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  1. We did it about a month ago and I've been putting off posting this for....whatever reason. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this fine read. Waking up early from my long night of putting up with drunken yahoo's, I headed over to Tsuki's. She was ready for a g-r-r-eat day of coastering... and ALOT of driving. Oh, and Eric appeared in my back seat some how. Uh oh, Jailbait! Ah, such interesting country. Corn... oh! Corn! And Look! Korn! Optimus Prime! We stopped briefly at Hardees (cause I know you all were wondering). I like it here, but it's not nearly as awesome as Carl's Jr. back west. It's like Carl's Lite. Nice new Antenentnnee thang. Must. Follow. Truck. Coming into Kentucky, what's the first thing we see? A huge picture of The "Kernal" Sanders! Come get some chicken in ya! Thar be our first stop, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. Five bucks for parking, and this guy took our money. I would have payed ten bucks if he had made some hilariously offensive racial slur. Go, Greezed Lightnin', go. "YOU are HERE!!" *ominous muzack* Protect your feet! Oh no! It's hideous! It's horrifying! It's business up front and party in the back! And thus began.... Mullet Watch 2007 This feller was first. Here, we found... Mullet #2. "Why? Just... just why?" Lightnin' was fun. Not as good as it could have been. Chang was next. Also, I thought it was interesting that the water park is nestled in the middle of the theme park. Something must've been very picture worthy... to bad I didn't get a picture of it. Already? Neat. Ahh! Mullet #3! "Buy our crap or DIE an early age!" Mulllllletttt Four! Brian BIGWORM! Goooorrrrdonnnn! Hey, man. Watch those fingers. They could get you kicked out... Weeee! D'oh! Way to flip off a camera. They let us go, though. Cause they knew we were about to be punished enough on... One nice thing about it, it had these They were nice. Una-Boob! Oops... careful, he's a trap! Okay... I know that they are balloons. But c'mon. Do they have to look so much like... uh.... nevermind. Ohhh yeahhhhh... Mile High Club members ONLY. Ha, they wish. Time for a ride on everyone's favorite sisters. Must eat ACEr. Jeez! Mullet #5. Eric fears the mullet. vvvvvPotentially Offensive Jokevvvvv Hey! We found the little girls feet! And some extra ones. Maybe they're COLLECTING them. Weee! And now. The waiting song. "IIiiiiii'mmmmm waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting. Waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting. Shayting, Fainting, baiting, waiting..." Okay, it needs some work. Mullet #6. Mullet Watch 2007 is becoming more important than ever. Fun and short. Very rough, though. Seems like all of the coasters are rough here. Okay guys, let's motor. G'bye SFKK. Thanks for not stealing our feet. Hmm... I wonder which one is ours. The buses? No... The Semi? Yeah that's it! Tsuki, you drive now I want to take pictures of.... All the corn! Man there really is nothing out here... Except THAT! Hey! HA! WHOA! AHH! Yeahhh, tickets. Nevermore! "That's it. No more gay pictures of flowers!" Oh HELL yes! Free Pepsi yadda yadda yadda. Yes! YES YESSS! Something about this really freaks me out. What's better than free Pepsi? Voyage! Omygawd.... This is gonna be awesome. Something is wrong with this man's shirt... Mullet Number Seven! Oh no! Brawwwk! Theming! Yikes, this stuffs dangerous. Tsuki makes a new friend on her front row ride on Voyage. "Yeah. It was awesome." Time for some legendary action on... well... The Legend. Time for Raven. NEVERMORE! This looks pretty cool on the outside. Kinda lame on the inside, though. NEVERMORE. Raven was great, too. Didn't compare to Voyage, though. Then of course we went here to ride they're frightening kiddie coaster. I even got a special birthday greet before our ride. Even though, my birthday isn't for a couple of months.... Screw this, more Voyage. At night! After a fun filled day of coastering, Eric wanted one last thrill at the hotel room. He then died. . The next day we made it back up to Indianapolis. Must ride Kiddie Koaster. Beware of the giant trash receptacles! There's a kiddie coaster somewhere inside here... Ah, there it is. Oh, sorry... it's a family coaster... Woot. BaQ Row! Yay "family" coasters! "Yeah, Kombo!" "Don't make me tell you again!" Oh my... Well, we got some chicken at a crowded popeyes and finally made it home. Oh yeah... and we saw this angry feller. The End.
