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  1. Just so we're clear......that was a joke, right?
  2. ^Thanks muchly. Glad you enjoyed it. AH! You missed us by a day! We were there July 31st and August 1st. It was basically awesome. How were the lines? The longest wait we had for TTD was probably 1 1/2 hours [breakdown included], and MF was around 30 mins. Lines were pretty bad. Disaster Transport, Mantis, Blue Steak, Skyhawk, and maXair were about a half hour. Gemini, Iron Dragon, Mean Steak, and Magnum were about 20 minutes or less. Everything else was 45 to 2 hours. I think MF was about an hour (which is why we rode it only once) and TTD was up to 2. We should've gone on a week day....
  3. My...God.... That's probably the most disturbing picture I've ever seen.
  4. We were there July 29th and 30th. Good times.
  5. Hey, that's awesome! I do (Family) Fright Fest at Six Flags Great America, in Necropolis. It'll have a blast, I'm sure.
  6. ^Oh, he was....a little bit. No foolin'. Go look
  7. I know it's gat a steel track...but the structure is wood, is it not?
  8. Yeah, it's Econo Lodge. I think every room is different. I'm 6' 3'' and the bathrooms were fine.... Oh, yeah....and Cedar Point was fun.
  9. The lady did not seem happy when I held out my quarter and asked for cotton candy and a cup of water.... What can I say, I'm cheap.
  10. Starring Lundy, MerryDeath, Tsuki, Parker, Jenna, and And Some Guy. We hopped on bored of our travel-mobile and were on our way. "I can't believe we're going to Disney World!" says Tsuki. There's And Some Guy and MerryDeath sittin' in the back. And Some Guy is a great friend of ours. He may be skinny, but he's good to have around when you can't find another person to ride coasters with. Trust me, we tried to find people....there were originally supposed to be eight of us...that would've been crouded.... Wait a minute....we ARE going to Walt Disney World! Look! There's Spaceship Earth! A ways down the rode, my primitive instincts showed up. "EAT!" So we stopped at this McResturaunt. Everything was going good....until.... WE WERE ATTEACKED BY A GIANT BEE! We ran for our lives with eats in our hand. We ran all the way to Ohio and finally arrived at our destination. Dunn dunn duhhhhhhhh. It even comes with it's own retro-TV. "This is more fun than a jumping pillow." Look at that air, whooo. Oh, good. There's a blue monkey to watch over us. Here's e'eryone pointing at The Point Time for more eats (running that far from bees will really make you hungry). We walked over the Thank God It's TGI Friday's. And we ate. Exciting, no? No? Okay....fine. CUT TO EXT. Hotel-Day. PARKER stands outside half awake. He holds in his hand the tickets for the local theme park. He looks to his left and sees LUNDY. He looks at LUNDY oddly. Then, just as PARKER begins to fall asleep standing up, LUNDY swiftly snaps a photo. "Sorry, but it is way too early for you to try to be funny." Yeah, so here we go. Grab a VERY little breakfast...OJ and a bagel...and off we go. There were already loads of people there. They let the special "We stay at the hotel" people in early. We'll have to try that next time. "I am so happy." "Clearly," I say. Almost time........ HOLY spit! anddddddddddd................ THEY'RE OFF! There it be! "I am never running again," I says. Aha! I knew it! Cedar Fair is owned by ALIENS!!! Parker doesn't care, he's just happy to be in line for Top Thrill Dragster. "Holy carp, it's taller than me!" "and me!" (Which is really something cause Tsuki is Uber-Tall. Sheesh, And Some Guy really needs to learn how to pose for the camera...he's too busy looking at TTD. I guess I don't blame him. Wow, everyone's so....happy to be alive. YAY! Uh-oh, we're almost up... Okay, everyone, while on Dragster be sure to efficiently ooh and awe at the sights and speed. Ready? "OOOOOOoooh....." "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" And fun was had by all, yay! Next, was corkscrew. It was close and we needed a tamer ride to rgain our sanity Not that we really had it to