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  1. I so wish there was self-operated rides in America, I always dreamed of beeing a ride op!
  2. This is pretty cool to see. That ArrowBATic looks right out of the mind of a crazy coaster engineer !
  3. I know the Nightmare isn't at the park anymore, I was just pointing out that it was relocated too. But as you're the Darien expert I guess you already knew that
  4. ^Yes it is, it was relocated from Pontchartain Beach in Louisianna. As I said only Boomerang and kiddie coaster were bought new. Other than that : Comet : Crystal Beach Canyon Blaster : Opryland Nightmare : Beach Bend/SFKK/Darien Lake Bobsled : SFGAdv/SFGAm
  5. ^Not every single ride, but concerning the coasters, the Boomerang and Road Runner/Frankie's Mine Train were bought new. Every other coaster is used. For the other rides I don't know them all but I do know that the Sasquatch was relocated from SFNO, Plunge was relocated from a Busch Gardens that closed in the 70's, etc. I'm pretty much sure the Screamin' Eagles they added last year were bought new from Larson. Maybe Wikipedia can help you find out for the other rides I didn't name here.
  6. Skyrider at Canada's Wonderland was 100% awful, there's nothing I liked in that ride
  7. The park is definitely deserving of a big new coaster considering that their last major coaster was a secondhand Arrow mine train and I would hardly call that major. I really think one of those Chance hyperlites would be a perfect complement to the Comet. Or if they want a looper, I would love to see something like Sky Rocket. I think a Chance Hyper-lite (or even Intamin's very own version) would really fit perfectly in the park and it would draw more coaster enthusiats to the park, because right now out of The Comet there isn't much in the park in term of coasters. I don't think a looper would be that much of a good choice, they already have the steamin demon and the boomerang... But if it's a decent coaster (like skyrocket or an El Loco or whatever else that's decent) it would be great!
  8. It was indeed very good. At La Ronde (my home park), we have Le Manitou and it's a relaxing "ride" compared to this one. I really wish there was more of these, they are great !
  9. Here's some footage I got at the media event (sorry for my site's logo at the beginning of the video) : [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  10. ^I will as soon as I have the time to edit the footage. Hopefully I might post everything tomorrow!
  11. It is in some sort! I don't have excellent memories of Maxair but I'd say the Supernova was a *little* more intense than Maxair. I don't remember flying out of my seat on the Cedar Point's ride!
  12. Hey there TPR ! Yesterday it was The amazing media event for the Xtreme Supernova, the new pendulum ride at the Great Escape. Since I have my own website and I knew some peoples at the park, I was invited to attend the event and try out the new ride before anyone else ! I have to say I really liked it, it's a great high-thrill ride that complements the other rides of the park very well. The ride is also pretty to look at, in my opinion. On all points, for me it's a winner and a great new attraction for the park. Of course there was some stuff going on behind the new ride, because The Comet was open too and it was running pretty well ! At some point in the day I got some ART (Alone Ride Time) where I really was the only guy in the train. I've always dreamed of having all a coaster all for me, well now it's done! I also got some video footage of the ride, but I don't had the time to video-edit it yet. I'll upload as soon as I can. Oh, and BTW, they probably won't read this trip report but a big THANK YOU to the peoples at the park who let me attend the event! It was awesome! Enough talking, I'll sum up the rest of the event in the pictures' caption : As you can see there was quite a few peoples at the beginning of the day. The old-school PTC Comet finally gets a neighbor. I guess they chose its name by its location next to the Comet. Themed area anyone ? They did some test runs just before the official inauguration. Wish I was in the ride at that moment. The communication manager and the park president (on the picture) made a little speech before the first ride. These astronauts "launched" to the Supernova right after the speech. This guy is a real NASA astronaut. He told us how the ride compared to a real spaceship flight. Of course it's pretty different, but it was cool to hear from him! And there goes the astronauts! Some kids from a local school were invited to take the first rides. Most seemed to enjoy it. A few didn't, but they looked pretty young and maybe it was too extreme for some of them. This pendulum goes pretty high and it spins and balances FAST ! I'm a pretty thin guy and if I didn't hold on to the bars on my restraint, I flew away. The forces were much more intense than I expected! Yes Comet, I know you're there. I'm coming! There was a free buffet and an ACE guy attended the event too. Coincidence ? I don't think so. Here are the astronauts back from their flight. Oh no Go Pro, I'm NOT looking at you. (sorry for the over-exposure) Ok ok, let me explain this. Right before the second ride I took, the attendant was unable to start the ride and it started to rain, so someone brought me this. I am officially the first person to be stuck on the SuperNova! I guess the hand over the slide is a left-over from last year's fright fest. Or it's just Black Cobra's new decoration. First thing you see when you enter the park, the Pirate Ship is gone. A park manager told me they didn't know yet if it would be relocated inside the park or to another one, or be used for something else (scrap metal I guess). The cool peoples at The Great Escape allowed me to film a POV of the Comet, because the one I made last year looked pretty much like cr@p. I love the Comet ! The new footage is pretty darn good! It may not look like, but I'm having a lot of fun on this ride! This is my new desktop wallpaper!
