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  1. Howdy folks. Can I ask you guys - you know the way Shambhala has no time for you if you're carrying some extra weight in your legs (and you get kicked off), but every other coaster seems fine? What category does the new Ferrari coaster fall into? Is it like Shambhala in that you'll have to do the embarrassing walk off if you're a bit big? Or is it like Baco, Khan, etc. where it doesn't really matter?
  2. Can anyone tell me what the story is with the park these days? I was there 2 or 3 years ago. Ferrari land was just being announced at the time. Looks like i'll be back there this october for a short while so may pop in for a day. Is there anything new or interesting to ride/try out in the park at all? From a quick google, ferrari is being worked on, but not actually open to the public?
  3. I know it's probably a bit late in the day, but just incase anyone else is googling and finds this. I'd be heavy enough. I alter my weight a bit, usually hovering around 16st and 20st. I find i can fit on everything at about 17.5st weight, however, I carry a lot of my weight in my legs/ass. Fitting onto Furious Baco, Khan, (and pretty much every other ride) I am fine, regardless of size. However, Shambhala is the pain in the ass (literally). The test seat is a bit of a waste as it can close properly on you, and you can still find the actual seats too tight. The amount that they
  4. I've just come back from Salou, where I spent three days in PortAventura. I'm not anywhere nearly as clued into the ins and outs of rollercoasters as ye guys obviously are, but as a Joe Soap with minimal knowledge, I can say that, having rode both sides (red and blue) of Stampida several times (and multiple times without getting off, as there were no queues), it is a rollercoaster that genuinely gave me the need to take some headache tablets. There's an enormous amount of shaking, pushing and shoving and it pretty much just kicks the crap out of you (much like Tomahawk). It left bruise
  5. Actually, when was that taken (the photo)? Looks like a fairly hefty queue, considering it's mid-october?!
  6. What causes a roll back, out of curiousity? Not enough weight in the train, I presume? (although I suppose if that was the case, it'd never make it round the track on an empty testing..?). Cheers KarlaKoaster for the info on the non-coaster rides. Much appreciated. Interesting that they've never really bothered to update any of them or add any more interesting variations to their non-coaster rides. Could do them a bit of good. I like roller coasters, but I am also very fond of decent non-coaster rides.. but you can only get spun around in circles so many times before it kind of loses it
  7. How do folks.. probably don't know me as I'm more a lurker than anything else really (though i was on here before moaning about the Shambhala seats). I've been to PA twice in the past and will be going a third (and final, most likely) time in the next week or so. I was wondering if I could ask ye guys a question, or for your opinion on something... (this is a little discussion that was had between myself and a friend, that never really crossed my mind in the past). PA have a fair few rollercoasters. They also have a 'drop' ride (Condor). Is it just me, though, or does
  8. Just back from my stay in Salou (and Port Aventura visit). I'm happy to be able to say that I did manage to get into the seats/restraints on Shambhala. I fit into the test seat, and when I got onto the actual ride itself, I pulled the restraint towards me and it jammed/locked. However, despite this, one of the ride operators gave me an extra push to lock the restraint down further on me. He did it quickly and with enough pressure/effort that it only took a second or two, so there was no real sense of embarrassment or anything (which I'm sure there could've been with a less competent ride o
  9. This is gonna be way off topic, but seen as PA is based in Salou, i figure a few of the people on here who read this thread may also be based/live in the area? I was just wondering if anyone knows how the Policia Local/Guarda Civil treat the public with cameras? I'm a professional photographer, but I've a big interest in Policing/Emergency services, so I'd like to see if i can get a few photos of the cars/vehicles used by the diferent services? I was in Salou in 2010 and visited a building near PA, that I am lead to believe that some kind of headquarters of the Guardia Civil (they
  10. Roughness of it doesn't bother me (adds to the experience in my opinion!) but fantastic news that it's back up and running again
  11. I'm not the biggest coaster-goer in the world, with very limited experience (pales in comparison to those on here who have such a strong interest in it, surely) but I must admit that Baco is far and away the single best coaster experience of my life. I didn't know about the launch at the start (I hadn't read up on it or such), so it took me completely by surprise. I'm a fully grown man, and I know the chances of any injury or death on a coaster is practically non-existant, but Baco had me literally dreading going upside down. The whole thing is just a severely intense experience and two ye
  12. Argh! Will be in PA in 3 weeks. Ye guys would know more about this kinda thing than I - Should I expect the coaster to be back up and running by then? (It seems a fairly minor issue) or will my favourite ride there be closed for maintenance
  13. Oh, also, has anyone any more word on the Shambhala seating? Are 'bigger thigh people' getting on it now, or still being refused? (reading here, it seems someone mentioned that the ride has become more forgiving, but I'm not sure if anyone ever gave an actual "i was there" answer? All stories are very vague). Cheers
  14. Can I ask ye guys; what's the story with bringing a camera on a rollercoaster in PA? It'd obviously have to be secure (so it can't fall out of your hands, etc.) which mine would be (I'm a professional photographer, so wouldn't be taking any risks). Do the ride operators care? I'd imagine they don't, but better to ask than not to. Do you just mention it to them when you're taking your seat so they know it's there?
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