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  1. Aiden and Kill Hannah a fair few years ago now :/ Hearing Elton John on the promenade at Blackpool doesn't really count... However! I am off to see Bowling for soup though in October
  2. So, I am looking for some advice really, I'm finding it quite difficult to find the information I need to plan my holiday, I was originally going to look at the possibility of coming for a club tpr or general tpr meeting but I am unsure of when your next ones will be that take in either of the parks, so I am thinking about doing it by my lonesome Basically I am looking into either park (not both), maybe september or october before the end of season and for maybe 4-5 nights stay, maybe more. I would be travelling from the UK, likely manchester. I also don't drive So I guess I'm wondering,how easy is it to get to these parks from their nearest airports? I see cleveland int is about 60 miles away but how much on estimate should I be looking to pay for a taxi/transfer? or is the grey hound or amtrak near enough to travel? also what about accommodation, I am struggling to find rooms available for any time I have looked from the hotels that cedar point offer on their website, I don't know if this is perhaps because I am searching for a solo occupancy or perhaps the wrong dates? So are there any near by places that you would recommend that are fairly cheap and nice enough, I am not after anything fancy, I just really want to finally get to either one of these parks and at this moment in time I have funds to make it possible, it is just sad I may have to go alone but heyho! i'm an only child, i am used to it and if I do manage it then any tpr ppl that are in the area would be welcome to come keep me company
  3. Nash, (blackpool pleasure beach, yes old school name) right hand side and surprisingly not as rough as last year
  4. I regularly play battlefield 3, gears of war 3 and halo reach - xbox360. For pc I also like rct3 and sims 3 I am really looking forward to seeing if 343 have destroyed halo 4..
  5. Supernatural although I am falling behind, only on season 6. Also, game of thrones, it is better than i expected.
  6. I'm the one wimping out with the hood up at the back
  7. Hi everyone, I'm kind of new. I have floated around for the past 7-9 years but never really posted or introduced myself. So since I haven't been active in quite some time I have made a new profile and here I am My name is Kat, I'm 26 years old and I live in England. I have been to a variety of theme parks, nowhere near as many as I want to so I need to change that. I am looking for people with similar interests as myself. I am also a girl gamer and If I'm not geeking out over theme parks you will find me playing battlefield 3 or halo. Feel free to add me or IM me as the details are in the profile, I look forward to getting to know you guys
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