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  1. There was an old RCT3 park that someone made. It was considered one of the best created parks and it was a pretty long thread. Any help on the name/link?
  2. How much longer do I have 2 wait plz say not longer but it looks amazing so far
  3. so im building a woodie for a park that im gonna put on here in a couple of days and im testing when i go to coastercam it goes fine but when i take it out of coastercam it just stops . help what im i doing wrong?
  4. I accidently put fire particles in my park and now I cant get it out. how do I get it out?
  5. hey this is my first coaster shared publicly. I am looking forward to sharing updates with you guys of many coasters and cs sets. but for now I am starting on a steel sitdown. Please share your thoughts and your recommendations to improve this ride. I have finished the track and is now working on theme and scenery. Here is the following website. http://coasterjared.webs.com/
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