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  1. Nope! That would be absolutely dope! The park could save serious $ by keeping the initial investment in the 188 ft tall lift hill and then let Chance create its own version of Phantom's Revenge on the west coast. And, the ride could probably achieve the iconic +200 ft second drop with the big drop-off just to the north of the ride's plot of land. I was super impressed with my rides on Lightning Run when I visited Kentucky Kingdom (just as impressed as with my Storm Chaser rides). It's not the biggest or fastest, but LR's extremely strong/snappy airtime hills and turns (at the fast pace it pulls each element) is one of the most awesomely unique coaster experiences in the US. It was much different than the pace and feel to how Storm Chaser executed its (also amazing) turns and airtime hills. If Chance were given even just 3500 ft of track after the first drop, I think the result could be one of the most amazing hyper coasters (looping or not) that is unlike anything else in the country. I really love how Magic Mountain has trended towards re-imagining its more iconic coasters as opposed to ripping them out and putting in something new (aka: X2, Superman, Twisted Colossus, New Revolution). Given how iconic Viper has been for Magic Mountain, I think it'd be a great candidate for a re-investment into Viper's Vengeance rather than just putting a new coaster from one of the more well-known manufacturers. (Yah, I really like Viper )
  2. On my first Cedar Point visit (what an amazing place!!!) and I thought it'd be worth sharing this ironic photo I took of a mantis I found in the queue for Rougarou Mantis lives on!
  3. Hello Dorney people, I'm planning on visiting Dorney Park tomorrow and I was curious if there is any early ride time for their coasters (for season pass holders)? Also, is the park good about opening their coasters on time when the park opens? Thanks in advance !
  4. True that Viper is awesome as it is, but, if a renovation did happen, they could totally use the elevation difference between where its built and the small hill towards the pathway towards X2 to create a 200+ second drop just like Phantom. They could still keep inversions that pay homage to the original Viper though (and general Arrow elements). Like maybe two interlocking loops around the bridge towards X2, (with some amazing airtime mixed in) and the batwig being placed right at the end of the ride so that it dips under the lift hill instead of the simple dip under the lift hill after the straight track. I think that's what makes rides like TC and Helix so good, its not just airtime or just inversions, they both mix multiple types of elements to make just the best possible ride. And, you could totally keep the intensity of the original Viper as I have heard Phantom's Revenge is still very intense. But...I totally agree that this is just a pipe dream if Revolution doesn't get refurbished first (which I really hope happes next year)!
  5. So if a renovation of an old ride like Colossus was very successful...and it is known that Chance can do renovations of Arrow mega loopers (Phantoms Revenge as an example)...how possible is it that Viper could also get a Chance renovation?
  6. Wow thanks for the article. I didn't know it was that recent. I like how they were designed to cause little inconvenience to guests when its pretty much the most annoying thing ever when trying to enter into the park.
  7. So I visited Knott's yesterday (it was awesome!) and I noticed that they didn't have metal detectors before you enter the park like Magic Mountain does. I was wondering if anyone knew when/why Magic decided to put in metal detectors? I'm guessing they weren't around when the park originally opened.
  8. I don't know if this is too forward thinking but Revolution's 40th anniversary is coming up next year. Does anyone else think that the park might buy new trains or something even though it will be an "off" year for the park (given that a major project is being done this year)? I mean, looking at X, Superman, and Colossus it seems that the park is into re-investing these coasters that sort of worn out/problematic.
  9. Here are some pictures I took of the park today! On the construction site, there were pieces of wood and support beams littered all over the scream/colossus area. Most of the work seemed to be focused on the lift hill but I don't know what they were doing up there. The green airtime hill is now finished and both tracks have started going up the first hill. It was an awesome day at the park with almost no lines for most rides. I had a really awesome ride on X2 which actually had one of the flame throwers working. It was a surprisingly smooth ride given the fact that the very same train felt like it was trying to kill me two days before! Gating up the YOLO area for the deconstruction of the stage. Goliath supports. Couldn't get a good picture of the the Steampunk area construction. Pretty much all of brick divider in front of the ice cream shop is gone. They also ripping out all of the bushed and trees, which sucks cuz less shade for the area. Hopefully they will replant many trees. Wall. Empty batman train means many re-rides for me! I really hope the park will open the Sky Tower sometime. I bet you could get some sick picks of the new Colossus from up there. From the X2 queue. The classic trio pic. I'm really digging the profile. Not much has changed since berryfarm's post but I still hope you enjoyed!
  10. HHere is construction photo I took. Just a quick pick I took of them taking out huge chunks of the turnaround.
  11. The park should really fix the front gate situation. With my gold pass I should be able to get in 10 minutes early into the park. Only because of the long time in the metal detector line I got to the gold pass line literally 30 seconds after 10:30 am and the employees would not let me in through the gold pass gate. Minus 100 customer service points magic mountain. They are doing a bunch of progress on the other turnaround which is pretty cool.
  12. ^ The park definitely felt super empty for a 3 day weekend on a Saturday (I also visited). I wonder how overall attendance numbers will turn out for this year.
  13. ^ that the color scheme is sort of a nod to the DeJaVu coaster that the park removed in 2011. The whole repetition of the ride twice is in essence what was the appeal for the DeJaVu coaster. They could have picked any two colors to separate the two parts of the ride. I think that they chose blue and green sort of as a throwback/recognition of the DeJaVu coaster that once stood at the back side of the park.
  14. OMG OMG OMG!!! I take back what I said about the ride being repetitive in my previous post. The color scheme totally justifies EVERYTHING! Does the green/blue colors remind anyone about DeJaVu (because of the color scheme). DeJaVu was all about going through the same ride twice, the 2nd time around with some different twist to it. Now, we have TCol where you go through largely the same experience each time with a few differences in the sequencing of elements the 2nd time around. Aww that's so meta!!! This ride delivers on all levels! SO much perfection! Whoever thought of those colors has a really twisted mind...oh wait the name.
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