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  1. I went on both Sunday December 7 and Sunday December 14. They were running one train on most of the coasters. On the 14 I noticed Scorcher and Dahlonega were running 2 trains. The waits for the coasters were not bad though. DDD was running three cars but wouldn't dispatch a train until there was a train stacked, and the other train was just hitting the brake run. I dont know if Six Flags has a temperature threshold where they close rides if its too cold like Dollywood. It was really cold on the 14. Acrophobia ended up being closed for the night (dont know if it was temp related). Though Su
  2. Went last night and the event exceeded my expectations. The lights look great, especially around the carousel. The coasters were only running one train but walk-ons. For those wondering Monster Mansion is decorated inside... It looks great! Even the show in the Crystal Pistol was enjoyable.
  3. I am really hoping the park plans to relocate Wheelie, since its spot it the highly likely location of Sky Screamer. However, aren't they supposed to be bringing back Shake, Rattle, and Roll sometime as part of the park's five year plan? Perhaps Wheelie will return with this plan as well? This may just however be wishful thinking.
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