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  1. This sums up my thoughts exactly on that entire subject. It in no way serves as an official announcement of any kind, it is an Easter egg of sorts. Its intended purposes have been fulfilled; the pots are stirred on enthusiast forums. Every time Richard Michael Crosby, or any other words that can make a RMC acronym, is mentioned the enthusiast play right into the parks hands. Whatever they're trying to do, it is working.
  2. The 270° roll on Top Thrill Dragster was never in the original design. Intamin proposed it to CP saying it would be a neat effect, and a safe way to transition from vertical to horizontal. It is a way to keep passengers' CG around the center of their bodies and to avoid lateral g's.
  3. I've never ridden an Giovanola coaster, but they look super-smooth. Can anyone whose ridden one shed some light on this?
  4. I believe both 2017 & 2018 are possible. I was giving my constructive argument on the higher probability of a 2017 opening based on valid sources. I never once completely ruled out a 2018 opening. Again, read before you post because I never once stated this WILL open in 2017. This whole "get in line" statement does not pertain to a single post I've made, so please stop.
  5. I never posted that this WILL open in 2017, only gave my constructive argument on how a 2017 opening is possible. Yet it was met with pages of typical opinion bashing and non constructive counter arguments. 2017/2018 are both possible, and I gave legitimate and sourced arguments as to why a 2017 opening is possible at this moment in time. If you disagree, that's fine. But please read before you post.
  6. There's no room for this type of rational thinking here. The same scenario happened with Top Thrill Dragster. Track installation was complete weeks before a single peep from CP. They let the speculation build untill making a formal announcement in January of 2003.
  7. LMAO Twisted Colossus. December 21, 2014. Two years ago today. Pre-lift, lift, most of the first drop and the first airitme hill are the only segments complete. Mean Streak is already half-way up the lift hill and it's 4-weeks behind TC's construction timeline. Also note that both Goliath & TC were still having track installed just a month prior to opening to the public. Everythig concrete points to a 2017 opening. Not syaing this is absolute but there is, so far, more concrete evidence to support a 2017 opening than a 2018 one.
  8. Where is it confirmed Mean Streak will open in 2018? I need to see the recipts.
  9. It's known that Tony watches the forum and out of the blue 2018 is mentioned as a gag. Which is only brought up when enthusiasts debate Mean Streak. This is just another tease, nothing confirmed here.
  10. Entrance area looks nice but there honestly isn't much to look at. "Where are all the rides?" ctr+shift+g....
  11. IDK if these were taken with permission (remove this post if so), but here are some pictures I found this morning floating around the web.
  12. I believe this is my first time viewing this park, and it has a warm & classic amusement park feel. Plenty of flat rides, shops and eateries that are balanced with SFCK's unique roller coasters. Balancing is something most RCT parks fail to do, and you've pulled it off. Kudos. If the "Batman and Robin: Saving Gotham" show continues to be that bad, its days are numbered. The same could be said for Verdugo. But maybe Vekoma will sort out its issues? The placement of Junior Twister and Connecticut Twister reminds me of Gemini and Wilderness run. It gives the little ones a taste of the bigger coasters that are yet to come. I also find Hurricane to be a five-star coaster, a timeless classic. Scream Machine would have to be my second favorite coaster at the park due to its back-to-back arrow loops which are always a win. I was also surprised that you bothered with Grand Stand & Scream Machine seeing as how you've been rather reluctant about them as of late.
  13. Contemplating on whether or not to finish this park. Thoughts?
  14. Silver Lake is a WIP park I've been working on for a few weeks. Mind you this is my "test" park where I've trying new building techniques and such. This is where I’m going to build my “skill” with PC, and hopefully create a much better park later down the road with the skills I’ve learned building this one. Anyways, on to the park… ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to Silver Lake Park! Overview of the Northern side of Silver Lake. Lake Wheel in the foreground, with the children's' area in the background. Desert Race, Silver Lake's Intamin Accelerator coaster. 0 to 65 miles per hour in under 3 seconds! The Bullet roller coaster rises above the crowded midway. The Bullet's high speed interaction with the midway below. Kraken, with The Bullet in the background. Sky Ace. Busy day! Flight Deck, a Gerstlauer Sky Fly Flight Deck combines its unique near-misses, tranquil creek views, and an uncanny sensation of flight to create a sensational experience. Patriot. Roaring Rapids. One of three water rides at Silver Lake. Out of the underground tunnel and back into the light. Roaring Rapids combines both water and fire to create a dynamic ride experience. With a brisk 30-foot drop, Frozen Creek is suitable for the young and old. Dragon Wagon. SCREAM! a Bolliger & Mabillard floorless roller coaster with a unique layout. Silver Lakes star attraction, Goliath. Standing 233' tall, and a drop of 200', Goliath reaches a top-speed of 78 miles per hour. The twenty-two-million-dollar attraction dominates all other coasters in the park. Desert Race, however, is still as popular as ever. Its high acceleration, quick direction changes, and near-misses create a one-of-a-kind experience. I leave you with a rider cam video of Drop Zone. Until Next Time... ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Comments, criticism, and suggestions are welcomed.
  15. Those park management options, especially the auto-sync, is something I've been waiting on. Kudos. And the new shops are greatly appreciated, I've always felt PC was lacking in shop variety.
  16. Thorpe is the Cedar Point of the UK, Nagashima Spa Land is the CP of Japan.
  17. Diamondback Phantom's Revenge Magnum XL-200 In that order.
  18. "have a similar cost" as in people will pay a similar price for the same service that CP has cut up-front costs on (reduction of needed souvenir cups), thus increased nominal income. And that number does seem off.
  19. The survey said costs are expected to be similar. Remember that they are going to be supplying several paper cups per person each time they visit, instead of one plastic cup per season. It's probably a wash monetarily. The big deal is guest satisfaction. I'm sure those dime a dozen paper cups costs significantly less to produce than those plastic souvenir bottles. That's where they're saving & pocketing more cash. It may not significantly impact their bottom line, but cost-cutting nonetheless.
  20. This should help ROI, significantly, for this program. They're completely cutting out the bottles and the expenses that come with it. Thus pocketing more of the money. Well played.
  21. I only visit once or twice a year, and I always get the Admission & Fast Lane+ combo ticket. Worth every penny. I visited in mid-May, and the majority of rides were 15 minutes and below. Besides the obvious Valravn, Maverick, Millennium and Dragster which held 45 minutes+ waits. I was able to ride Maverick, Valravn, GateKeeper, Magnum & Raptor multiple times in a row, with only a 1 to 3 train wait each time! It was incredible, bypassing a full Maverick que 6 times in a row with only a 3-minute wait. Great investment no matter what the crowds.
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