  2. Because they can and like to. It's not about doom and gloom. It's about being yourself. You have every right to voice your opinion but you also should be more tolerant of other cultures.
  3. ^Something against people expressing themselves in the way they feel is right?
  4. That looks very cool. I'd love to ride that.
  5. Great trip report, That Guy. I now want to go to King's Island even more.
  6. Whoa, Our Good Friend Andy, where'd you come from? MerryDeath squeltches with excitment. Mr. Wiggle is in the "Submissive Position" Dan and Ally. When together are henceforth known as "Dally". After a short while in the water park, an unfun storm came rolling in. MerryDeath and I went into Great America while Dally and Our Good Friend Andy waited for the water slides to open up. Oh, it looks even better up close...... Wait, what'd I need the smilie for? This was the face I made. Wet. That Guy? Are you up there? The weather started to clear and some rides opened. We hopped aboard Condor as we passed and saw that Bull had opened, yay. The Jester was not pleased with the weather. Our Good Friend Andy met up at Bull. We have a theory that he looks ten times gayer when he's on the phone. 3 "The world may never know" Gah ha! Free water! MerryDeath does her radio impression and tries to tune in some aliens. Ah, the Butt-Chin. The only way to wipe your nose and ass at the same time. Sweet, sweet bull-luvin'. Shut up and dance! Dally and Nolan rode De Vu. We waited. Kept ourselves entertained in the excruciating five minute wait... FI-nally sheesh! Our Good Friend Andy... getting nomeD Looks like the Demon already got them... Bitten by a Vampire Trash Receptacle, Ally has become one of them Their numbers are growing. Line jump in progress! Time for American Smeagol. My precious! Wee! Whoa... where'd This Guy come from? I don't think he had any clue of what was happening behind him. $90 for a ride on the Kraken... oh plus more for the shirt. Wise investment. "Outta the way! The brakes are cut!" Nolan hungry. The Ride time. Ha! Face! Get the HELL away from my ICEE. The Batman dance, apparently. Must kick kids! Hiya! Bunny Ball. Creepy. Mist POV. Time for one last ride on Whizzer. Useful Spam. Dally ready to Whizz. No... Don't! One hug and Nolan EXPLODES! Extreme! . "Deruhhh.... I like dat, we go back. Tuseday, deff.. deff... deffally tuesday." Look! Trees! The End
  7. Apparently it was the junkyard burning the junk. The ads are really out of control at the park, though.
  8. Yeah, it's a bit late but my computer was kind of out of the state. Anywhom.... "If I go one more day without some thrill, I'll go insane!" sixflagsomuhgawd! Approaching the park, we see this huge cloud of smoke over the horizon Coaster porn at it's finest. Superman on fire! Praise Jesus Hallelujah! Our first ride, of course, was Raging Delicious. MerryDeath's first Bull hug of the actual season. "So this is what it's like on the other end of the camera..." The Amazing Alfredo... whose name is actually Brian. MerryDeath is now covered in what I like to call "Wiggles' Goo". Gasp.... so tired... line so.... LONG. No! Not my shirt! Damn Trash Receptacles! Whoa... how'd it get this long? Let's try another ride. Oh no! A fanny pack! "What's the matter? Too much fanny and not enough pack for you?" These guys were cool. That's all I have to say. The world needed to know this. MerryDeath is still stuck on this ancient technology called "film". The light that's out above her head and Superman in the background could be a metaphor for something... or completely random. Zoooom.... Okay, make it provocative and sexy.... No, no, that's all wrong... Lemme show you... Now THAT'S S-E-X-X-Y. Oh... how classy. Speaking of class.... Look at that lovely Geico add bumper stickered on the back of Viper. It's THEMING! *sigh* To end this Trip Report, I bring you... some ducks. The End.
