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  1. Personally I would've been more excited for a Giant Frisbee. Should've given Justice League to Discovery Kingdom and given us the Giant Frisbee considering SFDK already has Tazmanian Devil which is basically the same thing. I'll check out JL when the line is short, but I'm not going to go out of my way to ride it next year.
  2. Had one night at Disneyland back in 2010 on a slow late night where nobody else was on The Haunted Mansion besides me, my girlfriend and a friend of mine.
  3. While at the park on Tuesday I spotted a group of teenage boys attempting to throw souvenir basketballs at Full Throttle from the Superman plaza and almost hit one of the trains as it was passing overhead. I screamed a few choice words at them and scared them off so they ran to the Helpful Honda Express and caught a ride down the hill. We followed them and gave a description to a couple employees at the Helpful Honda Express who then radioed it in to someone. Hopefully those idiots were caught and thrown out of the park.
  4. ^ That video was removed by moderators once already ^ Careful now.
  5. Met up with Braedon from Coaster-force, Randy from the FUNnelcake Blog, and Sean from California Coaster Kings yesterday and took 2 rides on Ghostrider last night. First train out in the very back row and then later in the first row. Would've liked to get more but operations were pretty slow due to some tinkering that still needs to be done with the ride system. One of motors for the transport system that helps guide the train back into the station wasn't working. So it was basically rolling in on gravity from the brake run until a transport wheel half-way through the station could grab the train and push it forward. A lot of times maintenance had to push the train in because it would stop part-way into the station before it would engage the transport wheel under the train. I was told the motor just isn't completely hooked up. I'm sure they probably took care of it after closing yesterday. Anyways, the ride definitely runs a bit faster than it used to. We all know the mid-course brake run is gone, but even the first half of the ride seems a little faster. And when they say the mid-course brake is gone, they weren't joking. There aren't even brake mechanisms there anymore to use as a block. The second half really hauls and there is no way for them to slow it down ever again. SMOOTH! The ride is so smooth! That very first turn at the bottom of the first drop is great and not rough at all. As soon as I made it through that first turn I knew I was in for a real treat. The laterals on the turns and especially the helix aren't painful anymore and are really fun for once. The helix is definitely faster and the banking hasn't really changed much so it is full of laterals. The airtime isn't too much different from how it ran it's early years and obviously a vast improvement over recent years. The ride is full of floater air on every hill on the first half. Some great pops of air and a bit more forceful airtime on the second half (it's no twisted colossus though). I'm definitely a big fan of the small hill immediately following the drop out of the old mid-course brake section as it provides the most forceful pop of airtime followed by a great lateral moment as it curves to the left. So yes! A smoother, faster, better Ghostrider! Really happy to see Ghostrider running like this. Definitely happy with the outcome. Everyone is going to love it.
  6. Ghostrider is soft-opening in a minute. Gonna see how many rides I can get in on this bad boy before the park closes at 8:00!
  7. I was just reading that on Facebook. Fake Twitter screenshots and a poorly photoshopped flyer. People are so gullible.
  8. I watched Ghostrider doing test runs for about an hour and a half last night starting at about 9:15pm. Two trains cycling. One was empty and the other one had water dummies in it with a test dummy in the front row. It looks and sounds like it's running fantastically. Really moving fast throughout whole course and especially the second half. Talked with a member of management who was watching the test runs from the marketplace parking lot and he told me that he and 7 other guys rode it earlier so they've already started with actual riders. He said they were probably going to be test running until around 3:00 in the morning and I would probably expect them to be doing it again tonight after Park closing.
  9. With the removal of boomerang, you could probably fit in a clone of Fahrenheit at Hersheypark, or something along those lines from Intamin with a vertical lift hill. I always thought that ride looked really fun despite the fact that a lot of enthusiasts think it's not that great. The GP would probably love it.
  10. And it will probably be just about as long of a wait for the bathroom for all those poor unfortunate people later
  11. For me, all three reside in the same park - SFMM Riddler's Revenge (B&M) Green Lantern: First Flight (Intamin) Apocalypse (GCI)
  12. Viper @ SFMM this past tuesday. Rode front row and it delivered the best ride I've had on it in years.
  13. hitting the park on tuesday and it will only be my 2nd time visiting since Twisted Colossus opened. I will be at the park before opening and was wondering, is it best to hit FullThrottle first, then Goliath and then Twisted Colossus? I ask because it seems like FullThrottle and Goliath's lines move slower than Twisted Colossus, so I want to bang those out first. Is that generally the plan of action when hitting the park right when gates open? I plan on saving X2 until later in the day as well. Probably around 5:30 before park closing at 6:00. It's a Tuesday so hopefully it's dead.
  14. I love the pace they're dispatching those trains on 3 train op. Hopefully that's what it'll look like when guests are riding. CP is known for having efficient operations. Makes me jealous because SFMM is my home park.
  15. My vote goes to Knott's Scary Farm. It's the original theme park haunt and it's the one that has kept me going back year after year. The atmosphere you get walking through Ghost Town during haunt is pretty hard to beat. Universal may have the pretty mazes, but Knott's Street Monsters have the talent. Besides, Knott's maze quality the last 2 years has really improved (see VooDoo, Tooth Fairy and Paranormal Inc.) and that trend is likely to continue with new mazes.
  16. Awesome little short documentary on the New Revolution my friend Braedon just made. WATCH IT HERE @1:09 - they plan on running it backwards
  17. Awesome little short documentary on the New Revolution my friend Braedon just made. WATCH IT HERE @1:09 - they plan on running it backwards!
  18. WOW. That is really cool! I have never seen those pictures before. Very interesting to think about what the property would look like today if this had become a reality.
  19. How busy do these free friend days usually get? I have a trip scheduled to the park for March 20 with my brother from out of state. I don't want to end up at the park on a packed day like Sunday was.
  20. Knott's has just confirmed that May 27th will be the re-opening date for Ghostrider.
  21. They're currently in the process of painting Revolution's loop blue. Looking tacky so far in my opinion.
  22. Any ideas on how crowds will be on Jan. 1st? Anyone ever gone to the park on new year's day?
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