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  1. face it the fair board needs to stop acting like this or the park should be auctioned off and sell the property
  2. Why were parts from Greese Lightening show up from CGA to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom?
  3. I see the state fair board as they want only a certain person to offer even tho the company who the fair board want to make an offer on does not make an offer. Then a company tries to take it over so the fair board does not want that companies offer. That is how I have been seeing this for the last 3 years
  4. This is a cool park, It is like Six Flags Mexico and Six Flags Magic Mountain combined
  5. Rust until they are finally scraped from what I have heard (watch the videos to find out). When are they removing the rides. They coaster and the drop tower look like they could be saved.
  6. WOW he is never noticed. Don't forget they are still getting rid of the premier era management
  7. They should just make one new themed area out of the former Son of Beast
  8. I have heard that people want SFDK to get a 500 foot launch coaster
  9. Why does almost every Darien Lake fan I meet want Cedar Fair to buy it if Darien Lake goes head on with Canada's Wonderland?
  10. Anthoer Paramount Park down the drain. Hopefully the one in Spain will be ready
  11. I was reading The Cleveland Plain dealer and they said it is all gone now. It also said that it is going for a future exspantion. Probally a new themed area
  12. How come in 2007 They just called it Great America, but in 2008 why did they put California's Great America?
  13. Shouka in '04 You're welcome. You're welcome. I thought the only reason the park was still here was because Dan Snider wanted to have a property in a close proximity to the Redskins, as he also owns (or owned) them along with Six Flags. Also, when I visited for the first time in 2010, every employee was amazing. I barely made the height requirement for the 54" rides, and I was delivered a high five every time I made the requirement. They were all enthusiastic, and because I only was one of about thirty other visitors to the park, they weren't stressed from the crowds, and did an awesome job. The employees there alone made that one of my best visits to an amusement park ever. Many other people that I know love the place, and because of how successful it is with the locals, I think it was an fine idea to make it a more well-rounded park. They have a nice balance of coasters and flats, they care about their kids areas, they have some very nicely themed areas (and some not), and they keep their classics and don't keep rides for the sake of having rides. Even their SLC is well cared for, and it is smooth enough for the GP to eat it up. Sure, they haven't gotten a "new" ride in a while, but once they hauled Iron Wolf-pocalypse over here, people have been returning to the park, and it has definitely been improving. This park very good for what it is, and if you're bashing the park because it's not the next Cedar Point or Universal Studios, then you can leave it alone, because it's a good park, and there's no way to deny it, unless you had a terrible experience there. But give the place a chance, and if you want it to be the Cedar Point of Maryland, then you can go bash some other park. But this is a local park, not a worldwide destination. This is a decent park, despite what some Photo TR's say, so if you don't like it based off a couple of pictures, then don't visit this park and bash one that you've been too, maybe Cedar Point. But leave this park alone if you've never experienced it for yourself. That makes no secence so if the old owner also owned the Red Skins that is a terriable reason to keep a park. So if he owned The Broncos he would have kept Elitch Gardens it makes no secence. I am not bashing the park I am questioning it because of the not so good attendence through out the years. They need to have metal dectors and it gets bad at night. They should renavate Nightwing and re-paint it.
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