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  1. Everyone on this site is talking about aquatrax. I don't know what it is. Can someone please explain it to me?
  2. The only one I have ridden is an enterprise and those are freaking awesome.
  3. Next update: I haven't done very much because I've been busy. But I've worked on it a little bit. I added way more trash cans, since it is a cedar fair park. I made a Coasters restaurant. The inside Some land has been cleared. What do you think would best fit the spot? A bobsled coasters, a roaring rapids type ride, or a dark ride. I'm personally thinking a dark ride but I'm not the best at rct3. please vote. That's all for today.
  4. I know. I was trying to go for an old western theme but I couldn't really think of a name.
  5. Hi. This is my first park posted on TPR. I know the park is completely flat but the last time I tried landscaping, I screwed up the whole park. Keep in mind that I'm sort of new to Rct3 but your feedback and criticism will help. This park is in Wisconsin and it is not opened to the public yet. It is a Cedar Fair park. So far, the only rides we have are Maverick, A B&M Hyper Coaster; Golden Nugget, a Mine train; Scooby Doo's Wild Ride, a junior wooden coaster; an Enterprise, a Disko, a carousel, and an observation tower. I am working on building more rides An overview of the park at night. These are the Ticket booths, where you can buy your tickets for 39.99 each and a season pass for 50 dollars. The turnstyles. After heading through security, you enter the park and start your wonderful day. A few restaurants, Planeta Pizza and Sidewalk Cafe greet you if you're hungry Here you can see our Lovely observation tower and park name. (I know, I still need to add some trees) I've started our Kiddy area. I still need to add a few rides because we only have three. We have Scooby Doo's Wild Ride, a wooden coaster for the little thrill seekers in training. And then there's Disko which is a ride for the whole family to enjoy. The grand carousel might not be the most thrilling ride ever but its very enjoyable Scooby Doo's Wild Ride's lift hill. Hey it may not be as tall as Maverick's but it's still very fun. They even let you ride for a 2nd circuit. This is the park's enterprise, called Bait and Tackle. It is a themed enterprise as you can see all of the wood around it. Look at that terrifying amount of steel, aka Maverick. These are Maverick's fluffy fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo. These can come in handy when you have a backpack and you don't want to lose it on the ride. Your little ones can play here while you ride Maverick. They'll have a blast on the slides while playing with the guy in the Tiger costume as you can see in the corner. Maverick's Station. Maverick's pre-lift interacts with the exit bridge. AIRTIME HILLS! (note that I still need to work on this) TWISTY! Buy all of the cheapest Maverick Merchandise here! Golden Nugget's, the park's mine train, station and que line. Golden Nugget's first and second lift hills are adjacent. Station and layout. Okay that's all I have to show today. Tune in for the next post!
  6. Out of the 1 coaster I rode, Apocalypse at SFMM. I'd have to pick Apocalypse.
  7. I've been on 4 floorless coasters (Scream, Medusa West, Hydra, and Dominator) I liked Medusa West the best.
  8. Cedar Point ride ops make the line move extremely fast. When I went on Top Thrill Dragster, they were running 6 trains at the same time.
  9. El Toro Kingda Ka The Voyage X-Flight Thunderhead Skyrush Fahrenheit Sheikra And a bunch more that I can't think of.
  10. In line for Possessed at Dorney Park, this girl behind me was describing Hydra as "The ride that does a twisty and then goes up, and does a twisty, a twisty, a twisty, and then.... another twiiiiist"
  11. Six Flags Magic Mountain Knott's Berry Farm Dorney Park King's Dominion King's Island Cedar Point
  12. Very many. Before I went to Cedar Point, I had several dreams of going on Maverick and hating it But then I went on loved it. Weird......... Also, I had a dream that I went on Manhattan Express and they started the ride without me locked in. So I had to walk on the catwalks and jump down into the forest. I then got lost and finally found my family in a cell phone accessory shop.
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