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  1. It was a family tradition that we visited Heide Park Soltau every year when I was younger. I also went to smaller parks around my birthtown Hannover in Lower Saxony with my grandparents.

    When I moved to North Rhine Westfalia 12 years ago I visited Movie Park Germany and Phantasialand for the first time.

    After the first visits I looked for some things about the parks on the internet and so I came in contact with some fanpages.

    And now some years later I met a lot of people and run my own fanpage with some friends...

  2. I hate everything with scare actors.

    One of the things that really scares me is Mystery Castle in Phantasialand. I hate it to walk through the castle and behind

    every corner there colud be a scare actor. If someone wants to ride Mystery Castle with me, this person has to go through the waiting area and check, if there is someone.

    The good thing is, that during the winter opening, there are most of the time no scare actors. So I ride MC only in the winter.

  3. Today is the first day where I'm able to watch the olympics the whole day and it was worth it. Germany got his second gold medal... And there will be another gold medal for the bob-ladies tomorrow!!!

    Now I'm really looking forward for the ice skating competition.

    And I must say: I love the Olympic Games, even if they very commercial...

  4. I had the luck to ride Silbermine on the last day of the season for the last time.

    The rumors were there for quite a long time, but I always had the hopes that it would not be necessary to close

    this area. But due to the problems with the expansion, PHL had no other chance...


    The sad thing about the closure is, that I met my now husband years ago at Silbermine...

  5. For Movie Park Germany i would like to wish that they refresh ice age adventure and the former "neverending story".

    They say they will do it every year and what happens... Nearly nothing. And due to the fact that they will get a new ride in 2014, i guess, they will not work on the other rides. How sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    For Phantasialand i hope that they will not have so many problems with their neighbors, so that they can start/continue with the expansion.

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