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  1. With the Flash Pass are there any rides where they have to ride a ride at a certain time. I ask (oddly?) cause at SFOT, You had to list what time you were going to ride New Texas Giant and I was wondering if the same was true for SFMM?



    Also is there a good food place near SFMM (Don't Mention In N' Out please)

    These are some good questions. Real Quick though I recommend getting the platinum flash pass with x2 and full throttle add on. You do not have to put what time you want to rude. I did all the rides yesterday twice (covered under flashpass) twice yesterday is a span from 11:00 to 6:00

  2. So I went to Knott's today and I have sone good news and bad news. First the good news is I can confirm that xcelerator cable has been installed and is ready to. Both trains are on the track and ready to go. No mesd is left in the station. I talked to one of the night dhift workers as I was leaving and they are to commence testing tonight and hopefully open tommorow. The bad news is over the entirity of the day I asked over 25 employees and 18 of 25 said windseeker will be removed starting january/feburary.The other 7 said they did not know or can't say. I can aldo report that the door to the inside of the tower was open.

  3. This is my first roller coaster from the app Aircoaster. The name is Wicked. This coaster is 230 ft tall and reaches speeds up to 80 mph. This coaster was inspired by my dream for the perfect roller coaster. Comments needed.






    My dream coaster under construction


    Dream coaster in operation with a 200 ft drop, double down, double up, double helix, over banked turn, airtime heel. Turn into a drop, right turn, over banked turn, right turn, airtime hill, right turn, and brake run





    Helix close up


    Airtime hill close up


    Another close up


    Right before last over banked turn close up

  4. I think the record(s) will be:


    -Most inversions on an inverted coaster at 7 or 8 (I might be incorrect, but I think all of the current inverts only have 6 or less; in any event, I see 7-8 in the blueprints.)

    -Height record for inverted coaster (over 200 feet tall); can't tell yet.


    There might be others, but that's just what I think from the information known at this point.


    Montu has 7 inversions

  5. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/breakingnews/os-universal-rip-ride-rockit-injury-20130801,0,7127139.story


    The Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster at Universal Studios Florida was closed Thursday after a rider was injured, a Universal Orlando spokesman said.


    The woman was hurt in the early afternoon as the car she was riding in stopped. The injury was minor, and she returned to the park after being treated, spokesman Tom Schroder said.


    He would not elaborate.


    Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, billed as Orlando's tallest roller coaster, will remain closed until park workers figure out what went wrong.


    The coaster climbs straight up 17 miles above the park and reaches top speeds of 65 mph, according to the Universal Orlando website.

    Oh yeah guys 17 miles sounds legit

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