  9. You're absolutely right about Indy needing refurbishment. It doesn't have quite the same magic it had ten years ago. It's starting to show it's age. And maybe when some Imagineers are at home bored, they'll see our cries for a refurb.
  10. Great reports, That Guy. So glad to see Vu finally open. Now I can ride it tomorrow. Oh, and... An evil Trash Receptacle somehow got front row seats to this show. Man, they are so evil.
  11. Jenna packs some sammiches and we head out the do'. We arrived no more than ten minutes after park opening. Yes, these were the lines to get in at 10:08 that morning. We headed straight for Bull where we ran into some peeps already gettin' thier thrill on. That'd be Dan in the back row with his arms up. Parker had already got his thrill on as well. After our excellent ride, I distributed some Opening Day beads and we shlepped on over to Viper. Dannie, Ali, Ally, That Other Guy, Dan, and Nick having an EXTREME time on Viper. Parker. Rightious Super Dude or total ACEr. You decide. We could not resist the call of the one they call "Receptacle" so we trecked on over. And for those who still haven't seen it, this is Eagle's amazingly new mile long line. This Guy was there, having a great time cleaning up some infectious human waste that someone decided to share. You'd think once on the same ride is enough, but someone decided to share their breakfast on the red side as well. MMMmmmm! We got a good helping delivered right into our faces. This is the "I got puke on me" face. Getting puked on once wasn't enough, so we decided to go ride the now opened blue side. blewsyde4evah, y'all Dan: "Dude, I'm texting to you!" Parker: "lol omg!" Immediatly follwing this picture, That Other Guy attempted to devour Parker. We knew it was time to get some eats. We ate lunch. It was splendid. Waiting for Ally to come back from some place, Parker and I hopped aboard the raceway. How's this for teamwork? Parker steers while I pedal (and put it to the metal, might I add). "Look, mah! No brains!" Whoa snap! This person just came out of nowhere! Parker, I don't want to alarm you, but there's a Trash Receptacle RIGHT THERE! Oh God! It's following us! Ahhh! Ahhhhh! Parker says this is a speaker... Is he lying to me? Am I so gullabull? or even gullacalf? Moo. After that insane near death experience with the Trash Receptacle, we knew it was time to Wiggle. And That Other Some Guy was running the teacups (which are hard core, by the way) "Mashed banana, mashed banana" Jenna aboard the Big Red Car. Same as last, only different person. Some of the women folk wanted to go Bouncin' with Wags, so Parker got stuck with a purse. Looks good on him. Matches his complection. Bounce Bounce That Other Guy was another story. He could barely fit on this thing. The seats are so small... let's just say you'll have a "mashed banana" after riding this. Not to mention, he broke the ride. These planes rock. Whoo! Wiggles! Crazy folk. Top Secret, Bradley P. "Hey, errbody, Triple Play's open!" "L" is for "Loser". I wasn't aware... thanks for the reminder. Parker uses the misters to their full potential. Ohhhh, that's why it's so damn crowded here. Six Flags has yet to paint these over at Ricochet that I saw last week as well. They look really out of place without the paint. "Moooo" I'm sure we would all like some of her tasty treats. These should be a warning label. "These beads not intedid for people with a mental age of 5 or lower." Hmm... make that a mental age of 2. Oh no, Parker... not you too! Awesome picture, I think. Beside the fact that That Other Guy isn't looking and Dan somehow dissapeared from sight. It's around five and some of the buses are starting to leave. At food time, we noticed this very interesting chair out by Vu. Since the crowds were letting up, we decided it was time to get our Cajun on. The only time I'll ride it without Single Rider Line. Messing with the focus. That Guy gets some opening day beads. *SNAP* "Uhh... Lundy, you can have your beads back now..." It's the boy wonder! Closing is about to come round, so we waited for the last train of the night on Bull. Coolest thing ever, last train of the night. Some yokels up front started chanting for one more ride and their wish was actually granted. We got to ride the last train... twice. Bull Lovin'. Whelp, a very awesome day indeed. Wiggly. I look forward to my next visit, and it'll hopefully be on a day that I had actually slept the night before. The End.
