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  1. Best: Big Bad Wolf Dueling Dragons: Fire Worst: Incredible Hulk Ninja (SFMM)
  2. The Nationals still haven't found him a position to play though. The Padres so far have: -traded for Pirates utility-man Bobby Hill :? -signed Mike Cameron -resigned Brian Giles -resigned Trevor Hoffman -traded Mark Loretta for Doug Mirrabeli -signed Geoff Blum -traded Sean Borroughs for Dewon Brazelton :? The Padres are making moves like crazy this offseason. I'm really sad to see Mark Loretta leave, but I'm happy to see Trevor Hoffman and Brian Giles resigned. Key moves in the MLB: -B.J. Ryan got way overpaid by the Blue Jays, he isn't really a proved closer yet -Rafeal Furcal with the Dodgers -Juan Pierre to the Cubs -Carlos Delgade to the Mets -Billy Wagner to the Mets -Manny Ramirez to possibly the Angels/Orioles -Aaron Rowand for Jim Thome It's been a busy offseason. -
  3. Elf and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Those two will never get old.
  4. This sounds really cool!!! I loved Animal Crossing for Gamecube (it was even more addicting then the Sims at the time). I don't have a DS, but it sounds like a great addition to the video game collection for anyone who has one.
  5. ^No offence man,but that gets kind of annoying after a while.
  6. We know, it just doesn't feel that much different. I'm still wondering about that question that Scappari posted earlier, like how you get pictures of the fat people without them noticing.
  7. ...they went back to England, they got tired so...
  8. Nice. I'm not sure about the layout. I don't really remember the bunny hops at the end, I just remember going around in a left turn up and down hills (some gave some pops of air). Great job, though!!! Keep it up!!!
  9. I seriously doubt there has been a topic on this, I search 5 times for this topic and I haven't seen it. Anyways... What are your favorite lyrics? Don't bash people's music taste. Just because someone likes one band and is a band you hate, doesn't mean you have to tell them off for their taste in music. Everyone has different tastes. I really like Better Days by the Goo Goo Dolls. It has very good lyrics about not wanting "boxes wrapped in strings" but "better days" for Christmas. This is also a song dedicated to the Hurricane Katrina victims for being hopeful of what will happen in the future.
  10. alpengeist=favorite coaster dude=I'm a dude 321=came off the top of my head, and is easy to remember
  11. Don't unsticky my thread!!! I really think you should add a games forum, and if you do, put the post count lock on (on ACN there were bad experiences).
  12. Robb already was on coaster radio a while back, but that would be cool if him and Elissa started their own internet podcast.
  13. BGW beats BGT in a couple ways: 1. BGW has a much better atmosphere, and it is not located by a city. What I remember of BGT is that there was a city right by it, not that it is a huge problem, I just like the feeling of escaping in a theme park. 2. The lush surroundings of BGW beats BGT's by a mile. When I went to BGT, it was very hot and the sun was beating down. BGW has trees all around the park and the gardening is much more beautiful. 3. There is always that coaster debate, so, who has the better coasters? In my opinion, even though that BGT has Sheikra, I still think BGW has a better coaster collection. You are probably thinking I'm nuts, but BGT only has Montu, Kumba, and Sheikra. The other coasters suck, Python has nothing to show, Scorpion is respectable but isn't enough to match any of the coasters at BGW, Gwazi is a dump, and Cheetah Chase is just a wild mouse where you can find at any other park. BGW has two classics and two soon to be classics. That's just my opinion, sorry if I sounded like a BGW fanboy.
  14. Ghostrider-It would have back in the day but right now it is sheer pain. Test Track (WDW)-It seems like the line never moves, and the ride isn't that great. Space Mountain-Fun, but since it reopened it has had an average line of 100 minutes.
  15. (No Order) Arcade Fire-Rebellion (Lies) Pinback-Fortress Goo Goo Dolls-Better Days Death Cab For Cutie-Soul Meets Body
  16. Happy anniversary!!! Cheers for more coaster riding and farting to come!!!
  17. Barq's Root Beer Fanta (various flavors) Coke Dr. Pepper
  18. Yeah, I'm probably have one of the lowest percentage of posts here (only a mere 349 posts since February 25).
  19. I have never been to the hospital in my life (besides when I was born), I guess I'm not very daring. I have been stabbed by seven tacs at once on the bottom of my foot. That sucked sh*t...
  20. Ha ha... I think Robb would have been a better fit...
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