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  1. Credit to oldiesman on kicentral



    I wouldn't read too much into that picture. That's the area out by their greenhouse area so it could be anything from planting flowers, trees or whatever. KI has an in house horticulture staff and they grow most of their own stuff that is planted around the park and take care of everything. Also, could just be people training on how to use the equipment.



    Yeah I would but he has more pictures from all over that area even some pictures showed footers molds being placed

  2. ^

    What makes you think that? The Intamins at Cedar Point and the other Cedar Fair parks have been hugely popular, and most are amazing coasters. There is no reason for them to not get more coasters from Intamin when they have been such big successes.


    I say that because of the Perilous Plunge accident, Xcelerator cable snap, Mavericks heart-line roll, Intimidator 305 being to intense, and Shoot the rapids boats not fitting originally. Also, If you have noticed the last Cedar Fair Intamin install was Shoot the Rapids.

  3. ^ Mother Theresa.


    So today was my career day at my school. One of my friends parents is high up in Disney corporate. So I asked if Innoventions was to be torn down and Iron Man was to take its place. She said It would be torn down this year, and be replaced with Iron Man. How I know she is right. She was involved in the overseeing of designof Iron Man.

    This is a lie. How do I know this? Because I personally spend enough time working for Disney corporate to know that nobody "high up in Disney corporate" would go announcing plans for the park including the removal of attractions or new ones getting installed to a group of school kids because she knows it would get her not only fired, but blacklisted out of the industry for the rest of her life.


    --Robb "Nice try, kid..." Alvey



    Hey calling me a liar is rude dude. I am not lying. She is my friends mom. I know her personally. Also she did not announce it like everyone were building Iron Man . She told me personally. I know I am right. When they announce it I want you to take me seriously next time. Also, that was very offensive calling me a liar.





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