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  1. Probably since the park has been closing at 7pm or 8pm it's not totally dark yet! That's why I didn't take on the way out...it was still still light out as we left at almost 8.
  2. Rain policy is pretty strict. They will close all 3 Intamins with steady rain on the way. Then Great Bear closes in a steady rain. Wooden Coasters usually stay open unless it is a bad storm. Obviously Laff Trak stays open.
  3. Awesome pictures! There's little doubt that the Intamin hyper will be great, it just looks odd to me. Certainly looks almost nothing like their other large coasters in terms of design
  4. I can see your thinking, it kind of seems cartoonish to me...but then I think to myself what the joker actually started as, and it all makes sense! It's definitely different that's for sure I will say.
  5. I'm very excited to see how Storm Chaser turns out. If it is as big a hit as I am expecting it to be I give huge props to KK for going with "better" rather than "bigger". This will prove that a coaster doesn't need to be the biggest and baddest to be the best. Two small coasters that both could crack top 20 lists.
  6. Ah it's that time of year to argue about what they're getting next year already? Or that is all the time never mind
  7. That looks so funny for some reason. But hey whatever works right?
  8. That's insane. That guy has some serious balls doing that only attached by a rope. I mean I'd sit here and tell you all day that I'd do that but once I started climbing I'm coming down.
  9. Yes my ride in the front felt exactly the same as my ride in the front last year.
  10. We can always count on Chuck to provide the laughing Joker! Great looking train wow!
  11. I know the accident was terrible and all, but I saw these photos on Facebook and thought it was crazy how damaged the train was check it out... Photos from National Health and Safety Lab
  12. I was suprised at how many elements this one doesn't have compared to the great adventure one. It was missing so many things that make the ride great to begin with. I'm not sure which one was made first. The audio was also way to low. I thought the concept was awesome actually. But it felt more of a cheesy carnival ride than in a Six Flags park. If they made some upgrades to the audio and the whole story part of it I think this would be a must do ride.
  13. I was at the park yesterday and had a pretty good time until the afternoon hit. It was absolutely packed and when it came time for some food...boy was it horrible. My visit last year was nearly perfect but this time around the operations were a bit rough but what can you expect early in the season. Ride Count Wicked Cyclone 3x Superman 1x Batman 1x SkyScreamer 1x Thunderbolt 1x Gotham City 2x Houdini 1x Blizzard Falls 1x Lines were pretty long in the afternoon but Wicked Cyclone never seemed to get above a 30min wait or so. Let me tell you if you didn't already know, that ride kicks every type of a$$ out there. It was running amazing with zero squeaking. RMC really destroyed it on this one, every element is awesome from start to finish. They were very good with loading unloading and I was surprised to see they really tried to staple in the larger guests and get the green light for them to ride. I saw 2 instances where the person was larger and they had to really push down for it to lock and give the go ahead. Much better than just giving up and giving someone the walk of shame. Superman seemed the same as Bizzaro and the typical horrible loading/unloading. I just don't get it with this ride, it has a longer lift, pretty decent ride time from the drop, yet they still stack for 2mins after the train finishes. I can't imagine what VR is going to do so I am blessed to have ridden it before they add that in. Around the park they did a nice landscaping job for the Spring, and the new Larson Looper fits really nice into its location. Of course Goliath was closed down again just like my last visit so I miss that credit again. To address the current Batman debate I had a very smooth ride in the back row, only rough part was the last corkscrew to me. Anyways I tried to take just a few artsy pictures since it was a perfect day so here you go.
  14. Going to the park today! I might take some photos but what haven't you guys seen?
  15. My favorite is how small the guy on the top of the ledger looks
  16. It really is not hard to put a cover over them! Seems very odd that they don't, I never understood that. It reminds me of a RCT3 station!
  17. Ah fresh B&M track always looks as smooth as butter, this is no exception.
  18. I think I am heading out Wednesday for my first visit of the season...lines shouldn't be bad during the week
  19. When you're running more than 2 trains a MCBR is pretty necessary for capacity more so than loading. But they do coincide
  20. Wow it looks incredible. This coaster seems to flow very nice and I like how it goes from large elements to quick and snappy after the MCBR. It's nice to see a B&M with a snappier second half here!
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