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  1. How can you even for a moment put the blame on Intamin when there are so few details released??? This is a ride that has run for over 7 years without incident in a part of the world that has had some issues with ride maintenance before. (Hi, remember the flat ride that just collapsed at Tibidabo?) I'd personally put a bit more speculation into it being a maintenance issue than a problem with Intamin. I don't know what Tibidabo has to do with Terra mitica but the tibidabo ride that collapsed was also a bad design. It was both a bad design and poor maintenance what caused the accident.
  2. Sh*t I forgot.. Dragon Khan it is and ΩRubyΑSapphire you're next!
  3. as supertrooper seems to have forgotten, i'm going to go. I hope it's not against the rules Layout
  4. I don't think so, shambhala would look like that: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/files/layout1.jpg If i was to say an hyper i'd say apollos chariot but I know it isn't maybe it's a woodie
  5. I'm not sure he rode Coaster express as he said "looks like pain" as if he hadn't rode it.
  6. in the official artwork it had 6 beams too (its only an artwork though)
  7. Taken from RCT4's facebook: "We hear everyone's comments on the new RollerCoaster Tycoon game and want to let you all know that the mobile game and PC experience will be 2 completely different games. Both games will release this year. The mobile game will include social features (sharing with friends, leaderboards) and the PC experience will have even more features and functionality. We are excited to bring these games to you soon!" First, they say they are completely different games, BUT then they say the PC version will have more features and functionality... that's like saying it will be the same game, just with more stuff... So don't expect the PC version to be very different from the mobile one
  8. RCT2 is still the best release thus far. A lot of people liked 3 for some unknown reason but I thought it was horribly executed. Why? whats wrong with it?
  9. Roller coasters have a tendency to cost less in the US than Europe and Australia. just.. why?
  10. So coasters were cheaper back then?? I thought it was the opposite given that the technology is the same but years later... just like for example computers and phones
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