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  1. Speaking of old Six Flags pictures, where is this in the layout of Dahlonega Mine Train? I've always seen that turning drop in old photos of the ride, but no matter how many times I ride it, it doesn't exist.


    This is actually the original first drop after the first lift. It was re profiled many years ago. What's throwing you off is the lift hill in the background which belonged to another coaster called the Mini Mine Train(Yahoola Hooler) which was removed in 1988.

  2. Only big change I see is that the park will be open for two weeks in April for spring break.


    I saw the same thing when I was looking at the stone Mountain website not too long ago. Not sure why that is, but I find it interesting both places are doing the same thing. I don't have any kids, but I wonder if one or more school systems around the area changed which week they did spring break so they want to cover both weeks now.


    Cobb and Fulton County schools are out for spring break on different weeks. Hopefully this will become the norm for years to come.

  3. Ok so my trip to Six Flags got pushed up to this Wensday(August,1st), so does anyone know if the park will be crowded?


    Get to the park when it first opens and head to the very back of the park. Ride the Scream Machine,Superman and Ninja. After that head on over to Gotham and ride Batman and Mindbender. Then use the rest of the day to ride all the other rides and attractions. DDD will have a 30-45 min wait all day. If you plan to see the Iluminate show get in line 45min before showtime.

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