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  1. I went to SFOG and RH had the estimates that were posted at the entrance to the park. The first half of the day they were not even close because the park was empty. By the end of the day their estimates were good. I of course updated them. My theory is parks don't have wait times on their apps because if the lines were long, people would check before they came to the park and not come to the park. This way people don't know the crowd and drive all the way to the park. Since they are there, they go in and spend money in the park even with long lines. Sunday you can check Stricker's Gr
  2. I don't know if this has been talked about much on this site. Yes the search is my friend but found nothing. I recently downloaded Ride Hopper app and noticed nobody really submits times. As a community if everyone starts to input times it might catch on. It would help me out since I go to a lot of parks for the first time and really don't know anything more than what the park index on this website tells me. I have used the Undercover tourist one for Disney and Universal but I was hoping we can make a difference at other parks. So what is your opinion? Can we all start submitting time an
  3. I will be there Sunday afternoon. I just want to ride the coasters and want nothing to do with the Haunt. Will I need flash pass to get them all in. Should be getting to the park at 3.
  4. My name is Mark and I am a pussy according to markysharky. When I rode Maverick, which I love, the restraints hurt badly and I was bruised for over a week. With my height, the restraints cut right into my neck on the rapid turns. It probably would be my favorite coaster if they changed the restraints. I do better now I know the track layout and brace myself. Banshee is not being built for us. It is being built for their biggest market which is families. Cedar Point is where they put the coasters for enthusiasts. KI is more of a family rides kind of park. Kids and teenagers who have
  5. Top Gun/Flight Deck at KI after the crash in 95 used the entire line.(not the one they use now with the entrance half way down the path) Running 1 train for most of the summer and it was a 2 hour wait. People got off the ride so mad they waited so long for such a short ride. Also a couple pages back someone said King Cobra. That line wasn't that bad distance wise. It had a lot of unused switchbacks but walking all the way around the ride wasn't that long. White Water Canyon is a very long walk but does fill up on Saturdays during he summer. Kraken is pain in the behind when the
  6. Don the PR guy said Surf Dog is a coaster and that is why Ki boasted they had 14 coasters while RCDb said 13. Of course now RCDB says 14 with Banshee. I have not seen if they say 15 coasters with the addition of Banshee. http://www.kicentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/27541-ki-says-they-have-14-roller-coasters-i-counted-13-what-am-i-missing/?hl=surf#entry521422 Half way down the page post #19. Sorry moderators if I am violating a rule. Let me know and I will delete the post.
  7. I rode Hades 360 yesterday in the front seat. It was a bit rough but I have been on worse. I was surprised after the ride was over. Everyone has been very harsh but I thought Viper at Darien Lake was worse.
  8. I will be in Milwaukee on Sunday and I was planning to go to Mt. Olympus. After all the reviews should I just skip it and go to SFGAm instead? I was just at SF last month. I was going to grab Little Amerricka and Hellcat over at Timber Falls also.
  9. I just got back from KI. The crowds are getting smaller now that some schools are in session. I also saw some small support type things laying on the ground near Banshee. I would think we should see some vertical developments soon. Looked to be small supports like train storage area. Nothing very exciting yet.
  10. From the Ohio river to KI is about 25 minutes. KI is exit 24 (meaning 24 miles from the border) Border to I71 split is 19.7 miles. Split to Louisville is 76 miles for a total of 119.7 miles. Sparta KY to KI would be around an hour. KK to KI would be close to 1:45 going the speed limit.
  11. You might get a big speeding ticket if you get from Louisville to KA in about an hour.
  12. FoF is usually at least 30 minutes. I usually look at the parking lot to see the crowd. An average to large crowd, the parking lot is full to the North parking entrance gate. If it goes past that it is really crowded and Fast Lane is a must. If you have extra money a fast lane would be worth it to me especially if it was my only visit of the year. You could start without and if the lines start getting more than 15 minutes go buy one.
  13. goatdan, During the week especially now schools are starting you would be fine without fast lane. I think even on a weekend if you play your cards right you should only need fast lane and not the plus. Right at park opening go to Firehawk. That is the slowest line in the park and it really only needs to be ridden once since it isn't really that good(in my opinion). The Beast would be fine if you hit it before 11 but if you want a night ride or a lot of rides plus might be good. I would check the crowd out before making the purchase.
  14. Does anybody know why Bizzaro is running one train and has 4 security guards watching the line? A couple were in the station, one mid line in a blue chair and one at the entrance. The line was about 1:30 midday today.
  15. I am going to be in a hotel in SPringfield this Sunday without a car. The local bus does not run on Sundays. Anybody know how I can get to the park besides a taxi. I think the taxi would be 30 one way and would like to spend less than that. I don't mind strangers picking me up either, even though my mom told me not to talk to strangers. I'll pay parking.
  16. I will be there tonight around 8 and will have a Club TPR thing hanging out of my right pocket. Please say hi if you see me. I will be alone. I have no friends.
  17. Anybody want to meet closer to 8 or so? Got to get the kids to bed. Maybe D-back entrance around 8.
  18. Any plans for a TPR (non-kicentral) meet up at the announcement? I plan on being there.
  19. Yes and look how Windseeker is turning out. Mechanical problems in Cal. cause 6 rides closed across the country. If they did buy in bulk hopefully they learned their lesson.
  20. Why would they use Banshee at Kings Island? They were going to use it at Cedar Point but it received bad press for the fact it the banshee wail foretold death to a family. I would think if it was bad for CP it would be bad at KI.
  21. I am thinking of coming into the park and going in a circle to the right at this point. I really don't need another Batman credit but if there is no line I would take it. It seems most non-flash pass lines are to the right of the entrance. I hope being Sunday most people should be at church most of the morning. It is the "Bible Belt" isn't it?
  22. I heard a chain saw and a branch grinder (If that is what it is called) by Timber Wolf today. Maybe it is a giant B & M that covers the entire north side of the park taking out Timber Wolf, Flight Deck, Congo Falls and the cemetery!!! Or maybe they were just trimming trees. Sorry I have been reading KICentral too much.
  23. Yes I will be a single rider. I usually can get everything quickly since I am on my own. I usually sneak up a few trains by partnering up with an odd group. My record was skipping about 10 trains on Outlaw Run by getting in a 3-some in the front row. I know I can probably hit at least half the coasters in the first hour. It is after that I am worried. Is La Vibora a low capacity ride? What are the lowest capacity rides at the park? If I am not almost finished by noon I'll run over and get the flash pass. If by miracle they open the 2 closed coasters I will get the flash pass too.
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