went back to 2 train operation and I rode it when it was only running 1 train right after memorial day and it was horribly rough. I'm assuming there's a noticeable difference in how they both run because half of everyone says it's not that rough and the other half (myself included) would consider it pretty much un-rideable. Which is unfortunate because i used to consider Apocalypse to be one of my favorite coasters at SFMM.
  17. Looks like Knott's has an audition posted online for an upcoming show for Knott's Scary Farm called "Elvira's Asylum". Nice to see that The Mistress of the Dark will be returning to Knott's Scary Farm for another year! https://www.knotts.com/jobs/special-events-openings Of course, as expected they're already looking to hire for cast leads and maze builders as well. I love it when the wheels start turning and the haunt season starts to take shape. Now I just need to wait for my re-hire card to come in the mail so I can hopefully secure a spot on streets this year!
  18. I did the survey, and it was about Justice League: battle for metropolis (already at Six Flags St. Louis). Not really an attraction I'm interested in seeing at SFMM with Knotts and Disneyland Resort already having similar attractions anyways.
  19. In that event that SFMM were to build another large-scale coaster, I always thought it would be cool to put the station where Deja Vu used to be and build the lift east with the ride occupying the wooded area around/above Roaring Rapids. If they could do that without removing many trees that would be great. Probably wouldn't happen but hey, one can dream right?
  20. It would be nice to get a few more extreme flats in the park. A Huss Giant Frisbee/Zamperla Discovery over by where Flashback used to be, and a Zamperla Air Race in place of pistachio park would be a good start.
  21. Pretty bummed at the state of Apocalypse. Rode it the other day in row 2 and it was much rougher than it should be. Id say equal to Ghostrider. I rode on it back in August and it definitely wasn't nearly that bad. Apocalypse used to be in my top 5 favorite rides at the park. It was only running one train, is it possible that that other train won't ride nearly as rough? The ride is only 6 years old what gives?
  22. 1 hour wait for TC at opening, two trains and a lot of dispatches out of sync. My ride didn't duel once. Rode Scream with 15 min wait for front row, two trains running. Rode Batman with a 20 min wait, two trains running. Lex Luthor is 20 min.
  23. I'm going tomorrow. I know there's another passholder ERT tomorrow morning (which I won't be attending) I just hope it's not nearly as crazy so that when the gates open at 10:30 I won't have a 2/3 hour wait right off the bat. Im going to attribute today's crazy line to it being Memorial day.
  24. They can use the parking space lines as a guide for where to put the queue!
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