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  1. I know it has already been suggested but I highly suggest Slaters 50/50 in Anaheim Hills outside of Disneyland. It is honestly hamburger paradise and the burgers are massive. It has also been featured on Travel Channel Bacon Paradise.
  2. If it were not for last nights announcement for Tokyo I would totally doubt this!!
  3. Flying Turns and now this! The world really must be coming to an end.
  4. quote="robbalvey"]It's an absolutely terrible list, but I've been on 96/100 If you don't mind me asking, which ones have you not been on?
  5. WINTER 2014!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is insane. Edit : Oh I feel so stupid!!! It meant the months of January and February, not November and December.
  6. Ok I am just putting this out here but with Carowinds getting a Giga coaster in the next 3 years it would make sense if Knott's got one to. I say this because when Cedar fair buys there rides they buy them in multiples. With Carowinds possibly getting the giga for 2015 and Knotts's rumored giga for 2015 it would make sense.
  7. Screamscape is now saying that Ed Hart is talking to Intamin about the first Mega-lite in the United States. Hearing how amazing these are it sound like a great idea if this rumor comes to fruition.
  8. I know this might sound stupid but what if jaguar is removed and they use that area for the giga.
  9. If this is Knott's Windseeker I wish you good luck because your going to need it.
  10. If Windseeker really is leaving does this mean we will get another flat or our big roller coaster?
  11. I am just putting this out there but could we possibly be seeing a pier built onto the water with a clone of knott's boardwalk on it.
  12. Possibly an inspection but i can see that some work has been done to that particular turn If I am correct those boards on the recently re-tracked portion are for trims. Right?
  13. They must be hard at work with that late summer retracking like you said. Yeah that was a stupid thing to think. But seriously, is there? From what I have heard: There may be a problem with a section of track. This is just what I have heard. ^ edit: you beat me to it
  14. he definitely said it...but, he could just be repeating some stuff he's read on a forum. so who knows. less than a week and we will find out. i'm hoping it's true. Ok, cool! Well you knows how well-informed he is. I have a question though, if Colossus were to reopen in 2015, would they announce the coaster next Thursday? Or if 2015 is the case, do you guys just expect them to announce only the closing of Colossus? Most likely Thursday because by the time they announce it the next year it won't be a suprise
  15. You guys are all over thinking this. It will clearly be put on both sides of the tower
  16. That means nothing. When you say "may or may not" that means you put no real commitment into your "bet." By the way, this doesn't look like it's for "Iron Colossus" : image credit: SirClinksalot's twitter If a tram driver truly did say that Colossus would close is a pretty big clue that it will. But I don't know what to believe and I think I'll just wait the few days on this. I'm not holding my breath, but SoCal DESPERATELY needs an airtime machine!! What makes you think this isn't for Colussus
  17. Honestly guys I think it is now time to put two and two together. It is late August and announcements happen on August 29th. Colussus is an old ride with about another year or two in lifespan. Six flags great America, six flags Mexico, and maybe six flags St. Louis are getting RMC's in the next 1-3 years. When company's buy rides you usually buy in bulk. Also Six flags great adventure just got parts coming in for there new ride, and for massive amounts of wood to just start being unloaded very CLOSE to Coulssus kinda makes you wonder. Also with this ride being a rumor for a year now I would probally be willing to bet that this wood may or may not be for Iron Colussus.
  18. A drop tower mounted on kingda ka. Speaking of which, there are turquoise support beams in the parking lot to kingda ka. Proof?
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