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  1. I have also been following all the heat they have been getting on their facebook page. It's just part of this whole new "age of facebook" and other social media. Every new attraction that has been announced this year in the US has been done on facebook and has also suffered from tons of negative comments from amusement park enthusiasts and the general public alike. Its all part of this whole learning curve that goes with the new ways of social media. Parks are using facebook, and other sites to spread information and buzz about their new products (as every business is), and in the process, putting themselves in open territory for criticism. When an unknowing fan of a park goes to one of these facebook pages and sees nothing but tons of negative comments about a product, we can all bet that this will rub off on a good percent of viewers, and we will see many people jump on the same bandwagon. Whether your announcing a seeker of the wind, a coaster that dives like a dare devil, a hunt of the cheetahs, or making a giant even bigger in Texas, people are gonna have things to complain about. Now, because of social media, we have a much bigger arena to publicly see this occur. Parks will learn how to use these means of publicity to their greatest advantage in the upcoming years, but for now, facebook is still "new" for many established marketing teams at parks, and it will take a few years for them to figure things out. Patience my young padawans. Michael (I remember when Batman the Ride was announced and no one complained about a thing) Schwitek
  2. My question is, where is the actual Ride Logo? I can't find it on anything yet. It does lead me to believe the name was a last minute decision. I suppose we will never know...
  3. I like everything about this new ride. It is very unique, and definitely will give me a reason to visit in 2011. With the new coaster planned for Williamsburg in 2012, I have even decided to get my first Platinum Pass to the Worlds of Discovery parks. (Which, by the way, the best deal is to buy this pass at Sea World San Antonio, where it is $199 for the same Platinum Pass that is offered in Orlando for $429) Yeah, the name is not the best, but it might grow on me. It is also crazy to me that this ride is actually shorter than Maverick; it is just much more spread out. This is a great addition for Central Florida!!
  4. Fahrenheit, Hersheypark, PA. Friday the 13th of August, 2010. It was coaster number 549 for me. Random guest in line was quoted saying "It's a lot better in the back than it is in the front." I followed with "That's what he said."
  5. Hello everyone. This is my first attempt at posting some pictures from some of the various parks I have visited this year. My name is Mikey Schwitek and I currently am the manager of an amusement park and water park in the South East, which leaves me little time to travel to parks during the summer. When I do find time however, I try to see as many different parks as possible in a limited amount of time. The following will include a handful of the hundreds of pictures taken from a 4000 mile trip I recently returned from which started with Zuma Fun Center in Knoxville, Kings Island, Coney Island - Cincinnati, Stricker's Grove, and Camden Park. Oh, and as I listen to the public talk about coasters, I enjoy keeping track of the things they say that fit into the "That's what she said" category. I know its completely overdone, but deal with it. First stop was Zuma Fun Center, in Knoxville, TN. I had been here before, so this was basically an excuse to get out and stretch my feet. Random Guest #1 : "It's so dark I can't see what I'm doing" (That's what she said.) Later that night I came upon the very first Kentucky Fried Chicken. First stop of the morning, Kings Island. Decided to run in for a couple rides on some of my favorites before the crowds got there. Here is the lovely Diamondback. Here is more of Diamondback. Not quite as good as Intimidator at Carowinds (In my own unimportant opinion) Random Guest #2 : "I hope that doesn't get all over my clothes" - (That's what she said) And lookie, its the first drop of Diamondback. Ohhh, Ahhh. Random Guest #3 : "That was a lot rougher than it used to be" (That's what she said) Flying Ace Aerial Chase. - The name is far to long. Great Pumpkin Coaster - another kiddie coaster I had the pleasure of riding years ago, and therefore will never have to ride again. Backlot Stunt Coaster. And would you take a look at how Diamondback decided to jump in and be a part of this picture as well. Cocky coaster. The famous Vortex shot. This used to be one of my favorite coasters as a child. I didn't ride it on this day, but it was only because I had other places to be. This is Firehawk. It stole my necklace when it lived at Geauga Lake and never gave it back. Flight Of Fear. The best thing that ever happened to this ride was getting rid of the over the shoulder restraints. The world famous Racer. Unfortunately, it was not racing again today. Adventure Express. "You will Pay" - as you end your ride with a lift hill. Son of a beast...its closed. Delirium. Good ride, although, I wish my first stand up coaster was still here. Top Gun...Flight Deck. I remember riding this opening year thinking that this was the future of roller coasters. Now they are slowly disappearing. And finally Invertigo/Face-Off. No description needed. Next stop, Coney Island - Cincinnati. And here is Python. The only coaster left at Coney Island. They had quite a few flat rides to choose from as well. Super Classy. Now I haven't seen this before. Oh, and they have a water park which was surprisingly busy. Random Guest #4 : "I really don't want to wait that long for a 10 second ride" (That's what she said) And here is one last parting shot of Python. And guess what is open to the public today? Stricker's Grove. This place is like a really rare Pokemon. Ok, so not many people will get/appreciate that. Stricker's Grove had amazing food, for Cheap! AND free soft drinks. My favorite part was that they had Cream Soda!!! They had tons of great classic rides everywhere. Kiddy Whip, with spray paint on the back. This ride was super cool looking. Random Guest #5 : "If I'm standing up the whole time, how am I gonna stay in?" (That's what she said) Gotta love these classics. And now for the coasters. We'll start with the small one. Aww, how cute, its called Teddy Bear. Here is how you get to the top of the Teddy Bear. And here is the rest of the Teddy Bear's Lair. And now its time for the Tornado. Seriously though, its a very good ride. Lots of airtime, and the backseat has an amazing "ejector" moment towards the end. Here is one last look at Tornado. Nothing like a park in the middle of corn fields, but now I'm hungry. Now this was one of the hardest decisions of the trip. I know a lot of people who hate both of these places, but they are my two favorite places for Chili. I went with Skyline this time, and the rest area 45 miles down the road got some free souvenirs. And the final park of this busy day...Camden Park!! Hooray! A lovely old carousel. Lots of old rides that you don't see many places any more. They make you work for a good time. The skyride to no where and back. This Pony Express is almost better than Knott's. I would like to point out that they used to charge to use the bathroom stalls. So roller coaster tycoon had it right. But I woulda been pretty upset if I was running in there with an emergency and no quarter. They had a very nice Log Flume. And here is the Little Dipper. I love these old trains. The only thing that made me realize I was not in the 1960's was the Flo-Rida, and Katy Perry playing over the park speakers. Here is another look at the Little Dipper. "Rock N Tug" - (That's what she said) Not quite as good as Tatsu. Bumper Cars, next to The Whip. Spread your wings and fly. The Haunted House that many could call a roller coaster. Paratrooper always reminds me of the word Pooperscooper. Round up. A very old music express type ride. And finally, the bigger version of the Little Dipper. More old train awesomeness. I really have became fond of these older coasters as of late. They really do deliver some awesome rides. One last picture of the Big Dipper. That's it for the first 24 hours of my trip. Stay tuned for day 2.
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