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  1. Being part Nuclear Engineer major I know the Chernobyl disaster quite well, one of the most fascinating things from the entire disaster was the special ops team they deployed to the roof top to clean the exploded graphite and debris off down to the ground for bulldozers to clean up. Needless to say, those men's lives didn't last much longer past that night but truly an incredible story to say the least.

  2. I have two home parks so...




    1) Skyrush

    2) Storm Runner

    3) Lightning Racer

    4) Great Bear

    5) Fahrenheit

    6) Laff Trakk

    7) SDL

    8) Wild Cat

    9) Comet

    10) Wild Mouse

    11) Sidewinder

    12) Coco-Cruiser

    13) Trailblazer (honestly awful one trick pony)


    Six Flags New England


    1) Wicked Cyclone

    2) Superman

    3) Batman

    4) Thunderbolt

    5) Pandemonium

    6) Gotham City

    7) Mind Eraser

    8) Flashback

    9) Catwomans Whip

    10) Goliath (since I haven't even got to ride it...)

  3. I think InvadR is going to be one of the underdogs this year that makes a big impact.


    To be fair (barring Mean Streak somehow being a 2017 attraction), right now the 3 biggest coasters coming to the U.S. next year are this, another mid sized GCI and a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter thing at the Jersey Shore. It's really not even much of an underdog... there's basically no competition here.

    Very true actually. As of now it would be the 2nd best most likely

  4. Maverick, next to a RMC....is incomprehensible, until this opens


    While it appears Outlaw Run and Goliath both use I-Box on their transfer tables, and all I got pictures of were straight pieces..I suppose it could be possible to be topper, but then look at the track connectors after the transfer area. Those are typically used on I-Box. ^Also that would be the storage track which is different than any of the normal track. Honestly my bet is set on Iron Streak

  5. Cool pictures. Has the cable for the sky ride ever been replaced, or is it something they do not need to do?

    From what I have heard (don't quote me on this part), the cable is replaced once every year.


    If that's true it would be much more frequent than the average Sky Ride (but maybe it is, you would know the ride better than I would). Generally parks wait about ten years before they replace them. I kind of remember watching it a few years ago on the webcam (because I'm a huge dork) it was laying down across the main midway with pieces of wood (or what looked like wood) under it for the length of the cable to keep it off the ground. I'd love to see how they splice it.

    Yes Bill was close! Cedar Point usually changes it out after about 7yrs. It also has the frayed cable detection system as mentioned that can detect any issues.

  6. ^Hello! Since Skyride is not in operation during Haunt we didn't get to see it functioning but yes the counter weight is very impressive! It is funny how they used actual nuts and bolts to weigh it down also very cool how the wheel must maintain its position in order for the cable tension to fit the "wire loop" so to speak! Seriously learned so much especially all the Dragster information was mostly new.

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