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  1. I see you made a Charles Jacques reference there No doubt that you've watched Kennywood Memories!
  2. Yes I agree about Hornet. Kings Island did it with Bavarian Beetle and more recently Cedar Point with Wildcat and Disaster Transport. I'm not saying I don't mind Gatekeeper but I wholeheartedly believe amusement parks need what I like to call "stepping stone" coasters and Hornet is a perfect example. So i truly hope Hornet finds a new home in the park!
  3. I keep reading over the entire story to try and satisfy my curiosity for the eventual updates. I cant wait to see them!
  4. Now of course this is all based on speculation, but from what I have observed in other parks, many of them remove at least one big wooden coaster, an example would be aeroplane coaster at playland. In my personal opinion, these coasters were huge staples of those parks and often times demolished due to budget reasons. So with that said how awesome would it be in the future of this park if racer were brought back to life and set a good example to other parks! Again this is meant with no disrespect to grrt's decisions. Book matter what I will always and forever love this park!!
  5. I'm so excited to see the upcoming updates! Man I wish this park was real. I've been to almost every amusement park in Pennsylvania and I can tell if this was a real park, it would be one of my favorites! Also really happy to see the whip added in!
  6. I saw that they have a Chance Toboggan cfr out That would look amazing in here!!
  7. this park is the best!! i can't get over the realism of everything. with the limited amount of old style rides out there for rct3, you my friend have done an incredible job! i only hope one day there will be a flying scooters, or a trabant, or maybe even a whip. they would fit so perfectly in here. even if they never come though, this park was, is, and always will be one of my favorites!!!
  8. I'm curious, which cs sets did you use for Fisher falls, the fences, and those tall trees? Also, this park is amazing!
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