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  1. I just wanted to give an update of my first visit to the park which occurred this morning. Most rides were a walk on. I did every coaster except Taxi jam in less than three hours. Some pleasant surprises were Vortex and employees. My home park is Kings Island. The Bat at Kings Island is for some reason not nearly as fun as Vortex. I don't know why but it felt faster and I really enjoyed going over the water. Secondly the employees were awesome. On both B&M coaster with seat belts they were doing a great job. Very rarely did they let them stack and on Leviathan they were counting down time to dispatch to avoid stacking. The staff on D-back in Cincy does not come even close to staff on Leviathan. One thing I wish I knew before going was how awful the head banging on Time Warp was going to be. I thought it was worse on my head than Flight Deck. I wish I knew that before riding. I really thought overall the park was very nice. Clean and friendly staff with a lot of good rides. I did not like traffic on the QEW going and coming from Buffalo to Toronto.
  2. ^i disagree. Kings Island had a single line on Diamondback before converting it to Fast Lane line. When they assigned seats and there was an opening they grabbed a single rider. This does not slow loading the train. This fills the que in front of every seat. The ride op still check the restraint wether the seat has a person in it or not. Let's go with your theory that it slows down dispatch. If so maybe two trains an hour? What is the lost capacity vs how many empty seats go out in an hour? if you average 1 open seat on every train that would be filled with the single rider it would negate the loss of two trains an hour.
  3. I am going to the park on Friday. I don't know much about this park besides what I read in the park index. What kind of crowds should I expect on Friday? Should I get Fast Pass? I would like to ride all the coasters as fast as possible. I am not one who likes to wait in lines but also don't want to be that guy who bought a fast pass and then see walk ons. I will be there at opening. Any advice on how to attack the park most efficiently so I can head back to my hotel 4 hours away?
  4. At rope drop head directly to Flight of Fear followed by Firehawk. Those are longest wait in park due to low capacity. Those lines can be up to an hour on weekdays. After that if you like to zig zag Invertigo is also low capacity and Stunt Coaster tends to have longer waits.
  5. ^^most people on forums claim 5-1 on Vortex is the best.
  6. ^Which on both rides has changed over the years. Originally on Beast the trains would be at the top of their respective hills at the same time. Now they have changed it and this is why the first hill is so slow. Now the train is almost midway through the helix or farther before the first hill increases speed. In the 90s it was normal speed all the way up the hill and you could see the second hill crested as you crested the first hill. Same with The Bat/Top Gun. When I operated it back it the mid 90s it never slowed down unless the driver was late bringing in the second train from the readies. Now it slows every time. I think they have changed the trigger point on the block brakes because the second train is usually clear of the readies and mostly in the station when the lift hill slows. Might have something to do with when Top Gun had the accident in the late 90s where the train blew right through the readies. I am no ride mechanic but this is my observations over the years.
  7. Just drove by the park and there was a giant crane working on the lift hill. Hopefully this weekend or next it will open.
  8. I also felt that weird vibration at the beginning of the ride cycle on SRR. I hope it doesn't turn into something bad for the ride. They need to fix the line though. It's bad when the ride ops tell you to jump over the railing to get on the ride. I thought it was just the long off season and I was excited but Beast was running awesome or faster. I did t notice too much re-tracking if any at all. Most of it was from last year re-tracking. On the second hill half the train made it to the step platform which seemed more than usual. Never like seeing random cords/wires hanging from lift hills. I always like hearing Invertigo riders scream as I walk from the parking lot into the park.
  9. I do not like the new maps. I always have hated parks that have the big maps like SeaWorld. The folded ones are so much easier to deal with except La Ronde where it folds up way too small. Also the SR&R line is goofy. Hope they fix that. You'll understand when you do it with not many people there.
  10. I am already back from preview night. My kids needed to go to bed. The rides were mostly walk on except Planet Snoopy. Kids EVERYWHERE!! Flying Ace had a huge line and of course the new rides were quite crowded. I stuck with the bigger rides now my 3rd kid hit 48" today. I thought everything went well except Beast looked like Six Flags rides taking 4 minutes to dispatch until an area supervisor showed up and then all of a sudden things picked up. Don was all smiles when I ran into him and I am very glad they did this night especially with such a wonderful weather day. I'll be there early tomorrow. Yes I sang the famous Log Flume song with my kids the entire ride.
  11. My kids and I might ride flume tonight. We will be the ones singing "we're on a log flume". If not tonight you will see us a lot all season long.
  12. What kind of capacity is this going to have? I didn't see any renderings of block brakes so how many trains will it run? I saw a place or two where they could go but not sure.
  13. Riding D-back in second row is just as good as first row but without the wait.
  14. An update for people a page back. Part of the hotel has started to come down. Nothing by the street but one of the buildings in the back was coming down today as I drove by it.
  15. I went to Legoland last Sunday with my family ages 10, 8, 6, 3. We had a great time and it was perfect for those ages. I do have 1 complaint about food. The food was good but difficult to deal with because they have a burger joint and a hot dog joint. Why not have both burgers and hot dogs at the same place? We bought hot dogs then walked 10 minutes to get burgers. I could of forced my kids to all eat the same thing but I didn't. It would just be nice to have more variety in the restaurants. I did look at the other restaurants and it was similar story. There was a fried chicken place that only had fried chicken. Maybe they should also have grilled chicken for some variety. I was told the new Lego Friends sections was going to have a burger joint so at least there will be one closer to the hot dog joint. My burger was really good. I was very impressed with Mini land but so was my son. They need to electrify those fences because he kept trying to climb into the cities. Dinosaur was really a fun ride too and it was credit 10 for my 3 year old. The dark shooting ride was really good too. I normally don't do them but I liked having red lights to aim. I am used to Boo Blasters where I don't even know if the blaster is even working.
  16. My kids and I watch TPR last ride on Jaws and Log flume song but have to hit mute coming down the hill for the occasional shit word. The highlights are "Shark!SHark!Shark!" and of course the catchy song. Yes they are not coasters but they are TPR vids.
  17. It seems to me some parks like to tease and mess with enthusiast with tweets that get enthusiasts all fired up thinking some $25 mil ride is getting installed when really they were just deciding to use wood or steel for their new benches in the park. Just a hypothetical situation. I don't know if they are putting new benches in the park. We are an easy group to get all fired up.
  18. True. I bet they already know the next coaster project but they wouldn't send out teasers 2-3 years in advance.
  19. I think KI is messing with us because there is a fairly new coaster called Banshee that cost $24 mil. Money doesn't grow on a tree behind Racer. The place needs to turn a profit and won't do that spening money on new coasters every other year. They may refurb one but how often do they give such an advance warning without a lot more teasers. Coming out and saying wood or steel makes you think coaster and that is what they want you to think. So I say it is misdirection and it will be some kind of flat or refurb.
  20. So what are the chances there will be a media day like KI had for Banshee? I have never been to HW and would love an excuse to head out there. Really?!? Silent reading class!
  21. Here is a valuable life lesson. LIFE IS NOT FAIR! Get over it.
  22. El toro at opening because everyone went to Kingda Ka and Kimanjaro. I rode once alone but the next 4 cycles a few people came aboard. Also at Kings Island on a weekday in May with bad weather I have been on almost every ride without another person.
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