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  1. I deeply care about theming. When I visited Wild Adventures, I couldn't help but cringe at the "theming" that seemed awful compared to Disney and Universal, which are just an hour away from where I live. I just think detailed queues and ride experiences are part of the "theme park" experience and I'd much rather ride Tower of Terror and Forbidden Journey than some roller coaster placed on top of a parking lot.
  2. Actually, a lot was just re-painted like Port of Entry, Seuss Landing, The Incredible Hulk, Toon Lagoon, etc.
  3. 1. Islands of Adventure - My favorite theme park. Ever. Incredible theming + high-tech rides + 3 awesome coasters = amazing. 2. Magic Kingdom 3. Universal Studios Florida 4. Disney's Hollywood Studios 5. Dollywood 6. Busch Gardens 7. Disney's Animal Kingdom 8. Epcot - I really do love Epcot. It's just the last park I would visit on a WDW vacation... 9. SeaWorld Orlando
  4. Very pleased with the news of the facade being different! I hope it will fit with the New York theming.
  5. I've always seen the "inside" of the ride as being much, much brighter when I ride it at night. I just rode Mummy at USO a couple of weeks ago at night and it didn't seem any different to me. Ah, that was probably it then.
  6. I agree. The turntable scene was by far the worst. I could barely make out Imhotep as we rotated because it was so bright. The launch Imhotep projection is looking very nice though!
  7. Hollywood Rip, Ride, RockIt at Universal Studios Florida, last night!
  8. Maybe it's cause our eyes are adjusted to the darkness already? That was one thing I thought of, cause there is no way it is that bright during the day. It was disappointing because it was my Dad's first time on the ride and I feel like it just wasn't the full effect.
  9. I just went to HHN 22 last night, and I have one question about Revenge of the Mummy... Has anyone noticed how bright it is? The first scenes are great, I even noticed new lighting effects on the Imhotep animatronic. However, when we reached the scarab scene, the screens were clearly visible. It was even worse when we reached the turntable scene. You could see the turntable mechanism, catwalks, the screens that show the Imhotep projection, everything! Then, after the first launch, it was pretty bright in the show building. You can easily see the track all around you, the catwalks and the supports. Maybe it's just me, but I remember it being MUCH darker in there...
  10. Expedition Everest, Tennessee Tornado or Sheikra for me.
  11. Oooooh, I also love Craftsman's Valley at Dollywood. One of my favorite parks.
  12. Since I frequent Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World often, I'll list my favorite "themed lands", based solely on theming, in the Orlando area: 1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Islands of Adventure) 2. Sunset Boulevard (Disney's Hollywood Studios) 3. Port of Entry (Islands of Adventure) 4. Asia (Disney's Animal Kingdom) 5. San Francisco/New York (Universal Studios Florida) 6. Seuss Landing (Islands of Adventure) 7. Adventureland (Magic Kingdom) *My list is in no particular order. Of course, your favorite themed lands can be from any park around the world! I personally think Mysterious Island at Tokyo DisneySea looks amazing, but I haven't been to Tokyo...
  13. Almost positive it was Superman: Ultimate Flight at Six Flags over Georgia.
  14. Universal Studios Florida tomorrow night for HHN 22! Can't wait for some Revenge of the Mummy action!
  15. My launch coasters: 1. The Incredible Hulk (IOA) 2. Revenge of the Mummy (USF) 3. Rock 'N' Roller Coaster (DHS) Sadly, Cheetah Hunt was down last time I went to Busch Gardens... I feel like I've been on more than that... But whatever. The Hulk's upward launch into a zero-g roll is amazing and one of the most unique experiences on a roller coaster. The Mummy's upward launch is like Hulk's, but to a much lesser degree. Rock 'N' Roller Coaster's launch out of the alley and into darkness with Aerosmith playing as you go 60 MPH is pure awesomeness. All 3 of these coasters are incredibly well themed, too. And while RnRC's launch is faster, I prefer Hulk's launch.
  16. YAY!!!! I agree SoCal, I hope it's not a freemium game like that Theme Park one I had and all I could buy was bouncy castles and slides cause I had to pay around $50 for a roller coaster...
  17. Looks pretty good so far! May I ask where you go the Universal Studios Florida entrance?
  18. I'm the 3rd choice. I love roller coasters, but I care more about park theming, park atmosphere, landscaping, ride theming and I love dark-rides... specifically dark-ride coasters. (see: Revenge of the Mummy) This might be why I'm such a huge fan of Universal, Disney and Busch parks. And Dollywood. Six Flags for me is "meh". Fun coasters (sometimes) but falls short in the theming and park atmosphere category.
  19. Universal Studios Florida Universal's Islands of Adventure Magic Kingdom Disney's Hollywood Studios Epcot Can you tell I live in Florida?
  20. Have fun! I'll be park-hopping between IOA and USF around that time! So excited!
  21. ME TOO! If there's an indoor coaster at a park, I will ride it many, many times. Still, my favorite is Revenge of the Mummy (USO) and Space Mountain and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster are tied. I do love me some Blazing Fury though.
  22. Hopefully it will be a lot of fun for me too since I've never been to HHN before! Maybe I'll post a photo trip report! So excited!
  23. I know, but I'm using my HHN tickets on October 28th and then the 4 day tickets in middle to late November. I'm just hoping the R.I.P. Tour will allot me enough time to complete those rides also, hahaha.
  24. I won an radio contest for HHN tickets, paid hotel rooms, parking pass, R.I.P. tour, and 4 seperate Universal/Islands of Adventure tickets! (so excited!) I've never been to HHN, but are all the rides open throughout the whole course of the night? I really want to ride Mummy, MIB, Simpsons, Minion Mayhem and HRRR.
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