begin with. It's a fun ride and I really like the first dip before the loop. Walkin' around, there was this diner place with some cars out front. Sheesh I feel like I'm in American Grafitti. YAY! YAY, again! Hahaha, wow.... Wheee! That was awesome. Good times. George Lucas refference number two: Millenium Force will be with you, always. Snoopy on Ice seemed like an okay way to cool down, but I think we were more entertained with the thought of Tsuki on Ice. So, we just ate, instead. They sang, they danced, we ate, we laughed, we cried, talked about the good times, talked about the bad times....etc. Next up, was the delicious ride Blue Steak. Mmmmm....Steak.... What? Blue StReak? Eh, whatever. Tsuki was all singin'. MerryDeath....uh...was saluting something....prolly the steak. Parker found a new friend. Fun ride...little rough, though New, from Hasbro: Glow-in-the-dark Parker! With Karate Chop ACTION! It's EXTREME! Disaster Transport was a blast and a half. Look, they even have their own Tatsu. Whee! EXTREME!!!! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.....since when did this become Disneyland? Iron Dragon was next. It was prolly the only huggable ride. And then....we were stuck. "Harrumph" Then, we were unstuck, Yay! That one was alright, but I think Ninja at Six Flags Magic Mountain is better. Wow, I feel like I'm at Knott's. Hey, let's ride that one! What don't wanna? What're you....chicken? CHICKEN! and and and Goat sheep thingies! Hey, watch it buddy, this is a family park. You're lucky we already had some blue steak. Ahh, more bees! We took refuge in the amazing mine ride.... and got stuck on this one, too. Time for more steak. This one was mean, though. Y'know, the layout does make it look like alot of fun... But it really just...left us all feeling abused. The scenery was nice, though. This guy was cool. He'd stand in front of those slow moving granny car things while they were comin' at him. FIGHT THE POWER! Over by Gemini there was prolly the only Snoopy we saw the whole time. PICKLE! Hmm...I think Parker still's still out of it from Top Thrill Dragster. Gemini was a damn fun ride. Very smooth, for a woody, and very up and down-ey. BUNNY! Can I pet da rabbits, George? Not sure what I was hiding from.... Gah! Something about that creeps me out. And now.... Magnum XL-200 IV.5x2 Excellent fluppin' ride. Quite possibly my new favorite. Next, was a fun li'l flat ride. "It's still not as cool as jumping on beds" "Oh really?" says MerryDeath and Lundy stares off into the distance. Well, MerryDeath and Jenna decided they've had enough EXTREME fun for the night. So, Tsuki, Parker, Lundy, and And Some Guy stayed at the park while the other two went off and got some rest. Power Tower was next on the list. Then, we rode maXair Awesome ride, but we quickly had to leave the area before we encountered.... ::shutter:: Skyhawk was up next. Only Tsuki was man enough to ride in seat 13 Awesome ride. Then, we rode Magnum...AT NIGHT. Crazy stuff. No. Thank you. Then the two girls came and got us. and we rode home half awake ::sleep:: Yay, now that everyone's exhausted, we get to do it all again! "Are you ready....TO ROCK!?" "Day Two" "Hehe...please get that camera out of face...." Hey! Hey! We're the Munkees! So, as soon as we got there we got in line for Raptor. Y'ouch. We finally made it through, though Wowy, what an awesome ride. What's that?! Cotton candy is only a QUARTER?! Hellz yeah! So, we scarfed down our deliciously priced cotton candy and went to Mantis. These cooling things were a life saver. Everyone liked it. I still like Riddler's Revenge better, though...but hey...this isn't Six Flags, is it? Workin' our way around, again, Tsuki and Parker hopped on Skyhawk. and MerryDeath and I went on that amazing wet water ride right next to it. Yay for miserabley wet! Since it was almost time for us to head out.... We rode Magnum again. Yay, no line! Excellent ride. On our way out, we decided to have own last fling and rode the extra fast EXTREME Carousel. It's EXTREME!!! Anywho, Thanks for reading.
