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  1. Wicked's tower at Lagoon has always been appealing to me. They worked on the support structure to make sure it looked good.
  2. ^That is where the new Knott's Berry Farm Euro-Fighter is going to go! I wonder if anyone knows why they haven't used that area of the park yet?
  3. I like where they situated the handle bars. Believe it would make the ride feel more open and intense.
  4. ^^^ Wicked is fun, but as stated before, needs to be longer. Hopefully they go for a different coaster design than the one Wicked has. After the mid-brake, the coaster drags on into the last brakes. I also hope Zierer has been working on the restraints to make ejector seat airtime on the launch tower. You can always feel the airtime, but you are stapled to your seat and can't fully experience it. These are the reasons why Colossus: The Fire Dragon is still my favorite coaster at Lagoon.
  5. I have always wanted to see them build one of their Deliriums. It looks like it would be quite a fun family ride on such a big scale.
  6. I guess I can whore myself out here. I have been in 5 different movies so far! Two have only been extras, and the others are only featured extras. I'm still proud of the work done for them anyway! One is already out on DVD, and that would be Snowmen. I was one of the main bullies in that one. The others that I were featured in are Orc Wars and The Shadow Cabal feature. I played an orc in both, and a lovely ghoul in The Shadow Cabal. TBD on when they will come out. The extra work was small, but fun! The were for a Sundance film, Hot Bot, and an ABC Family original, Misteltones. Now you can go spend money on these and watch them with the fabulous me in them, who you guys don't even know! Newbies gotta start somewhere on here, right?
  7. Apparently DK isn't over with 2013 attractions. www.themeparkoverload.net/2012/09/new-animals-at-six-flags-discovery.html
  8. Maybe this was talked about on here before, but I don't want to read 300+ pages to find out. At my home park, Lagoon, their are so many people saying this exact thing. "I'm not going on Wild Mouse. People have died on that thing," or, "Did you know that my sister's friend's mother's aunt died on the older version of Wild Mouse?" Their are so many people who believe the old story that people died on Wild Mouse. I have heard claims from people who saw the car break off the track on the curves. One even said they have old news clippings of when the deaths were reported. I asked to show them to me, but he hasn't came up with them yet.
  9. I like the Troika shot. Would be interested to see how it looks with GateKeeper in the background.
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