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  1. The only parks I could really vouge for are SFMM and Knotts berry farm since I visit them the most frequently and can verify rides that are consistently rough. For SFMM, I've heard Psyclone was absolutely terrible. I was alive when it was there, but never went on it (not really sure why). I've also heard Flashback was rough, but was never alive when it was in operation. For me, last time I went to SFMM, Colossus was probably the roughest. In addition Viper is pretty rough and theres not much they could do for it but it's frustrating cause then theres rides like Revolution wouldn't be so rough if it didnt have the stupid OTSRs. At Knotts Ghost Rider is really rough and its really frustrating cause it would be so much better if it wasn't as rough.
  2. I went a few weeks ago on my grad nite to SFMM and it was definitely awesome going on all of the rides at night, I loved all the lights and simply riding the rides in the cool night vs the usual hot day this time of year. So since I haven't been on TPR in a while... anyone know what's going on with Colossus? Are they completely tearing it down? Trying to add topper track or redo sections of it? I asked park employees what they knew but of course they gave responses that I could tell I couldn't trust. I'm not sure what I would want done with the ride. Basically rebuilding it to have a Texas Giant style design would be sweet, but using that huge space for another coaster would be sweet as well. But you can't just tear out Colossus!.... even though I'm sure SFMM would do it
  3. Does anyone have an idea why X2 will be closed for so long? I must have missed something... Backwards Batman I'm meh about because I love the ride as is and backwards will probably be fun I'm just having a hard time introducing myself to the concept of backwards rides. They should do one train forwards and one trains backwards, or something idk. Colossus backwards would be cool if they did do one track backwards one forwards. I'm the same hesitant way about running it completely backwards. And it does make a lot of since for them to add another kiddie coaster in order to set it up so their 20th is a huge coaster. Whoever made that post up there, your link to the hint to what the 20th coaster would be is bad^^^
  4. So THATS why Apocalypse was probably closed for me about a week and half ago...
  5. Jaguar is too sentimental for Knott's to take out. Plus with the management going for a family/themed park, they wouldn't cram something into an already well themed area. I'm still down for a dark ride, just don't think the whole Jaguar idea is plausible.
  6. Are normal 2014 passes on sale yet? I know they usually come out during Fright Fest time
  7. Yeah I hadn't been since late late December so I'm not sure how long it had been one train, possibly a few months before April. It would break my heart to see the park do the same one train stuff they practice with Riddlers
  8. so hard to keep up on these threads ill just continue with the current topic. Definitely upset about Windseekers sad existence @ Knotts. Hopefully it can enjoy a better life at WoF. In the mean time, I wouldn't expect much in replacement since Windseeker was awkwardly placed anyways
  9. Just a quick question... it may seem ignorant but I honestly am curious haha. So last week when I visited the park Scream was only running one train, but at the front of the quene they had a sign I'd never read before that said something like "For maintenance reasons or checks or something we are only running one train"... I'm guessing that they actually were only running one train for maintenance, I just was shocked since Scream usually always has two trains. And also, Riddlers just doesn't even have another train to run right? For almost two years now everytime I go its running one train and I'm pretty sure a few months ago I heard they sent one of its trains to Green Lantern @ SFGAdv. Thanks!
  10. Also I understand how Knotts was trying to not go nuts on the thrill rides, but trying to compete as a mainly themed family park is just silly with disneyland so close. Like I said above they don't have to go too big on thrill because its impractical but with the Boardwalk addition of the park, I would say the park is somewhat family dominated but definitely still has a presence of thrills.
  11. Six Flags gave up the slot to make Iron Colossus this year so I definitely agree Knotts could jump on that oppurtunity because while Colossus is just somewhat enjoyable more of a classic ride you don't do for the thrill, GhostRider is pretty much unrideable. Plus, doing a modified GhostRider would be much easier then this 300 ft giga or whatever people are saying. Don't get me wrong that would be sick if they built that but it's just pretty impractical for the size and location of Knotts
  12. Haven't ridden YOLOcoaster yet..... 1) X2 2) Goliath 3) Superman 4) Batman 5) Colossus BACKWARDS If past rides count, Deja Vu is my favorite
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