  11. The Jay and Silent Bob movies... Hook The Village UHF Drop Dead Fred Monkeybone Catch Me If You Can The Terminal The Goonies Ed Wood Big Fish
  12. Yeah, Indy has the best. Tower of Terror is also very of the awesome. Can't forget The Haunted Mansion (DL). Even though it's outside, it's very well themed.
  13. That doesn't make too much sense....The Simpsons isn't owned by Universal, it's owned by 20th Century Fox. And the show will be ending soon anyhow (on account that the movie is coming out)......
  14. That doesn't make too much sense....The Simpsons isn't owned by Universal, it's owned by 20th Century Fox. And the show will be ending soon anyhow (on account that the movie is coming out)......
  15. That's what the sign sayed....and there were people standing right at the enterance.
  16. Grabbed my hat and was ready to go! Hmm.....it's a little late....four o' clock....and we're leaving at seven? Hey, at least we're going, right? OOOOoooh.... Okay, seriously...has it gotten so bad here that they need cop cars out in front? Yay, Tatsu! .....oh...yeah....and Revolution..... Yikes...those are some offensive plants.... Isn't this where the stairs to Sammuri Summit used to be? Hey, we only had about three hours to ride rides, so we forked over the twenty bucks for the Flash Pass. Damn, that's HUGE. I love it. It's a great ride, much better than Superman at SFGAm. For the first time in forever, Superman: The Escape is open when I'm there. Sadly, it's line was one hour and forty-five minutes long. We didn't have enough time to waist on a 30 second ride.... *sigh*Maybe next time.....if it's still here.... Hey, Goldrusher....fun stuff. I usually have Raging Bull to hug, but Tatsu is just as good. ....what ever you say, cheif..... Trees through the trees. Since I didn't ride it back in December, I wanted to ride it next.... Riddler's Revenge, yay! Looks like there was some kind of campout or something.... Maybe it's just the happening place to sit... Anyway, back to Riddler's Revenge... Oye...even with Flash Pass this line took forever. We had the worst time in this station. The lights were off.... there were mobs of people..... and there was trash.... So, instead of just complaining about it, I cleaned it up. Seriously, they need a grouper or something, this station is a mess (of people and trash) The ride, however, was amazing. I'd say it justified that disgrace of a line. Gah.....God, I'm creepy.... Okay, seriously....who would bring a sharpie on a roller coaster? Although I didn't ride it, I like taking pictures of it.... That's about as far up as it got, but that sill pretty high. These guys were most excellent. Reminds me of "Doug". Bangin' on a trash can. Drummin' on a street light. Yup....maybe next time. Scream! was next. The line was so short we didn't need Flash Pass. This ride, for me at least, has never had a line longer than a half-hour. The ride ops get it going out fast enough....and they even only had two trains on the track. Parking lot coaster or not. This is a fun ride. I don't care what people say. Goliath was next. I got to ride with my good buddy And Some Guy, this time. "Click, click, click click...." Whoooooooooaa "AHHHHHHH!" It's really just a big mess of steel... Ah, Flashback... Why does Flashback look like the only coaster that's hiding from the world? I bet if it was out in the open, more people would wonder why it wasn't open...and then complain...and then have it open, yay! Okay...we got about fifteen minutes left...let's run to Viper So we ran... Oooh, pretty....wait...no time.... RUN GASP.....whew...okay, we made it.... "What do you mean this isn't Space Mountain?" Hey, it's X....cool.... Weeeee! Alright. What an awesome day. I got on five coasters in three hours. I think that's pretty good, eh? I sure hope Magic Mountain doesn't get torn down. That would be a big dissapointment. I always have fun when coming here, even though Riddler's line needs to be better. Anywho,
  17. I met some of my best friends by meeting them in the line for Demon at Six Flags Great America. They were singin' songs 'n' what not and we decided they were cool enough to walk aorund the park with. Now we go to SF together all the time.
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