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  1. Salt Lake City has Lagoon a few miles away. The entire population could not keep a second amusement park running. The others are great prime examples, but you wouldn't see them in the immediate area of the cities.
  2. I can only see it going into Cedar Fair's lost parks. Valleyfair!, WOF, CGA, or (if they get the pesky height restriction just 30 feet higher) MA would be delighted if they got Led Zepplin, or some of the other rides.
  3. I think it would be interesting is if the drop ride was inside the tower. Couldn't that be a possability as well?
  4. The latest was some minor whiplash on Jet Star II about four or five years ago. Most deaths that has happened were back in the '40s, with the latest being in 1989 I think because the girl was standing on a ride. I meant, no as in it doesn't happen so often. She did in fact mean broken arms and such.
  5. I recently finished my first trip to Silverwood and I absolutely love the place! Small enough that it's not crowded, big enough for two amazing woodies. My absolute favorite ride there is Timber Terror, and Panic Plunge as my favorite flat. The new SpinCycle is a close second as it has amazing views and forces on that ride. My only issue was the 5-minute loading/unloading times for almost every coaster and major ride. It does not need to take that long, in my opinion. Besides that minor issue, Silverwood is a fun park.
  6. I was at a diner with my friend's mother and she had so much to say about the accident with NTAG. Went on to say so much. Here are the highlights. "The senate is now involved because their is no one regulating any of the rides in the U.S. to make sure they are safe." "They can't put blame on whose fault it is that the lady died because no one is making sure the ride was safe all the time." "There are 200 deaths on rides a year at amusement parks." And my favorite one, "Look me in the eye and tell me that an injury on any ride at Lagoon (my home park) does not happen at least every day there." "No." "Bull****!"
  7. Granted, it does depend on the operation of the ride for actual capacity: I'm going off what their website says.
  8. I've been saying that for quite awhile, almost since the air race made its debut. The closest one to us is at Lagoon and im not about to travel all the way to Utah. They are making their way around, just not in the U.S. quite yet. One thing I think people don't realize is how low capacity the ride is. On Zamperla's website, it states it's only 480 pph. They could do the 8-arm version to increase the capacity, but it would still only by 600 pph. I believe that's why they aren't popping up everywhere.
  9. I'm not buying the Banshee rumor. It's played around too much in Cedar Fair parks. I'm for sure it will be called something else.
  10. That has to be one of the best quotes I have ever heard. Does she regret ever saying that now?
  11. I love the girl in the background. "What the heck? That ride is dangerous!"
  12. Hopefully it's put somewhere on the internet soon. I wasn't home to see it, or let alone know of it.
  13. Here's one I had happen this weekend. Sadly it was my friend who did it. We were in line for Samurai at Lagoon and I had to leave the park. The ride got stuck and only spun the arms around for a bit, so we started to walk out of the fenced queue line because I couldn't wait for it to start back up to ride. While passing every person in line, my friend told them the ride is broke, and they will be waiting for a long time to ride. Once out of the line, (and 50 people thinking we are idiots,) the ride starts back up. Love my friend, but...
  14. Instead of that, how about we enjoy the park with what it offers, and not complain about what it could be or what it "should" have.
  15. Because a wooden coaster with inversions is nothing new, apparently. As stated before, you can market anything in the amusement industry just by saying one word. I mean, Full Throttle got its name from putting YOLO into the promotional ad before you even knew what the ride was, and that is an acronym.
  16. I have a few times before. The first time I rode an Air Race, I got nauseous. Many rides after that, I enjoyed the ride, so it could have been an off day the time you ride it.
  17. It's interesting how B&M was always going for a new spin on just the traditional coasters, and now are realizing how launched coasters are becoming traditional. Maybe we could see a launched B&M at Kings Island in place of SOB.
  18. Are there any haunted houses out there open outside of the haunting season? I know here in Utah, Castle Of Chaos is open for "Spring Scream" in April, a Christmas charity event in December, and every Friday the 13th weekend. I know a few others here in Utah are open around these times, but do any other haunts open outside of September and October?
  19. Good for the park then, hopefully they don't go back to wasting it all on huge coasters. I was about to say they already did with Full Throttle, but then I realized it is small for them being a 3-second WEEEE!!
  20. And SFMM has stolen CP's thread by being so famously bad with ride construction. I blame media.
  21. My phone has a short in it. I feel it's so bad, even other phones with shorts in them would think it was a chinese knock-off.
  22. HIPSTERS. I feel like enough is said there, but sometimes people don't get it, so here it is. Why do they have the need to not be "mainstream" with anything? To really get your own identity, be yourself, not follow so many other people by doing what is concidered abnormal in regular society. For example, I have my own identity by singing Kelly Clarkson's Catch My Breath outloud while walking down the streets (without being COMPLETELY obnoxious with it) in sweaty clown make-up from working at a haunted house at night. We all know we are ruining earth, so please stop shaming us when we are trying to fix it. Hating on us surely won't fix anything, now will it? And some of your "campaigns" are plainly not needed. Sometimes, life for animals and trees are hard naturally, so you don't need to help the flies being swatted by horses tails. Hipsters are today's hippies, except they lost the meaning of peace, love, and happiness, and replaced it with backlash, hate, and persecution. And here's something to make them cringe: with how many people are now calling themselves hipsters, hipster has become a part of mainstream.
  23. Very innovative coaster! It even took rider's advice to make it better! Now that is a well run park!
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