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  1. Wow, that coaster seems awesome ! Please add a download link so I can get it !
  2. Thanks for the ideas ! These are pretty good, I like the Poseidon's revenge, I think i'll take that name.
  3. Hey, I'm working on a No Limits B&M Floorless, which I think is pretty good (if I consider I was as good as my shoe at No Limits 6 months ago). I'm done, except for a name, because I'm very bad to find a name to a roller coaster. So Please if you have any suggestions for a good name, please tell me ! However, please consider the scenery. If you also have suggestions for re-coloring the track if it would better fit with your name idea and the actual scenery, go ahead, changing the colors takes two seconds and it doesn't bother me to do so if you have good ideas . Enough talk, here are the pictures : Two corskrews together... Already was that on a real coaster ? An overview of the coaster and the scenery. Zero-G roll over the final brakes. Thanks for the help !
  4. Oh, and before someone tell me that I'm out of the subject... I love the new addition to the park, I guess screaming eagles are gonna be fun to control
  5. Another addition to the park, but THIS year, is a something that looks like an haunted-house walk through. I saw this in the Ghosttown last time I went, with ads and the empty salloon, ready to host... It's a ghosttown, so Ghosts, maybe ? An add of the new "Salloon of darkness" An empty salloon... Is it already haunted and that's why all peoples are gone ? Scared ?
  6. To install it, I'm not sure, I use Windows. I only know that Custom Scenerys should be unziped in the "style/themed" directory of your RCT3 game. To get CS and cfr, I suggest you to search on google, because most of the RCT3 CS websites closed, including Vodhin's community, Das Matze's RCT3 Island, and rct-something.de, which was repertoring all custom scenery's or almost. If you want to search, here are a couple of sets you should REALLY get : Most of Das Matze's, including fences, office day, swizz it!, utilities (contains excellent footers for custom supports) etc. ATH Catwalks, for catwalks on the side of your lifts Jcat's Steelworks - supports, not very customizable but good starters Moby's Steel jungle V.1 - custom supports, customizable but complicated big burger's Timbers, custom wooden supports etc. As I said, I can't help for mac installation, I suggest you to wait for a reply or search on google or a video tutorial on youtube. Good luck !
  7. YAY ! La Ronde is my home park and there's finally one person who doesn't hate it ! Thanks Markolodeon !
  8. Well, Cedar Point didn't lost any time to get rid of Dis(patch m)aster Transport...
  9. I also heard that, but we never know, Six Flags could change their minds. Serial Thriller from Astroworld was first sent to the Great Escape before beeing installed at La Ronde, and The Dark knight was supposed to be installed at Six Flags New England, when municipality shutted down the project, obligating 6F to re-build it in Six Flags Mexico. We never know...
  10. New roller coaster for 2013 ? La Ronde, just like most Six Flags' parks, is starting to post some teasers of their new ride for 2013. Today, they added this picture to their Facebook status, without any further message (except a short text to encourage their guests to add their theory as comments). New ride teaser for 2013 My theory is a relocated Pandemonium from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom which destructed their's in 2011. It stands for the fact that the Pandemonium's cars spin on themselves, and the dancing people just seem to do so. Plus, Pandemonium in French is either Tohu Bohu or Chaos, which both means approximately the same thing, the passage of a Tornado were everything is screwed up. A tornado spins, right ? What is your theory ?
  11. I'm back from Six Flags Great Adventure and my last coaster was Runaway mine train ! (picture at RCDB : Click here )
  12. They actually think that the name is original because La Ronde havn't used the name "Sky Screamer" like in all Six Flags. Actually, La Ronde couldn't legally use Sky Screamer because in Québéc province we have law 101 which obligate all public stuff, like publicity, companie names (unless they are American) and even ride names to be written in french first, to promote the language which is disapearing, particulary in Montreal region's where english is taking the place. So La Ronde made a survey and "Vol Ultime" was finally the winner.
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