  13. I like that another boomerang gets Lap-Bars. The colors are awful, though.
  14. That thing looks great ! I wonder how the boats can go through the curves, they look super tight.
  15. I like both, but I prefer the park index, that's where I usually read them. However I wouldn't mind if it would become forum only.
  16. I think the design is usually made by a specialised company but closely followed by the park, and then that same company (or another one if it's just a designing firm) handles the manufacturing. At least that's what I think, I'm not an expert in the field.
  17. That video was amazing! Thanks for showing the truth about RCT4 to the world!
  18. I would love a big El-Loco like the one they just opened at Adventuredome, I think it would fit very well in the space of the Go-Karts and the pirate ship. With some sort of theming, of course!
  19. ^Personally I hope that the Batman clone will continue to rust, I've been on its canadian cousin at La Ronde (le Cobra) and it's pretty bad! However, to come back on the subject, as much as I would like the Great Escape to have more coasters and more thrill rides, I think 6F makes a good decision of keeping it more as a family park. That's part of the charm of the park and what makes it so different, in my opinion. They could for sure benefit of one good steel coaster (although it could be more familial and fun at the same time, like a small launched coaster), but transforming it into the Cedar Point of the New York state would "ruin" the park, or at least its atmosphere.
  20. Hey there TPR ! So recently, I've been attentively following the developpement of A.J.'s Amazing Flying Machine and I was very impressed. So I decided to also make a park from scratch, and entirely model it myself. However I don't have the money to buy a tool like Rhino, so I've done all the modelling in Blender, which works pretty well. Luckily I've been using Blender for a while now, so no learning was required. The waterpark is still in a pretty early stage, but the main waterslide is near finished. There are big chances that I will add another waterslide soon. No shading or texturing was done yet; of course once it will be done it will be a lot more impressive ! I will also try to incorporate a theme to the park, even if it is light I really like when it's not just all about boring concrete with a slide on it. The pictures right now are straight from the 3D program, using the OPENGL render feature of Blender which makes very fast renders, but doesn't consider lighting and shading and all of that stuff. So once again it will look a lot better shortly once I'm more advanced on the modelling and the texturing. Top view of the slide and the terrain Here's a nice view of the supports and the slide Here's the station/platform, which is still a work in progress right now Another view of the supports and the terrain Also, once I will be 100% done, I'll upload the .blend file here. This way anyone interessed in seeing the park by itself will be able to do so, just like other members do for NL and RCT on the game exchange. That's it for now ! If you have any comment for me to improve what's already done, please feel free to tell me !
  21. I'd own the park so I could go ride a coaster during lunch break ! Seriously I know that owning a park is a lot of stress and responsibilities, but I'm sure I'd like it and anyway I'm a very poor roller coaster designer (my NL rides always looks like crap).
  22. ^I guess in some way you should consider yourself "fortunate" for not riding it!
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