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  1. Wait what Liseberg is going to announce a new RMC and your fear is that the RMC coaster wars is starting.
  2. So I went to Disneyland today to ride Big Thunder Mountain. It was amazing! It was super smooth and it never jolted. I can't believe I am saying this but it was full of airtime. The train constantly was falling out from underneath you. The new effects were also amazing. Yet the most important thing was California finally has a fun ride with airtime.
  3. GUYS THESE SCREENSHOTS ARE FOR THE MOBILE VERSION ON YOUR IPHONE. THEY SAID the PC version is still in development and will be released late this year
  4. At this rate 3-4 weeks may be to long of an estimate. There less than 4 days in to construction and they have at least a seventh of it done! Also so far this coaster looks like it has the stuff to be a top 25 roller coaster.
  5. My guess would be now not only do you have the weight and force of a 10 ton train running at 128 mph but now you also have massive amounts of weight and force beibg added on by a drop tower.
  6. Well they now say they have "17"coasters and 3 new huge announcements. Race to 20 coasters maybe.
  7. Really? I really don't think they would invest so much into something that can be torn down so easily.
  8. This must mean they are building an entrance with an RMC woody key-holing over the entrance with a Zero G Stall
  9. We criticize "the other park" for not spending money to buy a spare train, so why is KBF is any different? I completely agree with you here. Last year we went to Knotts on a really dead day in February and every coaster was a walk-on besides Silver Bullet which had a 20 minute wait (and 40 for the front). Silver Bullet and Xcelerator were only running one train. I don't understand why they don't have an extra train for Xcelerator but since the duration is so short it's not the end of the world when they run one train. On Silver Bullet they really need a third train. I would think on busier days this time of the year the lines would get unbearably long for that ride. You would think, but the longest line Silver Bullet gets is around an hour and 45 minutes with running two trains
  10. Honestly, the best solution is to do what Knott's berry farm does on silver bullet. Don't have restraints lock until ride operator presses a button and say they can lock. That prevents from anyone pulling it down.
  11. Yeah i know. Also i feel like a good coaster for Knott's would be a nice Eurofighter in Screamin Swing's or Jaguar's spot. Even better would be a nice 150-175 foot tall B&M or Mack sit down in place of bumpercars and arcade. When you say sit down, are you talking about a B&M sit down or a Mack sit down or just a mack one and any 150-170 foot tall B&M? Because that could mean a B&M wing coaster and, if so, NOOO! If, on the other hand, it were a B&M sit down, it would be awesome. Either or and tge B&M would be one of those mini hyperrs under 200 ft.
  12. Yeah i know. Also i feel like a good coaster for Knott's would be a nice Eurofighter in Screamin Swing's or Jaguar's spot. Even better would be a nice 150-175 foot tall B&M or Mack sit down in place of bumpercars and arcade.
  13. I'm sorry, but everyone consistently says "oh, why a B&M giga not an Intamin Giga" but does it really matter as it is 300 FEET TALL!!! If you can't have fun going 95 mph and getting some floater air you really have your expectations to high. I understand if it is an invert or small hyper but a giga that's ridiculous. As Cedar fair and any other smart chain will go with what appeals to the masses not the minority. I'm not trying to yell at anyone but just proving a point.
  14. So I just walked by montezumas and the trains are back on the track. The thing I don't understand is how little time it took. I have a pic also without trains.
  15. I wasn't saying that the ride had a failure. Also calico is not open today with a sign outside saying it is closed. The camp snoopy construction looks like its for something big besides refurb.
  16. At Knott's right now. In camp snoopy constryction has begun. Almost 1/2 of it is boarded up for construction. Montezoomas Revenge looks out for the count as the train is off the track and many maintnence workers are going over with lots of tools working on it.
  17. I was at the park today also for about 30 minutes before I went crazy!! lol Crowds were everywhere !! It was so much that I couldn't even process my season pass, and I was also wondering why Xcelerator wasn't running The Supreme Scream crew did a good job, I saw a train moving every 3-4 mins There is nothing wrong with xcelerator that I know. I was there on wensday till closing and there was nothing with Xcelerator except one train operation and 3 hour waits. I heard nothing of cable problems when I was there so they probably just let it have a break so they could do prevenitive maintnence.
  18. Since they got China's coaster do we even know the layout now? If not it should be interesting to figure it out.
  19. So does this mean that they are getting two coasters, and if not what happens to the one they originally ordered.
  20. Hi, I am Willium Sullinger CEO of Crystal Lake Amusement Park. Earlier this year,1985, we opened our doors for the first time with two stunning roller coasters. Let's take a look! Welcome to Crystal Lake Amusment Park! This here is what you see as you walk in. Take a right and the real action will begin! On the left we have Whiplash, a rotor style flat ride, and behing it stands LAKE MONSTER! Lake monster does not only go up side down 3 times but it goes upside down 4 times at a top speed of 55 miles per hour! As you continue on, you will find Witch's Wheel and for a change of speed a Ferris Wheel. Across from Lake Monster stands Antique Cars. This ride allows you to cruise next to the lake. To the right of Ferris Wheel stands the Mad Scrambler! This is the last of the extreme flat rides, and it is called Octupus. You can also see the back spike of the shuttle loop Cannonball!!! Cannonball is the fastest coaster at our park! It launches you at a top speed of 60mph through a lopp up a spike, and then you do it all again backwards! To end this uppdate I will leave you with a picture of the Lake that gave us our name. Editors note: Most of the buildings that are in the first picture are predone by Bolleto on shyguysworld.(constructive critism and comments are appreciated)
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