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  1. "UGH! IT FEELS LIKE IT WAS WELDED TOGETHER BY CHILDREN!!" ... Best... Response in china... EVER.
  2. Ok. So this is really my first post on this forum, but here goes... I went to Hersehy Park for weekend vacation (literally just got back from it, so Sept 8th and 9th) with another TPR member. Now the clash of the two worlds was a bit shocking, but I learned pretty quickly. See, I already live in Northeast PA, so really my only sense of entertainment when it came to amusement parks, is Knobles (YOU PRONOUNCE THE K, JERK *inside joke*) and I haven't been to Hershey park in a few good years (i'd say about... oh... 8 years?). I really needed to have the rust shaken off and Oh boy did it do that. Day 1 was pretty rough for me. The feelings where really alien and I've started to become a little fearful of the feelings as the coasters have gotten bigger. So this was our route: Wild Cat, Lightning Racer, Fahrenheit (oh dear god at this point), Great Bear (that one grew on me QUICK <3), Sooper Dooper Looper, then it rained us out as we waited in line for Skyrush. So the park emptied, we went back to the hotel and waited it out until things dried up a bit and the park reopened. Then we headed back and he was really anticipating getting on Skyrush, but it didn't open right away like the others as quick. So we rode the comet (that thing will bust down someday... but is it fun for a really old coaster), and marathoned the Great Bear about 3 or 4 times until Skyrush opened. Now, I'm a noob compared to the rest of you at this point because I don't have the experience... Skyrush ripped me to pieces. That was my first Megacoaster (to me anyway, not like the Intimdator 305 as you speak of) and I literally wanted to cry when I got off. Then, that was it for the night. Day 2. Went back, and all that fear and nauseating feelings I felt on day 1? completely gone. I was at the point where we were having common conversations as we were hitting the hard banks on the wild cat and throwing trivia at each other down the hills of the comet. So this was our route: Lightning Racer (go thunder!), wildcat, went for storm runner but it was having some technical difficulties and we went elsewhere till it was fixed, Great Bear, Sooper Dooper Looper, Comet, back to Stormrunner (that LAUNCH!!! AH! SO GOOD!) Some Reeses Coaster that wasn't really a coaster but a moving shooting gallery of bad art and awfully hilarious scores at the end (we definitely won) Back to storm runner? (i think it was), then... terrifyingly enough Skyrush again... I sat in the middle again because of reminiscing about the night before, I was terrified of the feelings, but now that the rust is off and I was in some kind of adrenaline zone, that coaster was... actually... quite amazing. I wont lie, I kind of wish that the coaster have over the shoulder restraints other than the lap bars due to the airtime you get (oh the AIRTIME!), but I did get a bit of numbness in my left leg when we got back to the station. I don't know if was really the lap bars, because really, i was quite comfy in them, or if it was the adreneline running through me so fast. Skyrush is just a blur of yellow track, alot of air (because I think someone said it before) you feel like you are freefalling until the train catches you again at that first GIGANTIC hill that they throw you off of, near inversions that twist you from side to side, and airtime that make you feel like someone is pitching you like a baseball. When I got off, I was pretty dazed. It felt like the coaster was somewhat mad at me and I survived it's fury. I wouldn't ever want to say that Skyrush is something that should be put down because of this "uncomfortable lapbar" bullcrap that I'm hearing because if you really did encounter that, it's EASILY overlooked by the amazing, ripping feeling it gives you when you're on it.
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