  12. Mother: Happy Scrappy Hero Pup. Annoying kid: Happy Scrappy! Happy Scrappy! Mother: It's her favorite. Randall: Obviously...
  13. Yeah, the American Eagle line is now a real pain to get through. Operation Spygirl looks like it's going to rokk, though. We had an awesome time, even for only two hours.
  14. I was there... I think I saw you... You were like.... everywhere I went. Weird.
  15. Parker swallows his bawls and we were out the door to round up our passe. Including Our Good Friend Andy, and a blurry MerryDeath We showed up just in time for the chain drop. We also met these two. First stop? Bull.....what else? MerryDeath glares, the homeboys pose, and Dan takes summore nerdy shots of coasters. It's okay, dude, we're all guilty of it. There was something interesting in the Bull station.... Someone tried to disguise this as a smiley face....but we all know the dirty, dirty truth. Only losers ride in the back row....... I wish I was a loser... This must've been the infamous train that had the accident. It didn't run with anyone in it. Ha! Now there's two more people who have hugged the Bull! Man, that support is a whore! While the ladies ran to the "whizzer", us fellas rode the Drop. Man, private events rokk. Drop was mighty fun. Now that the gals are back, we went to Viper. Ally and Dan both think the same....Why does he take so many damn pictures? Our Good Friend Andy and Parker.....dance? Hmm...good dancing or not, it seems that it let them ride before us. Haha! It looks like Our Good Friend Andy is yelling at Parker... and Parker is about to cry..... or crap his pants.... either way COMEDIC GOLD! Oh, Wiggles. Yeah.... Let's ride Eagle, now. Christ on a crepe, this is long! Too much twisty! It just keeps going! Here's where the stairs used to be. Luckily, they still have the sign that warns people about the evil Trash Receptacle.... wait a minute... where is said Receptacle? Oh good God! It escaped! Run for the hills! Run! Go! Ahhhhh! Well, Eagle broke before we could ride it "Lammmme" Our Good Friend Andy took advantage of the half priced food. Believe it or not, this meal cost under five dollars! MerryDeath is happy to be back with her lover, The Dark Knight. So is everyone else, apparently. Yay, Red Eye! She really does love The Ride. We tracked down That Guy, cause we promised him a cameo in today's episode. But there was this weird Blair Witch thing on the ground... We felt uneasy, so we got out of there. Bye, That Guy! On our way around, we hit Superman. Interesting thing, The Trash Receptacles have been forming an army. Yeah, I stole this picture idea, but it is really weird... Cool new figures that don't have crap all over them. And look! Supergirl doesn't have jizz all over her! These are the cool new park maps that're all folded funky. I dig it. Hey, it's This Guy! No time to talk, This Guy. Triple Play is closed right now and we have to get our Demon on... Our... Deem on ... Our Dem on. Demon! Parker is ready to get his Deem On. So, is MerryDeath. But that's obvious. And in an odd turn of events, Parker started the ride at Demon and ended on Whizzer... Of course, This Guy showed up yet again... He told us to head to the Southwest Ampitheatre. On our way, we saw Robin, the boy wonder. He told us it'd be better if we went home. So we did. Bye Six Flags. See you next week. Hopefully for more than two hours. The End.
  16. Gah! Now that damn It's A Small World song is stuck in my head! Nooo!
  17. Great TR. Although, personally, I prefer the TR's with people in them having a good time. These are great, too, however. Excellent "FoToes".
  18. I will be at SFGAm opening day. Prolly wont meet up with people, cause I'll have a boat load of people there with me already. But if anyone does recognize me please say hello.
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